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   Chapter 32 Add Five Hundred Thousand

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The two men behind him should be his minions, a bald man and a man with cropped hair. The style of their clothes was similar to his, and they were both rascals.

The bald man put a bag on the ground excitedly. "It's five hundred thousand dollars. That's great. That woman is telling the truth. She really gave us five hundred thousand. That's great. We each have one hundred thousand. We can play for a while! "

His boss, the scarred man, slapped him on the head and scolded, "You're such a loser. There will be one million after you finish your work. It's not a big deal. We are going to do something big and take back your petty pride! "

"Okay, I know, boss. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have earned so much money. But it's really an easy task. Just Kidnap people and we don't even need to be blackmailed. " Although the bald man was scolded by his boss, he was still very excited. How long do we need to get so much money by taking protection fee?

"Boss, I don't think we should be careless. Although we have investigated the background of this woman, she is just an ordinary employee, which makes me very uneasy. She is just an ordinary employee. How could someone pay so much to kidnap her? " The fat man still felt a sense of crisis. Although he couldn't say it, he just felt that there was something wrong with this matter.

Who would pay a high price to kidnap an ordinary girl with no status?

The man with cropped hair looked at him and asked, "Are you silly? It's a woman who asked us to kidnap her. Maybe this woman hooked up with some rich man, and his original wife kidnapped her for her husband. There are many such things on TV. Haven't you seen them? "

The fat man, who had always been proud of his cleverness, was looked down upon and scolded by the man with cropped hair. The fat man was a little unhappy. When he was about to say something, his boss said.

"Well, stop arguing. You don't have to worry about her identity. After all, we have nothing to do after the kidnapping. It's impossible for us to kill her, right? We can't kill anyone. Although we will be paid a lot of money, it's not worth it to go to jail for her. Didn't that woman say that we should wait for notice? If we really have to do something irreparable, we can just leave. With the deposit of one hundred thousand and the five hundred thousand, we can do a lot of things. "

The scar boss said cautiously.

The man with cropped hair sat on the ground casually, not caring how much dust was on the ground. He grinned and said, "Boss, you are too timid. Although I know you are for the safety of our brothers, you are still flinching and hiding. It's not the kind of life we want. Although we can eat enough, we can't live a good life. I also want to live like those rich people to eat delicacies. Why can't we go to an elegant restaurant? Why can we just go to a small restaurant without license? "

The scar man was a little silent. The thin man suddenly said, "I think what Kai said is righ

g. His face changed and he laughed. Then he answered the phone. Yoyo didn't know what the woman on the other end of the phone said. The expression on the scar man's face was a little strange.

He took a look at Yoyo and said, "Really? But we didn't make such a deal before Then one million... "

"Okay, no problem. As long as you pay enough money, nothing is a problem Is it still in the old place? Okay, I see. Don't worry I will make sure everything is done for you... "

The scarred man hung up the phone. His men asked excitedly, "How is it going? Is it from your employer? "

"What does she want us to do, boss? I just heard you say that we didn't make such a deal before... "

"Really? Will she give us more money? "

The scar man laughed. "Of course she will pay more. The employer asked us to have sex with that woman, and she gave us an extra five hundred thousand."

Hearing this, Yoyo was almost desperate. She couldn't believe what she had heard.

Who on earth hated her so much? How dare she find some hooligans to rape her!

"Really?" The bald man had a dirty smile on his face. "There are women playing and money Hahaha... "

"It seems that this woman is not a good person. Otherwise, how could a woman hate her so much? She even hired someone to rape her. Is it the hatred of Killing Father and snatching husband? " The cropped-hair man walked towards Yoyo and looked at her up and down with his obscene eyes.

Yoyo couldn't help but panic, "Don't come over. I'll give you money! Please. Don't you want money? I'm very rich as long as you let me go! I'll give you whatever you want! "

She was really scared. No matter how brave she was, she was still a woman. Rape was the most frightening thing. She couldn't believe that she would face such a thing one day!

"Hahaha Did you hear what she was talking about? She said she was rich! Who are you lying to? We have already investigated you. You are just an ordinary employee of the company. How could you be rich? "

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