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Seeing that Shaw and Cecilia seemed to be exchanging glances, Veronica was so angry that she snorted coldly. "Scared to cry? Auntie, don't talk nonsense. You didn't see this woman bump into me in the hospital, quite shrewish. How could she be easily scared to cry? "

Clare had experienced so many things, how could she not understand what Veronica meant.

In this world, there were many green tea bitches. They pretended to be pure and seduced men, but secretly did some vicious and vicious things. She had seen a lot of such little girls.

She sneered in her heart and said, "Really? Miss Cecilia is really special. But Veronica and Shaw have already engaged. I'm really sorry. "

As soon as these words came out, the intention of expelling the guest was obvious.

Shaw seemed to have expected such a reaction. He said in a cold voice, "I brought her back today not to ask for your opinions, but to tell you that I have to be with her. No one can stop us. Moreover, she will work in the Calvert Group in the future. I will protect her."

His coldness made Veronica and Clare's hair stand on end.

Hearing what Shaw said, Cecilia's eyes widened. "Hey, when did I agree to work for Calvert?!

Shaw pinched her hand again, hinting her not to speak.

He took Cecilia to the sofa and motioned her to sit down. Seeing that everyone was standing, Cecilia didn't have the courage to sit down, she insisted on not sitting down. Seeing this, Shaw had no choice but to sit down first. Then he pulled Cecilia into his arms. Cecilia lost her balance and fell into Shaw's chest. It was not until the burning temperature of his chest slightly burned her face that she realized what had happened. She hurriedly escaped and sat down.

There was no expression on Shaw's face, and his cold aura made Veronica and others a little scared. He looked at Clare and Veronica, "What's wrong? Sit down and have a talk. Aren't you tired standing here? "

His voice was full of irrefutable aggressiveness.

It had to be said that although Clare was the nominal hostess of the Yang family, she was never in charge of the family. Although it seemed that she had great power, she had to listen to Shaw.

After all, Shaw was the real boss of the Calvert Group, and she was Shaw's stepmother. After Shaw's father died, Clare had no backer, so she had to listen to Shaw on the surface.

But the engagement between him and Veronica was made by them in their childhood, and the father of Shaw and the elders of the Yang family had also witnessed it, so Clare had a little emboldened.

Although Clare was dissatisfied, she still looked as calm as a windless lake. She sat down unhurriedly and said to Veronica, "Veronica, don't stand still. Sit down. Auntie will help you solve it. "

Hearing Clare's words, Veronica looked better and felt a little relieved.

After all, their engagement had been witnessed by many elders of the Yang family. There was nothing to be afraid of, let alone Cecilia, who looked like an idiot.

She looked at Cecilia with resentment and sat down discontentedly.

Holding Cecilia in his arms, Shaw raised his eyebrows slightly, but his voice was very alienated. "I know you always think that I should be with Veronica, but I don't get along with her. Cecilia can give me what I want, but Veronica can't. So, with all due respect, no one can change my decision this time."

Clare smiled kindly, "Shaw, don't be so determined. You and Veronica haven't really been together. How do you know that Veronica is not suitable for you? After all, Veronica is my niece and I see her growing her. I can guarantee that she is a good girl. And Miss Cecilia, I haven't known her well. How can you rest assured that she will marry into our Yang family? !"

Shaw felt disgusted at the sight of Clare's hypocritical face, but he wouldn't expose her vanity unless it was critical. On the one hand, he was busy and didn't have time. On the other hand, he really didn't want to do it himself.

In Shaw's eyes, Clare was just a contemptible scoundrel. If she jumped, she might take Veronica with her. But it didn't matter how they jumped. His life was not so easy to be controlled.

"Why do you want to know my woman so well?" Shaw looked into her eyes and said coldly.

Being refuted by Shaw, Clare felt embarrassed. She opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she didn't. She knew in her heart that although she was Shaw's mother, she was his stepmother after all. As his father had passed away, her backer had fallen. In fact, she had no ability to fight against this unreasonable son. She hoped to control him through her niece Veronica, but she didn't expect it to be smooth from the beginning. However, she was not discouraged, and she was very confident in her ow

n ability. Back then, she was able to seduce his father, she also has a way to deal with him.

