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   Chapter 3 Encountering An Evil Woman

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"I gave her the courage, is it ok? Director Zhang?"


"Mr. Shaw?"

"It's you?"

They looked back at the same time, but their expressions were different.

Of course, the last sentence was asked by Cecilia. She was already surprised to see that woman here. She had never dreamed of seeing Shaw here.

Shaw strode towards her. "Are you hurt?"

He hugged Cecilia affectionately, with tenderness in his eyes that even he himself could not believe.

Cecilia was in a trance. If she hadn't caught a glimpse of the medicine at her feet, she would have been fascinated by Shaw.

"I'm fine. Thank you for your concern."

She sniffed and bent down to pick up the medicine, but was stopped by Shaw.

"Don't take it." He looked at the female Director coldly and ordered, "Director Zhang, please get another one that Miss Cecilia needs right away."

The female Director smiled awkwardly and said, "I'm sorry. I don't know this lady is your friend. Please wait a moment. I'll get it right away."

The female Director trotted into the medicine bureau. She would be a fool if she didn't leave the dilemma.

Cecilia also wanted to leave, but Shaw did not intend to let her go.

"Veronica, that's all for today. I hope you won't disturb her anymore. It's not good for anyone if you keep pestering her."

Shaw looked at Veronica expressionlessly, his eyes full of warning.

Veronica's eyes turned red in an instant. "Shaw, am I worse than her? Or do you always thinking of my sister?" She glared at Shaw and suddenly shouted hysterically, "She is dead and will never appear again. I'm the only one left in the Li family now. I, Veronica, am the only one who can marry you."

"Enough!" Shaw roared, which startled Cecilia. She raised her head secretly and found that there were several blue veins on his forehead.

"If you dare to mention her again, don't blame me for forgetting the past. You can go now. Get out of this hospital right now. Get out of here."

Shaw roared like an injured beast. Veronica gave him a resentful look, covered her face and ran into the elevator.

After a long time, Shaw let go of Cecilia.

"Call me if you need anything."

After giving a golden business card with relief to Cecilia, Shaw turned around and left. Seeing him disappearing in the elevator, Cecilia was stunned for a while and ran to the operating room.

At this moment, Yvonne was standing in the corridor and looking around. When she saw Cecilia, she immediately ran to her and asked, "Where have you been? The doctor has urged you several times. Where is the medicine?"

Cecilia looked at her empty hands and ran back.

"I'll get it right away."

As soon as she finished speaking, a doctor looked at her and asked, "Who is Cecilia Song? This is your medicine."

"Yes, I am. Thank you so much."

Cecilia took it over in a hurry. The doctor nodded and said, "The Director said that if you have any difficulties, just tell us. Don't worry about your mother. We will send the best nurse to take care of her."

Cecilia said gratefully, "Thank you, and please thank the Director for me."

The doctor smiled and said, "You should thank you Mr. Yang."

Yvonne was confused and couldn't help asking, "Who is Mr. Yang?"

Cecilia pulled her sleeve and said in a low voice, "Cousin, don't ask anymore right now."

Yvonne turned around and asked as if a new continent had been found, "Cecilia, what's wrong with your hair?"

Stroking her messy hair, Cecilia said anxiously, "Cousin, let's stop talking about this. Has a doctor come out? How's my mother's operation going?"

Yvonne comforted, "Don't worry. The doctor said that Aunt Nancy would come out in ten minutes."

"Didn't they say that the operation was successful?"

"Everything is fine. If nothing goes wrong, Aunt Nancy will be discharged from the hospital in a month."

"Great!" Cecilia hugged her cousin and felt relieved.

After they chatted for a while, the door of the operating room opened. The doctor said that everything was fine and told them not to worry. He also changed a single room for Nancy. Cecilia bit her lips and didn't say anything. She knew that it must be Shaw's contribution.

In the evening, she didn't let her cousin to take care of her mother. Yvonne had asked for several days' leave for her mother. Now everything was stable, and she didn't want to delay her any more.

Yvonne worked in a company. It depended on people's attitude to live, so she didn't refuse. Looking at her thin mother, Cecilia was not sleepy at all. Thinking of her mother's painstaking efforts to work for her to go to school, Cecilia couldn't help crying.

Cecilia had never seen her father before. Every time she asked her mother, her mother just cried. Later, Cecilia didn't dare to ask any more. In order to ease her mother's burden, she didn't go to school after she finished her freshman year. She had been working all these years, but she couldn't find a good job because of her low education. A few days ago, she had just been interviewed in a tea house, and her mother had a car accident.

Thinking of her future, Cecilia suddenly felt dizzy and could not see the future.

Her whole body was wrapped in helplessness, and her tears were like broken beads.

After crying for a while, she thought of Veronica again. If she had a good family background, how dare she do this to her? If Shaw hadn't happened to come, she really didn't know what would happen.

