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   Chapter 18 He Really Comes

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"Wait a minute." Patrick said casually, "Give me that woman's phone number."

"I'll send it to you later." After saying that, the Boss hung up the phone.

After a while, Patrick looked at the number on the phone and dialed it without hesitation.

Sheryl was grabbing the glass from Yoyo's hand and said angrily, "You drank too much, Yoyo. It's not good for your health..."

Yoyo tilted her head and acted cute shamelessly. Maybe it was because she drank too much, her voice was a little soft. "I didn't drink too much. I didn't drink much, so I just took a sip. Don't rob my wine You are so bad... "

Sheryl was speechless. Although she also thought that Yoyo looked cute and lovely, why did Yoyo say that she was a bad person? How could she be a bad person?

She didn't allow her to drink too much. It was for her own good!

When Sheryl was about to grab the glass from her hand, she heard the ringtone of Yoyo's phone. Sheryl picked it up angrily and found it was a strange number.

Somehow, she picked it up

"Hello, Yoyo?"

The voice on the other end of the line was a man's voice. It was very magnetic, only two words, but it was intoxicating.

"Hello, this is her friend. Who is that?" At first, Sheryl thought it was a stranger and was about to scold him, but when she heard the man call out Yoyo's name, she could not help but feel confused.

"This is Patrick Lu." The four words shocked Sheryl. She was stunned for an instant. Was it Patrick who called her? Patrick? Her boss? big boss?

Oh, no, he called Yoyo.

But she was still so excited!

"Where is Yoyo? She hasn't come back to her company since she left from my company today. I'm worried about her. Can you tell me where she is now? " It was the first time that Patrick spoke in such a caring tone, but in fact, Patrick was expressionless on the other end of the phone.

"Oh, Mr. Lu, don't worry. You can rest assured that Yoyo is with me." The sound of the bar was a little noisy. Worried about Yoyo, Sheryl didn't dare to leave. Of course, Patrick heard the noise.

So he asked seriously, "Where are you? I want the detailed address. "

After A short pause, Sheryl said unconsciously, "In the Drunk bar on Nanhua North Road, West District of A City."

Patrick immediately hung up the phone, picked up his coat and left.

Sheryl was still staring at the phone which was hung up in her hand.

What did she do just now? She told Patrick the address of her and Yoyo?

Damn it! Yoyo just offended Patrick but she told him their address. Was she going to die this time? Ah She didn't mean to

Wait, if Patrick came to take revenge on Yoyo, why did he come so late? Why did he look so worried?

Patrick drove very fast. When he arrived at "Drunk", he got off the car expressionlessly and easily saw Yoyo in the bar. The valiant and beautiful girl beside her must be her friend, the one who answered the phone just now?

People like Patrick, who was handsome and rich at a glance, were many women's favorite. Therefore, as soon as Patrick appeared, many beautiful women rushed over and wanted to spend a good night with him, but they were frightened away by his eyes.

When Patrick was in a good mood, he was willing to play with those girls, but now he was not in a good mood at all.

He went straight to Yoyo and saw she was so drunk. Her long black hair was naturally scattered behind her, and the sun-top easily revealed her delicate and sexy collarbone. She was holding a glass of wine in her hand, but she didn't drink it. She was mumbling something.

"That bastard, Chappell asked me to attend his wedding ceremony.. That's too much He is just a bastard. Why should I attend his wedding ceremony? Don't he think it's funny? "

Sheryl couldn't help laughing and echoed, "You're right. He's just a bastard, but he's still married. How could he be qualified to get married? "

Before Sheryl could finish her words, she saw a man next to Yoyo, who was looking at Yoyo expressionlessly and giving off an aura that prevented strangers from approaching.

She looked up and found it was Patrick.

What? Patrick?

Did he really come?

Before Sheryl could react that her big boss personally came to the small bar for Yoyo, she saw Patrick take off his coat and put it on Yoyo.

He even took away the wine glass that Yoyo had been holding tightly in her hand. She couldn't take it away from Yoyo's hand.

Yoyo didn't feel anything about the coat on her. She just looked at the wine glass in Patrick's hand and pouted, "Bad guy, don't take my wine."

It seemed that he thought Yoyo were very cute in this way. Patrick swayed the glass in front of Yoyo and said seductively, "Do you want to drink?"

"Yes!" Yoyo said without hesitation.

"Then, call me brother..." Blankly staring at the arro

gant Mr. Lu who tried to tempt Yoyo like coaxing a little pet, Sheryl was stunned.

