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   Chapter 21 Good Friends Should Go Together

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"Chappell, what do you want to say? Don't you feel ironic to say that you love me so much? " Yoyo said coldly.

Her starry eyes were full of mockery. How stupid did that man think she was? Why did she still love him after he cheated on her?

After a moment of silence, Chappell said, "Yoyo, you really care about me. I used to think that love is enough, but now I find that there are so many obstacles on the way. I don't like Samantha. My mother forced me to marry her. I'm so filial. How can I make my mother sad? I know you love me so much that you won't make my mother sad, right? Yoyo? "

"Chappell, you son of a bitch! Samantha is a bitch! A bitch matches a dog like you two! " It was the first time for Yoyo to scold Chappell so ruthlessly that she didn't give him a chance to interrupt. After that, Yoyo hung up the phone, feeling much better in an instant.

It turned out that swearing was such a good feeling, especially when swearing at the bitch Chappell.

In an instant, she felt that the air was much fresher, and the sun was much brighter. She felt much more relaxed and walked briskly.

A luxury car slowly drove behind her and finally stopped beside the street lamp. The man in the car didn't drive away until he saw her get in a taxi.

Yoyo didn't feel it at all and asked the driver to send her to Sheryl's house.

The door was locked. Yoyo opened the door with her back-up key. After entering the room, she found a label on the table, which read.

"I'm traveling. I'll be back soon. Don't miss me. ——Sheryl. "

Sheryl Sheryl! Sheryl!

Did she go on a trip after selling her? ?

Yoyo was so angry that she tore the note into pieces. She wanted to throw some furniture again, but her stomach rumbled.

Only then did she realize that she hadn't eaten anything since she fell asleep last night. She didn't eat the breakfast cooked by Malia because she was worried that she would be embarrassed to meet Patrick.

Although nothing happened between the two, she felt a little awkward at the thought of misunderstanding.

As for what Malia said, Patrick liked her very much

How is that possible?

She didn't believe it at all!

How could that arrogant man like others? Although what he said in the morning was very annoying, it was true. She wasn't the most beautiful woman in the world, and he was surrounded by beautiful women. What kind of girls didn't he have? Why would he fall in love with her?

What's more, she had been in a relationship with Chappell, a bastard. She couldn't afford to have another relationship and didn't want it anymore.

She habitually opened the fridge to see if there was anything to eat. Sure enough, there was breakfast left by Sheryl, with a label on it.

"Don't forget to heat it up. Sheryl."

Feeling warm in her heart, Yoyo took out the breakfast and heated it up in the kitchen.

If there was a person in the world that she would never doubt, it was Sheryl. The relationship between the two was not simple as went shopping, bought clothes and ate snacks together.

They had gone through a lot of things together and never let each other go in the most dangerous time.

After breakfast, Yoyo went directly to the martial arts school that Sheryl often went to. Although Sheryl looked very warm-hearted, Yoyo would not forget that she was sold to the man Patrick by Sheryl yesterday.

Did she think she would forgive her so easily? No way!

In fact, Yoyo knew Sheryl very well, because she really didn't go on a trip, but practiced martial arts in a martial arts school. At this moment, she was competing with a man who was much bigger than her, surrounded by a group of people.

"Come on, Sheryl!"

"Kill that clown!"

"Come on, Sheryl! Knock him down! "

"Come on, Ragnar!"

Almost all of them cheered for Sheryl, and they were in high spirits.

Yoyo stood aside and watched. She didn't disturb them immediately. She knew that Sheryl was very serious and attentive when she competed with others.

Sheryl was good at martial arts. Although Ragnar was big, his reaction and skills were not as good as that of Sheryl. Sheryl also knew that if she didn't finish the battle as soon as possible, the physical strength gap between the man and the woman would soon appear, and she might not be able to take much advantage.

After throwing Ragnar to the ground again, Sheryl cheered excitedly. Then she was held up by a group of junior. They fed her with water, wiped her sweat, and beat her shoulders. They were so considerate.

"I knew it. How could Ragnar defeat the eldest senior of our Shining Martial School?"

"Yes, I heard that Ragnar is the eldest senior of the Dragon Martial School. He is really inferior to Sheryl!"

"Even our eldest sister can defeat him, let alone our eldest brother. If it weren't for his absence, you wouldn't have been injured so lightly."

The juniors discussed with disdain. Being helped up by several people, Ragnar looked terrible. He was here to kick the hall. He didn't expect that there was such a powerful woman without the presence of the eldest brothe

r of Shining Martial School.

