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   Chapter 10 Rich Man

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Yoyo decisively reached out her hand and slapped away Sheryl's hand. Sitting leisurely on the sofa and eating her snacks, she said, "There's nothing I can do. I'm a powerless person. I don't know where to pour out my grievances if I offend someone."

Sheryl curled her lips, put on her clothes and huddled on the same sofa with Yoyo. She winked at her and said, "How did you get fired? Although your annoying boss always wanted to fire you, he didn't find any reason, did he? Did he get caught you cheating in the company?"

The corners of Yoyo's mouth twitched. She had to admire Sheryl's imagination. She poked her forehead and said, "What are you thinking about? There must be a man to have an affair with me."

"It hurts..." Covering her forehead with her hand, Sheryl felt aggrieved. When she heard the last sentence of Yoyo, her eyes lit up. "Have a man? Do you..."

The meaning of that sentence was meaningful. Yoyo looked at her speechlessly, and then decisively turned on the TV, ignoring the excited woman.

"Don't take me as a fool, okay? I just care about you. In my heart, I just want you to find a better man. He's one thousand times better than Chappell."

Yoyo knew that she just wanted to live a better life, but sometimes, happiness would not appear in vain.

Why was there a sugar coated bullet? Didn't it mean that love couldn't withstand the temptation of wealth? The first thing you felt maybe sweet, and then you found it was a bomb.

Seeing that Yoyo didn't have any reaction, she even ate her snacks and watched TV with great interest.

Sheryl made a funny face at her, stood up from the sofa and walked around in front of her. "How is it? Am I beautiful? Can I wear this for an interview? Is it formal enough?"

"Are you going for an interview?" Hearing this, Yoyo finally stopped eating snacks and looked at her. She thought about what was going on in her mind quickly.

To be honest, she couldn't have left without the order of the big boss, because she was in urgent need of a job now. If her mom knew that she didn't have a job and lived such a miserable life, she would definitely let her go back.

"Of course. I heard that Royal City Hotel is recruiting now, so I'm going to have an interview. What about you? Didn't you just lose your job? Do you want to go with me? " Sheryl blinked at her, thinking that if she were with her, they could work together.

"Royal City Hotel? Isn't it belong to NK?" Yoyo picked up her snack again and ate it. Obviously, she was not interested in it anymore.

Sheryl looked at her and felt confused, "What's wrong with the NK Group? There are so many people want to work in NK. Do you hate money so that you don't want to work there?"

"Ha-ha, what are you thinking about? I hate money? You must be kidding me? How can I hate money? You don't have to worry about that. Go to the interview!"

She just didn't want to work for Patrick. She just offended him not long ago. Although she didn't know if he still remembered her, the threat she experienced this morning was still vivid in her mind.

As soon as she left, Yoyo's phone rang. It was her mother who called. She had a little bit headache about her mom's phone call. She hesitated for a while and finally pressed the answer button.

"Hello, Yoyo? Are you at work now?" Mom's concerned voice came from the other end of the line, which made Yoyo even more headache.

"No. we signed a big contract a few days ago, and our boss gave us a day off. We won't go to work until tomorrow." She didn't want to tell a lie to her mom, but she knew her mother well. If she knew that she didn't even have a job now, she would definitely let her go back.

"Oh, you are off today. Why don't you call Mommy when you're on vacation? Don't you know I'll be worried? Are you still working in that company as before? How's it going? Take a picture of your company and you tomorrow when you go to work. Let me have a good look at you. " Bertha chattered. Her words were full of concern, and she paid the most attention to her daughter's work.

Yoyo replied, "Of course I miss you. Don't worry. I will visit you next time when I am on holiday. I have a good job and my colleagues are also good to me. I will take photos of you tomorrow."

Although she said so, she could only smile bitterly in her heart. She had lost her job. Where did she get the photos?

"That's good. Don't let yourself be wronged. Mommy will always you. You'd better know how to protect yourself when you play outside. Please don't..." On the other side of the phone, Bertha kept nagging about Yoyo, fearing that she would be hurt and not tell her.

Yoyo knew that if she knew that she was fired, she would definitely take her back, wouldn't she?

She had threatened her parents before she came out. She knew how worried her mother was. In her mother's eyes, she was just a little girl. Only in the sight of her mother could she be safe. As long as she left her sight, she would feel uneasy.

After hanging up the phone, Yoyo felt a little uneasy.

It seemed that she had to find a job as soon as possible, or her mother would definite

ly ask her to go back home.