However, for the sake of her wine, Yoyo was very spineless. She said sweetly, "Brother Let me drink... "

Sheryl covered her face to show that she didn't want to know this little cute but spineless woman in front of her.

Patrick didn't coax her, but gave her the glass again. Yoyo immediately took the glass and drank it quietly.

Sheryl got angry at once, "Do you know how much she drank? Why do you give it to her again?"

Patrick stood straight and looked at Sheryl expressionlessly, "Didn't you spoil her before I came here and refuse to take away the glass?"

Hearing that, Sheryl was speechless for a moment. Indeed, what Patrick said was right. If she really wanted to take the glass, how could Yoyo take it away from her? But Sheryl really didn't want to see Yoyo sad. It was really heartbreaking to see Yoyo looking at her pitifully.

Besides, Yoyo was in a bad mood to drown her sorrows in wine. How could she stop her?

"Why did she drink? Women were all so troublesome? That Chappell Who is he? " Patrick asked indifferently with a poker face.

Although he was surrounded by beautiful women, there were few people that he really cared about, and he was not interested in wasting his energy on several useless and anthomaniac women.

So he couldn't understand why Yoyo was so cute at this moment. She was completely different from her when she was fully armed and showed her sharp claws in the daytime. She was just like a kitten now, adorable.

"Chappell? That bastard! Rubbish! A disgusting jerk, Yoyo's ex-boyfriend, had an affair with an ugly and old mistress just because that woman was rich and powerful, damn it. A hypocritical and disgusting man with poor taste. " As soon as Sheryl heard about Chappell, she was extremely angry. She really wanted to beat Chappell every time she saw him.

ex-boyfriend? Jerk? A mistress?

Patrick thought it over in his mind, and a dark light flashed in his eyes.

Sheryl continued, "You don't know how bad that man is. It's okay for him to find a mistress. Because Yoyo could see her clearly. But he still wants Yoyo to be his underground lover, and he even invited Yoyo to his wedding ceremony not long after. How could there be such a disgusting man... "

All of a sudden, Yoyo threw herself into Sheryl's arms and looked up at her with her starry eyes. "What are you talking about, Sheryl? Are you talking about my dog? I am so sad. My dog ran away with another female dog... "

The corner of Sheryl's mouth twitched slightly. She grabbed Yoyo's cheek. She grabbed her face a little bit because it felt good. She didn't expect that Yoyo's skin was so soft that her face turned red directly.

"It hurts so much. Sheryl, you don't like me anymore. How could you bully me? I don't want you anymore..." Yoyo pushed Sheryl away angrily, threw herself into Patrick's arms, held his waist, and said with a smile, "Brother, please take me away. I don't want to play with bad Sheryl anymore. She always bullies me..."


Sheryl was speechless, 'How could Yoyo abandon her, who has always doted on her, and throw herself into the arms of strangers? Doesn't she know who is Patrick?'?

"I'm sorry, Mr. Lu. Well, Yoyo is drunk. Please give her to me. I'll take good care of her..." Sheryl said to Patrick cautiously. Sheryl was afraid of this man.

She didn't want to mess with someone she couldn't afford to mess with.

"No." Patrick said coldly. Then he pulled the coat that Yoyo was wearing tighter and said seductively, "Yoyo, do you want to go home with me?"

Startled, Sheryl immediately held Yoyo's hand and tried to pull her back. She was a little tough to Patrick, "Mr. Lu, I think you don't need to take care of Yoyo. You'd better leave Yoyo to me..."

"Are you doubting my decision?" Patrick glanced at Sheryl casually and held Yoyo's hand tightly.

"No, it's just that Yoyo is drunk. It's not good for her to leave with you. Besides, she's in a bad mood. Maybe it's better for me to accompany her. She's not good at drinking either. I'm afraid that what she would do to you will annoy you... " Sheryl tried hard to find an excuse. Although she really didn't understand why Patrick wanted to take Yoyo away, she was really worried about Yoyo would leave with him like this.

Patrick lifted Yoyo up. Yoyo put her arms around his neck naturally and fell asleep against his chest.

Seeing that, Sheryl was stunned. She suddenly felt that she should release her hand? Finally, she raised her head carefully and said to Patrick, "If you really like Yoyo, please take care of her.. Don't force her to do anything she doesn't want. Although she is an adult, sometimes she is more like a child. Please take good care of her. "

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