"Brother Shaw, Auntie is your mother after all. How can you talk to her in such a tone?" Veronica couldn't stand it anymore.

'Ah... Who could tell me why Shaw's mother is Veronica's aunt?'

Cecilia was a simple minded woman, so she couldn't understand.

If what she thought was true, then it was... incest.

"You are right." Shaw sneered.

Clare couldn't help but feel embarrassed. She said, "Shaw, although I'm your stepmother, I'm also your father's legitimate wife. I'm doing this for your own good, aren't I?"

Cecilia finally understood. It turned out that she was his stepmother. That made sense.

No wonder she had been trying to bring Veronica and Shaw together all the time. She must have done it on the thought that the benefits wouldn't flow to other people's fields.

Seeing the little girl's expression of understanding, Shaw had a bad mood just now, but now it was swept away. Even so, he was still indifferent and alienated from Veronica and Clare.

Veronica continued, "Besides, Brother Shaw, as far as I know, the requirements for Calvert to recruit employees are quite high, isn't it? Why could Cecilia work in there? I don't think she has such a high education, right? "

Cecilia, who was sitting quietly next to Shaw and watching the play at the beginning, saw that the war had affected her and even poked her sore spot. She was not feeling well, but she lowered her eyes and said nothing.

A malicious look appeared in Shaw's eyes. He looked at Veronica meaningfully and said, "A person who relies on her family's power to buy a diploma is not qualified to say that about Cecilia, right?"

Hearing what Shaw said, Veronica's face turned pale. She bit her lips and didn't say anything. She looked at Cecilia with hatred.

Clare knew that if things went on like this, they would break up, so she quickly reconciled, "Well, stop it. We are family. It's so embarrassing to be like this. Shaw, I respect your choice. Now that you have chosen Miss Cecilia, I believe that she must have something attractive. It's only our fault that Veronica is not lucky enough to be with you. It's not a big deal. Don't hurt the harmony between us. "


Shaw sneered in his heart.

If his father hadn't left a will before his death that he couldn't drive this woman out, he would have kicked her out long ago.

In fact, Shaw was clear in his heart that this woman was very ambitious and aimed at the whole family of Calvert. He also knew that she had worked so hard to make Veronica marry him, not because she really wanted to be good to her own niece, but because she wanted to nail an unbreakable nail on his side and could monitor his actions all the time.

Shaw never took such petty action seriously.

No one could control his life.

He looked at Clare lazily, held Cecilia's hand and stood up. "That's all I want to say. I hope that auntie and Veronica can attend my wedding with Cecilia."

'Auntie? !' Every time Clare heard Shaw call her like this, she felt as if a knife was piercing her heart. She had been to the Yang family for many years, and this "unreasonable" young man had never called her "mother". Thinking of this, she closed her beautiful eyes angrily.

Veronica's face turned pale with anger and her breath quickened.

Looking at Veronica's pale face, he added, "I will hold a grand wedding for Cecilia."

Then he took Cecilia's hand and left the living room.

Veronica collapsed on the sofa, with her hands supporting her body. Tears were about to fall, and her voice was a little choked, "Auntie, won't you help me?"

Seeing her niece like this, Clare hurried to hold her and sighed, "Veronica, how could I not help you? But as you have seen just now, Shaw is so determined. We can't fight him head on. If our relationship with Shaw is stiff, you won't have chance any more. Let's take a step back. I don't think that Cecilia is a smart girl. I believes that we two can deal with her. Good girl, don't cry. "

Veronica looked up at Clare, "Really?"

Clare smiled and said, "When did I lie to you? Good girl, pack up. I'll take you to go shopping this afternoon. "

At this time, Veronica smiled through tears, "Okay!"

"Oh my God..."

As soon as they walked out of the gate, Cecilia sighed with relief.

At first, Shaw was not in a good mood, but when he saw Cecilia like this, he couldn't help smiling. "What's wrong? Are you scared? "

Cecilia patted her chest and said while walking, "I'm not scared. But Shaw, I didn't promise you to work in Calvert! Besides, I'm only responsible for being your fake girlfriend, not for having a fake wedding with you. I'm not responsible for what you say! "

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