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   Chapter 34 I'll Protect You

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Her hands were a little red and swollen, and her face was also swollen. Perhaps it was because she struggled desperately, but she did not suffer any real harm.

"Pa. Patrick? " Yoyo, who was a little confused, said unconsciously. Staring blankly at Patrick's handsome face, she came back to her senses at a little by a little.

"It's me. Don't be afraid. I'll protect you." Patrick held Yoyo in his arms and patted her on the back to comfort her. Yoyo was just quietly held by Patrick, crying silently.

Suddenly, Patrick pulled Yoyo out of his arms and let her stand aside. He smiled and said, "Well, wait for me."

Then he started to fight with the hooligans who just stood up. The bald man glared at Patrick, "Who are you? How dare you steal my woman! "

"Damn it! How did this man find here?"

"Is he the boyfriend of this bitch?"

"Damn it! We didn't notice you just now. Let's have a fight. We won't surrender to you! "

The hooligans stood up and glared at Patrick. The most severely injured fat man rushed over first.

Patrick had great strength. He also had exercise and had really learned the formal martial arts. He was also good at practice, because he often practiced with coaches, but it was not so easy to fight against five alone.

Although the thin man was the thinnest and had the least strength, he was very tenacious. After Patrick kicked him to the ground, he stood up and even directly held Patrick's legs. Seeing this, the other bald men and scar men immediately went forward to beat Patrick. Patrick was pushed far away and almost fell to the ground.

With more experience, Patrick turned a corner and kicked away the thin man who was holding his leg. The man spat out a mouthful of blood because Patrick used great force. His head hit the slate, and he bled.

The bald man and the scarred man pounced on Patrick again, but obviously they couldn't defeat Patrick. They fell to the ground again.

The five hooligans had never learned martial arts. They usually fought because they had more people and used more strength, and then tools.

Yoyo stared blankly at him beating five men. She shook her hands, looked at her red and swollen hands, and then looked at the sweat and scars on Patrick's body when he fought for her.

She couldn't help but burst into tears again, and Yoyo's eyes were a little blurry. When Patrick turned around, he saw her crying, and immediately felt very sorry for her. He reached out his hands to wipe her tears without taking a tissue.

But because of the sweat, her hands were a little wet and salty, which stimulated Yoyo to cry more. Seeing Patrick at a loss, Yoyo couldn't help laughing.

Seeing her smile, Patrick felt a little relieved. He took out a tissue from his pocket and wiped her tears carefully. He felt sorry for her and said gently, "Don't cry. I will feel sad. Now it's all right. I will protect you. "

"Okay." Yoyo nodded, but still in a trance. She pinched the corner of Patrick's cl

the person behind it is a woman, a young woman. Since she didn't blackmail Miss You's family, but sent a message to Mr. Lu, which was enough to prove that her purpose was you two. Since she asked you to give up the company and then she would release Miss You, it means that she is a competitor of NK or a person who admires you, Mr. Lu. But she didn't give you the chance to give up the company. Instead, she kidnapped Miss You directly. It means that no matter what choice you make, she won't release Miss You. "

Soren's analysis was similar to Patrick's.

But he couldn't figure out who would hurt Yoyo and there were so many people who liked him. The range was too wide.

"I don't care so much. Your main purpose is to find out who is the woman of kidnapping Miss You." Who was the woman who controlled everything secretly?

When Yoyo woke up, she saw Sheryl lying in front of the window. She was still sleeping soundly. It seemed that she had been here since yesterday.

Yoyo felt warm in her heart and couldn't help smiling. Sure enough, when she was in the most dangerous and helpless time, the person who appeared beside her was always Sheryl.

Patrick's face suddenly appeared in her mind. Memory, when she tried her best to resist the assault of hooligans, it was Patrick who saved her successfully.

She remembered clearly that Patrick was angry at that time and felt sorry for her.

Then he kicked all the men who approached her to the ground and beat them up.

She remembered the expression on his face at that time.

She was still thinking about what happened that day when the door of the ward was pushed open and Patrick came in.

The sun shone into the room through the open door. With his back to the sun, Patrick stood there and looked at Yoyo who had just woken up.

Like the strongest tree, it stood still.

He approached Yoyo step by step, as if he came to save her at all costs when she was in danger that day.

Until he stood by the bed.

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