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   Chapter 1 Heaped Mistake On Mistake

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"Cousin, I... I'm afraid. We'd better... Don't do it. "

Cecilia Song clutched her dress, her delicate face was full of nervousness.

"Since we're here, how can we retreat? Cecilia, think about your mother. If it weren't for that bad man who drove randomly, could Aunt Nancy be hospitalized?"

Cecilia Song lowered her eyes, and the light in her eyes dimmed.

If her cousin hadn't recognized that the manager of the Calvert Group was the wrecker, she wouldn't have been able to find him. In fact, even if she found him, she could do nothing. He had been prevaricating with various excuses to refuse to meet them. Therefore, she had no choice but to listen to her cousin's advice.

Grasping the hem of her dress, Cecilia Song's knuckles turned abnormal pale because of overexertion. After a while, she let out a sigh of relief.

"Cousin... I... I still dare not to do so. "

"What are you afraid of?" Yvonne Wang glared at her and then comforted her, "Don't worry about it. I've found him. I won't let you suffer any loss. Besides, the money is what we should take."

Cecilia Song nodded heavily, her face turning red with excitement.

"Cousin, you are right. He should compensate for the accident. We have to get the money no matter what happens today."

Yvonne Wang patted her and said, "Go upstairs and have a talk with him directly. If you can't reach an agreement, call me immediately. I'll bring someone up to teach him a lesson."

"Okay." Cecilia Song nodded hard and walked into the elevator resolutely.

In a fit of anger, Cecilia Song went straight to the 16th floor. According to reliable sources, that person checked in here tonight, and the door number was 1616.

After asking the receptionist, Cecilia Song came to his room without much effort.

"Hello, is anybody here?" Cecilia Song knocked on the door politely.

After a while, a man's magnetic voice came from inside.

"Come in."

Hearing this, Cecilia Song's heart skipped a beat. She tried her best to suppress her fear and opened the door.

"I am..."

She was interrupted before she could finish her words.

"You don't need to introduce yourself. I'm not interested in who you are." Shaw Yang had never been kind to women who did things for money. He reached out and hooked Cecilia Song's chin, forcing her to raise her head.

She had a delicate face and fair skin. She looked good and barely matched him.

At the same time, Cecilia Song was also looking at him.

The man was handsome and had a straight nose. He seemed to have just taken a shower, with a drop of water on the corner of his mouth that had just slipped from his hair.

'Well, is he the driver? Didn't cousin say that he was a man in his forties? But he didn't look like that.'

Ignoring the huge question mark on Cecilia Song's face, Shaw Yang rudely dragged her to the bed.

"Take off your clothes quickly. Don't waste time."

"What?" Cecilia Song was a little confused, "What... What do you want me to do? "

"Can't you understand me? Take it off. "

Shaw Yang narrowed his eyes, with a trace of impatience in his cold eyes.

Cecilia Song swallowed nervously and ran backward.

"Sir, we... Did we all make a mistake? I'm here to... "

Cecilia Song was interrupted again.

Shaw Yang snorted, "Cut the crap. You can take the money and leave after this play."

"What... What play? "

With a confused look on her face, Cecilia Song found that she couldn't understand what the man said at all. When she was struggling to figure it out, she suddenly saw that the man had pulled down the bath towel around his waist and walked towards her naked.


Cecilia Song covered her face reflexively and shouted in a frightened voice, "What are you doing? I'll call for help if you come again."

Shaw Yang's face darkened. If it weren't for the limited time, he would have kicked this woman out. He had seen a lot of women pretending to be pure. She was far from being able to play tricks in front of him.

"You don't like to take off your clothes yourself?" He sneered and said, "Okay, let me help you."

"No! Freak! "

Cecilia Song ran to the door while shouting, but she was brought back by the man like a chicken.

"Woman, don't challenge my bottom line. It's not good for you."

Shaw Yang threw Cecilia Song on the bed.

Cecilia Song was even more flustered and was about to cry. In a hurry, she suddenly remembered her phone and quickly took out her phone to call her cousin.

The next second, the phone was thrown to the ground rudely.

"What tricks do you want to play?"

Shaw Yang bent down and coldly looked at the shivering woman who was holding her shoulder. His patience had lost and the anger in his eyes rose rapidly.

Seeing the man's handsome face getting closer and closer, Cecilia Song was frightened and covered her face again.

Her hands were quickly pulled away and rudely pressed on the bed. Cecilia Song tried to struggle, but was tightly trapped by the man.

The man's breath came into her nose and filled all her senses. Cecilia Song's brain went blank and she almost lost the ability to think.

At this moment, the door suddenly rang.

'Ah, it must be cousin.'

Cecilia Song suddenly became sober and began to struggle again. The man frowned slightly and held her more tightly.