Thinking of Sha

w, Cecilia slowly stopped crying. She took out the business card and looked at it for a while. Then she decided to call him to thank him for helping her today.

The phone was soon connected, and it was very quiet on the other side. Shaw replied with echo.

"Hello, this is Shaw."

"It's me, Cecilia." Cecilia remembered that he might not know her name, so she explained hurriedly, "I'm... the one whose mother was hit and hospitalized."

Cecilia didn't know why she would stammer every time she talked to him.

Shaw chuckled and said, "It's you. What's wrong? Do you miss me? "

The man's frivolous tone made Cecilia blush.

"No... I... I just want to thank you. "

"You are grateful." Shaw teased.

Cecilia took a deep breath and said, "I'm not an ungrateful person."

"I don't think so." said Shaw.


Cecilia widened her eyes inexplicably, and Shaw immediately said seriously, "I helped you get so much money back, but you are not willing to help me. Is this also grateful?"

"You don't ask me for something. How can I help you?"

"Oh?" Shaw smiled cunningly and said, "You mean you will promise me anything as long as I need it?"

Cecilia straightened her chest and said, "Of course."

"Okay!" Shaw laughed, "From now on, you'll pretend to be my girlfriend."

"What did you say?"

Cecilia felt something was wrong, but Shaw had already hung up the phone. She didn't sleep well all night. She kept thinking about the fox like laughter of Shaw.

Wasn't he very cold? Thinking of the way he asked her to take off her clothes, Cecilia couldn't help trembling, but after that, Shaw seemed to have changed, becoming charming and domineering, which made Cecilia feel warm and afraid.

She had been lost in various fancies and conjectures all night. She hadn't fallen asleep yet, but her mother had woken up at this time.

"Mom, is your leg still painful? Are you hungry? I'll buy you something to eat right now. "

Cecilia was so happy that she kept asking her mother incoherently. The corners of Nancy's mouth twitched and she said, "It's all right, Cecilia. You have suffered a lot these days."

Seeing that her mother reached out her hand, Cecilia quickly pressed her face close to her. Feeling her mother's thin fingers, Cecilia's heart ached again.

She held back her tears and said, "Mom, have a good rest. The doctor said that you can leave the hospital and go home soon."

Nancy smiled and said, "I will recover as soon as possible, or my daughter will be tired and thin."

Cecilia nodded vigorously, and Nancy asked, "How can you have the money to pay the operation for me? Did Yvonne borrow it from friend?"

Cecilia hurriedly said, "No, mother. It's from the person who hit you. He gave me a one million."

"Why? Why did he give you so much money? " Nancy opened her mouth wide in surprise.

Cecilia said vaguely, "Maybe he feels guilty." Apart from this, she couldn't explain why he suddenly changed his attitude.

Nancy didn't ask but frowned.

"Where is Hiram? Is he back?"

Cecilia shook her head. Hiram Liu was her boyfriend. Half a year ago, he was transferred to B city because of work. Since he was busy with his work, they could only make phone calls. In the past two months, they didn't even call each other. However, Cecilia had always been optimistic that as long as he had time, he would definitely come back to see her.

Nancy sighed, "When I recover, you can also go to find him. After you get married, I will be relieved."

Cecilia pouted, "Mom, what are you talking about? I don't want to get married yet." She was afraid that her mother would say it again, so she quickly changed the subject. "You haven't eaten anything for a whole day. I'll buy you some bone soup now. The doctor said it's good for your health."

"No, just buy some porridge. Cecilia, don't spend too much money."

Cecilia did not replied her, she ran out of the ward in a hurry and didn't slow down until she reached the elevator.

Hiram knew what happened to her mother. He had always said that he would come back to have a look, but he hadn't come back and he hadn't made any phone calls for so many days. Was he really so busy?

Holding the phone tightly, Cecilia hesitated for a while before she dialed it.

"Hello? Cecilia, what's up? "

Hearing the familiar voice, Cecilia's nose began to twitch again. When she was about to speak, she heard a woman's voice coming from the phone.

"Who is it? It's so noisy in the early morning."

The woman's voice seemed that she was staying very close to Hiram Liu. Hearing that, Cecilia pricked up her ears and asked, "Why can I hear a woman talking?"

Hiram Liu yawned and said indifferently, "I worked overtime last night, so I lived in the company. My colleague is next to me. Well, let's not talk about it anymore. I have to start working. There is still a pile of work to do. The boss will check it later."

After saying that, Hiram Liu hung up the phone. He didn't mention anything about Nancy, which made Cecilia a little disappointed. Later, she thought it was not easy for him to work alone in another city, so she silently forgave him.

Not far away from the door was the canteen. Cecilia ordered a bowl of bone soup, and then sat by the window in a daze. Suddenly, a tall figure came into her sight, with a large fruit basket in her hand.

'Ah! Shaw? He... Why does he come to the hospital again?'

Cecilia covered her mouth, nervous and flustered.

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