But what kind of job could she find?

When it was time for dinner, Yoyo was in a bad mood and didn't go out.

On the contrary, Sheryl came back happily with the meals for Yoyo in her hand.

"I knew you were here! You didn't have dinner, did you? Here you are."

Yoyo took the meals and began to eat.

Although she was in a bad mood, it didn't affect her appetite, did it?

"Royal City Hotel is really nice. It's owned by NK. It's very well-paid and user-friendly in every aspect. Are you sure you won't go there?" Sheryl who had had dinner lay on the table and blinked at her.

Yoyo calmly raised her eyebrows, put a spoonful of food into her mouth and mumbled, "Don't you know who is the boss of NK?"

"The boss of NK?" Sheryl blinked her eyes and said, "Patrick! Of course I know. There were so many women in A city want to marry him! If you marry this rich man, it means that you have mountains of gold and silver."

However, Yoyo didn't react. She just laughed at herself and said, "The man I hit yesterday was Patrick. He might hate me very much. And he threatened me this morning that I would be liable for it."

Sheryl frowned and looked at her in disbelief. "What... What? Do you mean that the man you almost slept with yesterday was Patrick? The CEO of NK?"

Yoyo couldn't understand why she was so excited, so she nodded calmly.

Sheryl burst into laughter all of a sudden. She stretched her hands to touch Yoyo's shoulders and shook her head. She said with an exciting tone, "Why are you still so calm, Yoyo? Do you know who you almost slept with yesterday? It was Patrick! A rich man! You almost slept with him!"

She patted away Sheryl, who was grabbing her shoulders, and said with a smile, "It's a pity that I'm not interested in money, and I don't have any secret relationship with him. On the whole, we have enmity with each other! Sheryl, we are enemies! He even threatened me this morning!"

"Damn it! Scumbag!" Sheryl's facial expression greatly changed and wrapped her arms around Yoyo's shoulders. She felt angry and said, "He doesn't even like such a beautiful woman as you. He even threatened you. I didn't expect that Patrick would be an immoral scum. I am so disappointed."

"It doesn't matter. Anyway, I won't go to the Royal City Hotel for an interview. A city is so big. How can I meet him so easily? Maybe he will forget me in two days." Yoyo shrugged and showed her indifferent to this man.

A city was so big. Why should she choose Royal City Hotel?

Besides, she felt cold at the thought of Patrick. What happened this morning was still fresh in her mind. She really didn't want to provoke him.

She knew she couldn't afford to offend that kind of man. She had a clear estimation of herself

The second day, Sheryl went to work early. Yoyo searched a variety of jobs on the Internet and bought a newspaper.

She sent her resumes for several jobs she thought she could do. In the afternoon, she received an email asking her to go for an interview.

The first workplace she went was a cat cafe. As for why she went back to the job of a waiter, it was also because she liked cats very much. It would be nice if she could take care of cats.

But this job would be excluded by herself in the end, because her mother was very disgusted with this kind of work and didn't want her to be wronged like this.

It was okay for her to have a good interview because she could play with those cats.

The second one to be interviewed was a clerk, followed by hotel management, designer assistants...

The interview range was very wide, but all of them were acceptable to her. She could learn if she didn't know, as long as she had a basic knowledge?

She had been interviewed for two days, and now she felt that her life was not bad. She could go to many places for an interview every day, and various life style always made people look forward to it. Now she wanted to work as a designer assistant. If she could learn some design knowledge, she could even design for her home in the future, it would be good.

But she hadn't informed him whether she had passed the interview, so she was drinking coffee leisurely in the cafe.

The phone suddenly rang. Seeing the name on the screen, she chuckled and picked up the phone.

"Is it Yoyo?" The voice of the boss was still so cold. Even her name's meaning made people feel sweet, it still made people feel cold when he called her.

"Yes, I am. What's the matter, boss?" She wouldn't have answered the phone if it weren't for boredom.

"Did you sign the contract with Mr. Patrick?"

Yoyo answered with doubt. She did sign the contract, but she had been fired. What did it have to do with her now?

"Come back to work. I'll give you three times the salary. You can continue to take over the project." The voice of the boss was unquestionable. No one dared to refuse, but the one who spoke to him was Yoyo.

Others were afraid of him, but Yoyo was not.

"If you want to fire me, then fire me. If you want me to go back, then let me go back. Do you think I'm more interesting?" Yoyo sneered.

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