"Shaw, you... That's why you asked me to come back? "

Cecilia Song turned around and saw a strange woman.

The woman was dressed in fashion and looked very beautiful, but her cheekbones were a little high, which slightly ruined the beauty of her face.

Shaw Yang looked at her indifferently and said, "Veronica, I've always treated you as my sister. I'm sorry. This is the person I like."

He put his arm around Cecilia Song's shoulder and gently kissed her on the forehead. Then he calmly pulled the thin quilt aside and wrapped themselves together.

"That's impossible," the woman stamped her feet and said, "I don't believe it. What's so good about this woman? How could she deserve you? You must be lying to me, is it? Shaw?"

Listening to the conversation between the two, Cecilia Song finally understood a little. It seemed that she made mistake. The man was not waiting for her.

When she was about to explain, the door was kicked open and several people rushed in.


Cecilia shouted and was about to sit up, but her waist was tightly held by the man, unable to move at all.

Yvonne Wang's eyes had passed her and looked at the man who was holding Cecilia Song in shock.

'Isn't this Shaw? Why did he get involved with Cecilia?' Yvonne Wang felt a little dizzy.

The woman trembled with anger. She cried and shouted, "Who the hell is she? Shaw, you let me down so much. How could you find such a woman to treat me? Waah! Wait for me. I'm going to find Uncle Yang now. "

The woman pushed the door open and ran out. Before she left, she kicked at Yvonne Wang's foot.

Shaw Yang kept looking at them coldly until the woman walked out of the door. Then he looked at Yvonne Wang and the others.

"Have you seen enough? Get out of here. "

His voice was very low, but there was an unquestionable power.

Yvonne Wang suddenly woke up and drove away all the people who came with her.


Cecilia Song pushed the man away and jumped off the bed. This time, the man didn't stop her.

After going out, Cecilia Song opened her mouth and burst into tears.

Yvonne Wang quickly dragged her into the elevator.

"Cecilia, what happened? Why did you stay with Mr. Shaw?"

Hearing that, Cecilia Song felt more aggrieved. She sobbed and asked, "Cousin, who is Mr. Shaw? Did he hit my mother?"

"No, he didn't." Yvonne Wang knocked on Cecilia's head impatiently and said, "He is Shaw Yang, the head of the Calvert Group."

"Ah!" Cecilia Song's tears disappeared in a flash. She stuttered, "He... He was the man who was said to be worth more than 100 million... Shaw Yang? "

Yvonne Wang nodded. After making sure, Cecilia Song thought of another thing. Shaw Yang had said that he would give her money as soon as she finished the play, whether he hired her or not...

Thinking of the scene that he kissed her, Cecilia Song blushed.

"Cecilia, tell me what happened. Why was his fiancee also there? Are you okay? Did they bully you?"

Cecilia felt warm in her heart. She lowered her head and said, "No... They didn't. But... He asked me to act with him, and then that woman came. "

Fearing that her cousin would be worried, Cecilia Song didn't tell her the plot in the middle, and Yvonne Wang was even more surprised after hearing it. She pulled her and asked, "What play? Is it for that woman? "

Cecilia Song nodded. Suddenly, Yvonne Wang laughed and said, "That woman had run away because of anger. It seems that the play is quite successful. As long as Mr. Shaw is satisfied, Aunt Nancy's problem will be solved. "

"What do you mean?" Cecilia Song didn't understand what she meant for a while. Yvonne Wang knocked on her head and said, "Let's go. I'll tell you on the way."

When they got out, it was almost dawn. They took a taxi to the hospital.

On the way, her cousin explained to her on purpose. It was not until then that Cecilia Song realized that if Mr. Shaw could help them, everything would be solved, because the person who hurt her mother was the business manager of the Calvert Group.

But... Was he really willing to help her?

Worried about gain and loss, she went to the hospital. The doctor's words poured cold water on Cecilia Song again. Surgery must be taken for her mother's wound, or she might be disabled if delayed.

Yvonne Wang quickly pulled Cecilia Song aside.

"Cecilia, go and find Shaw. He is the only one who can help us now."

"Ah, cousin, do you want me to go by myself?" Cecilia Song asked uneasily.

Yvonne Wang rolled her eyes at her and said, "Or what? It's not convenient for me to go with you. Besides, who will take care of Aunt Nancy if I leave? "

What her cousin said was true. Looking at her pale mother, Cecilia Song gritted her teeth and said, "Okay, I'll go by myself. Please take care of my mother."

"Come on, Cecilia."


Encouraged by her cousin, Cecilia Song returned to the hotel. When she asked, she knew that Shaw Yang had checked out. She immediately called her cousin, asked for the company's address, and then took a taxi to there.

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