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   Chapter 17 Playing Hard To Get

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"It turns out that sometimes love is not so easy to let go..." Yoyo chuckled in a low voice and held the glass, with irony in her eyes.

"Yoyo..." Sheryl called her worriedly. She wanted to comfort her, but she didn't know what to say. Maybe it would be better for her to vent her anger on herself.

Yoyo grabbed her own hair. Her fingers touched her scalp and went through her hair. Looking at Yoyo who had a little headache, Sheryl felt very sorry for her.

"I always want to pretend that I don't care. But after all, we have been together for such a long time. I hate me so much. Was I too stupid to meet such a person and like such a person?"

"I didn't say that I still love him, but I can't let it go. The man who gave me a good memory in the past is such a jerk. I feel sick when I think of his affectionate face saying the same words to others..."

"It's so disgusting..."

Yoyo had been talking to herself in a low voice, and she didn't ask for any response. She just wanted to vent her emotions.

"I'm sorry, Yoyo..." Hearing her words, Sheryl wanted to cry and felt sorry for her friend. "If I could persuade you to break up earlier, maybe you wouldn't be hurt so deeply by him and you wouldn't suffer so much. "

Sheryl had already known what kind of person Chappell was, but she had never had any evidence. In addition, at that time, Yoyo had been so focused on him that Sheryl really couldn't say something.

Yoyo grinned, touched Sheryl's fair face and said with a smile, "Sheryl, silly girl, how can I blame you? It's all my fault. I just can't recognize people clearly... "

After saying that, Yoyo suddenly lowered her head and murmured to herself, "I really hate him. That man said that I was playing hard to get..."

With a twitch of her forehead, Sheryl thought did she hear it wrong just now? A man said Yoyo was playing hard to get?

Yoyo played hard to get?

Are you kidding me!

Who is that man? Was he Chappell?

"Is he going to have an affair with a rich woman just because I don't have money? Men always make money to support their families, didn't they? Did I find a fake boyfriend? Or did I have a wrong relationship? " Yoyo was a little dizzy. She held the glass gracefully with one hand, and her cute little head swayed from time to time. She looked very cute.

She pouted, with a pair of starry eyes full of drunkenness and haze. Her watery eyes looked very beautiful. "What's so good about that woman? Old and ugly. Did Chappell like this type? That's why he cheated on me? "

All of a sudden, it dawned on Yoyo. She grabbed Sheryl's arm and said excitedly, "I understand. In fact, the reason why Chappell cheated on me was not because he liked my type, but the old and ugly type like Samantha!"

The corners of Sheryl's mouth twitched slightly. She really didn't know how to tell the drunken Yoyo that Chappell didn't like the old and ugly woman. He was obviously for money and status.

"That is to say, if it is because of money, isn't my family richer than hers?" Yoyo curled her lips and drank up the intoxicating wine in one gulp. She knocked on the bar counter and said, "Hi, handsome, give me another glass."

Sheryl touched her forehead and felt very complicated. Yoyo must have forgotten that she had hidden it for so long. Chappell didn't know her family background at all and thought she was from an ordinary family. How could a greedy man like him be satisfied?

In his eyes, only those who could get the best interests for him were the people he wanted.

"What a bastard! I shouldn't have trusted him..." Yoyo covered her eyes and cried out in a low voice. Seeing this, Sheryl was even more at a loss. She looked at her blankly and didn't know what to say?

"Who hurt such a beautiful girl? Tell me, I'll take revenge for you. " A good-looking man came over with a glass of wine in his hand and accosted Yoyo with a smile.

Yoyo looked up at the man in confusion and suddenly laughed, "He is an ugly man. One day, he ran away with another dog."

Yoyo smiled blankly, as if she didn't know what she was talking about. She was drinking while speaking, and her little tongue was pink, which looked very cute.

The wine that she hadn't drunk flowed down her chin, making her white and delicate collarbone more sexy.

As soon as she finished her words, she began to drink seriously, one sip after another sip, as if she was doing something important.

Sheryl kept staring at the man who accosted Yoyo, clenching her fists. She didn't dare to do it, because Yoyo was drunk and she didn't know whether Yoyo knew this man or not.

"It doesn't matter such man went away. He doesn't deserve you to be sad. I think this lady... " The man acted as if he didn't see Sheryl on the other side. He said af

fectionate words and slowly approached Yoyo. He was about to put his arm around Yoyo's shoulder.

