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   Chapter 33 Crisis

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The bald man laughed and satirized without hesitation, "You must have been dreaming too much and haven't woken up yet, right? You only have a few thousand dollars a month. How can you say you are rich? Do you know how much we can get from kidnapping you this time? Two million and one hundred thousand! Don't you think you can be worth so much money? "

"Cut the crap. Let's do it!" The thin man said anxiously.

Yoyo had never felt so aggrieved. She couldn't help saying, "Let me go. In fact, I'm the daughter of the You family. How much money do you want? You can ask it from my father, and they will definitely give it to you. Please let me go Otherwise, not only can't you get the money, you will also go to jail... "

"Hahaha, what did I hear? How could this woman say that she was the daughter of the You family? Hahaha, in fact, I'm Patrick! " The fat man came over with a smile.

"We don't know much about the You family. But you said you are the pr

the scene inside, he could no longer suppress his anger.

Yoyo knelt on the ground, with her clothes half open. The five men were touching her up and down. Yoyo kept struggling, and her hands were red. At last, a man grabbed her hands and slapped her.

"Stop!" Patrick roared. Before those men could react, he rushed over and kicked away the man nearest to him.

Then he hit others. The force was so strong that the thin man who was kicked to the ground couldn't stand up. One could imagine how angry Patrick was at that time.

Even the fatty was kicked to the ground by him, and then Patrick punched on his chest and face. The fatty's eyes were directly swollen.

Looking at Yoyo, who was crying with red and swollen eyes, Patrick felt very sorry for her. He quickly took off his coat and put it on her, wrapping her body.

Yoyo's eyes were somewhat dull, as if she still did not react. When he put her clothes on, her hands were still struggling.

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