"Well, it is just an accident today! I'll be back. Sheryl? Just wait and see! " Ragnar snorted coldly and left with his companions.

Sheryl didn't care much about it. There were so many people threatening her. It was not a big deal that Ragnar threatened her.

When she turned around and passed the crowd, she saw a familiar person.

Her face changed instantly and said, "I have something to do and I'm leaving now." Then she left in a hurry.

The rest of them were confused.

Who else could make Sheryl so nervous except for Yoyo?

Seeing that Sheryl left, Yoyo smiled and walked slowly to the garage.

Sure enough, there was a person in the garage checking the tires. When she saw that the tires were exploded, she was so angry that her cheeks bulged.

"Oh, where is Sheryl going?" Yoyo leaned against the car window and smiled meaningfully.

Squatting on the ground, Sheryl glared at her and said, "Yoyo! It's you, isn't it? "

Yoyo was innocent, "What are you talking about? I don't understand at all! "

Sheryl gritted her teeth and said, "It's you who did it. Why are you still pretending to be innocent?"

Yoyo looked at her as if she understood what she meant suddenly, "You mean the tire of this car? I know it's your car, so I flatted your tire. Didn't you leave a note saying that you were on a trip? I was surprised to see your car parking in the martial arts school. In order to prevent your car from being stolen, I flatted the tire. I did it for your own good. Who knows you didn't go on a trip at all? "

She looked very regretful, which made Sheryl speechless. She snorted angrily, picked up his bag and left, and Yoyo followed him immediately.

Sheryl had a guilty conscience. Yoyo slapped her on the shoulder, which scared her a lot. She exclaimed, "What are you doing, Yoyo?"

"Tell me what happened yesterday." For yesterday, Yoyo was still a little hesitant, because in her memory, she had completely forgotten what happened yesterday. There were faintly some scenes, but she felt that they were not the same.

Sheryl bit her lower lip and thought for a while. Then she said directly, "You were so drunk yesterday that you hugged Mr. Lu tightly. Mr. Lu had no choice but to take you away."

Yoyo was speechless. She couldn't believe what she had heard. She went straight forward, grabbed Sheryl's hand, opened the door and got into the car. Then she said in disbelief, "How could it be possible? I don't believe it! "

Although Sheryl said firmly, in fact, Yoyo was a little dubious, because what Sheryl said was the same as what Patrick said. She didn't believe that Sheryl would lie to her.

"I won't lie to you. It's true that you don't let him go. I have no choice but to let him take you away." Sheryl dodged Yoyo's eyes. Although what Sheryl said was true, it was a distorted fact.

Yoyo lowered her eyes and asked anxiously, "Then why did Patrick come to the bar? His house was far away from the West District, wasn't it? The west district was not a good bar. It's totally unnecessary, isn't it? "

As soon as she finished her words, she saw Sheryl's ambiguous eyes. Sheryl winked at her and said with a smile, "I knew there was something wrong between you two. Otherwise, why did Mr. Lu call you? How excellent Patrick is! Yoyo even hooked up with a man that all women in A City want! "

The corners of Yoyo's mouth twitched slightly. She touched Sheryl's forehead unconsciously and said, "You don't have a fever, do you?"

Sheryl pushed her hand away and said unhappily, "What are you doing? I'm fine, okay? Besides, there is nothing wrong with what I said. Everyone knew that although Mr. Lu was surrounded by beautiful women and there were many women who liked him, no woman had been treated specially by him. But he called you yesterday, went to the bar to find you, and even left with you in his arms... "

Sheryl winked at her ambiguously and continued, "In my opinion, Mr. Lu is one hundred times and ten thousand times better than Chappell. At least he is rich, not hypocritical and handsome, and most importantly, he likes you..."

Yoyo was stunned and felt a little sad. She blinked her eyes and looked away. She said coldly, "That's impossible. That kind of man can't like me. Sheryl, you don't know him well. He is not the kind of person who will feel sorry for women, and even fall in love with a woman like me who is neither beautiful nor special. He has all kinds of women around him? What am I? Besides, I just broke up with Chappell. I don't want to love anyone else. "

Looking at Yoyo with discontent, Sheryl shouted because she was excited, "Yoyo! Why can't you look forward? You can't even look at the scenery around you? Don't always look back, okay? You should know that there is always something better ahead. Besides, I don't know why you feel inferior! You graduated from a famous university. Although your family was not a billionaire, you was definitely rich people. You didn't worry about food and clothing, weren't you? Why do you think you are inferior to others? "

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