"Ah -"

Suddenly, the man covered his arm and cried out in pain, tears streaming down his face.

It was Sheryl.

When he thought he met a beautiful woman who was easy to hook up with, his arm was broken by the seemingly harmless beauty on the other side.

Now his right arm was hanging in his sleeve, as if it had lost all its strength.

Resentment, unwillingness, all kinds of emotions filled his heart. "Bitch, you want to die?"

Many people in the bar were watching them. After seeing that Sheryl easily broke a man's arm, they all sighed but felt more lucky.

Fortunately, they didn't accost that woman just now, or else they might be more miserable.

They could tell how painful it was from the man's scream.

Standing in front of Yoyo, with arms crossed, Sheryl looked at him expressionlessly, "You asked for it yourself. Why do you blame others?"

"Fuck you! I'll kill you! !" Carl covered his arm and cried out in pain.

"Really? I'll wait and see. " Sheryl snorted disdainfully and looked at him coldly.

This kind of man was just a bitchy and lascivious man. He was no different from the kind of bastard like Chappell who was doing disgusting things on the excuse of liking.

Although Carl really wanted to kill the person who had broken his arm, he knew that if he didn't go to the hospital now, his arm would be difficult to recover, moreover, he couldn't beat this woman.

He had planned to hook up with that poor beauty, but he didn't know that this beauty had a guardian. He had no choice, because the guardian looked too harmless.

"Wait for me. I'll be back soon!" After saying that, Carl left in a hurry. He still felt painful so much.

He regretted. Why did he provoke this woman?

Yoyo giggled and muttered as if anything didn't happen.

Her phone suddenly rang. She frowned and asked, "What's the sound? A little familiar... "

The corners of Sheryl's mouth twitched slightly. Of course, Yoyo was familiar with the sound. It was her phone ringing.

Seeing that Yoyo seemed to be drunk, Sheryl had no choice but to take out Yoyo's mobile phone from her bag. It turned out to be Yoyo's boss. She pushed Yoyo on the shoulder and said, "Hello, Yoyo, your boss is calling."

"Boss? What the hell was that? Oh Anyway, I have lost my job. Why should I answer the phone Hang up, Sheryl. Humph! He didn't treat me well at work, and I let him taste this feeling. Hang up quickly, Sheryl... " Yoyo looked drunk, but she pouted and called Sheryl clearly.

Hearing what Yoyo said, Sheryl felt that Yoyo's boss was not a good person. What's wrong with him to fire such a good employee like Yoyo?

Sheryl hung up the phone and continued to drink with Yoyo. Of course, Sheryl didn't drink much, but Yoyo drank a lot. It seemed that Yoyo didn't drink fast. She took small sips, but her eyes were blurred with tears. If she was drunk, she could tell something, but if she was not drunk, her eyes were blurred and everything was unclear.

After Sheryl hit that man, almost no one dared to approach them.

The two beauties were indeed very attractive, but the thorny roses were not easy to provoke.

At the other side, the Boss, who was sitting at his desk and working, frowned and looked at the phone in his hand. Didn't she answer it?

What happened to Yoyo? Didn't she go to talk about the contract with Patrick, the CEO of NK? Why didn't she answer the phone?

After thinking for a while, the Boss called Patrick.

After Yoyo left, although Patrick didn't go to the hospital, he still took a shower to make sure if he had become an eunuch. After making sure that he was fine, he sat at his desk to work.

He looked through the information Yoyo took carefully. It could be said that Yoyo had good taste and ideas. Anyone who knew a little would choose Yoyo.

Although a beautiful vase was adorable, a talented vase was worthy of respect.

Suddenly, his private phone rang. Patrick opened the phone and saw the words on the screen. He smiled.

With a meaningful look in his eyes, he elegantly picked up the phone and put it beside his ear. In a low voice, he said, "Ho ho What's up? "

"Mr. Lu." The voice of the Boss was as cold as usual, but it didn't change because it was Patrick on the other end of the phone. "I'm looking for Yoyo."

Patrick chuckled, stood up lazily, walked to the French window and opened it, with one hand in his pocket, looking out of the window indifferently.

"If you are talking about the woman who came to talk about the project today, she has already gone back."

The Boss on the other side was silent for a while before he said, "I see. If there is nothing else, I will hang up."

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