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   Chapter 8 Different Thoughts

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"Don't say that much. Let's break up, Chappell. Stop bothering me!" She even felt sick when she saw him. How could he still want her to be her mistress? He was daydreaming.

Back then, in order to get rid of his mother's chase, she rented a house here. It was quiet. Normally, there was no one here, but because of Chappell, there were so many people stopped and surrounded her.

Yoyo pushed through the crowd and wanted to leave directly, but Chappell wouldn't let her go so easily.

"Yoyo! Don't you love me anymore? Why are you so cruel to me? I love you so much and I have done so much for you..." Chappell still showed his "true heart" to Yoyo, which made her want to vomit.

Did he think he was the leading man in the romance novel? Why did he still acting?

Yoyo twitched her mouth. She didn't want to talk to this disgusting scumbag anymore and was ready to go to Sheryl's home to hide him.

Chappell didn't want to give up. He followed her and wanted to hold her hand, but she dodged. He had to give up and begged, "Yoyo, do you really ignore our love lasting so long? I thought you loved me, so I came to you today. But you... Why do you treat me so coldly? Do you love another man without telling me?"

Chappell looked like he was cuckolded, and this poor trick was somewhat like his crazy mom would do.

It was just that his means were a little better.

"I didn't expect this woman to be a bitch..."

"No wonder she is so beautiful. She falls in love with another man behind her boyfriend's back. It's disgusting..."

"Hello, miss. How much can I buy you for one night? Do you want to go with me?"

"How could such a beautiful woman have an affair? You can't even trust beautiful women..."

The onlookers discussed, pointed at Yoyo, and even took photos.

There was anger on Yoyo's face. She glanced at the people around her coldly and said in a flat but frightening tone, "You are all so idle that you care about others' business? I don't need others to point fingers at me? How do you know I have an affair? Well, it's obvious that the hypocritical man have a mistress outside and still wants me to be his mistress!"

They looked at Yoyo in surprise. They didn't know why they felt that this beautiful woman was very frightening at this time.

They didn't even dare to say a word.

"And the two photographers. I advise you to put away your phones obediently!" Yoyo cast a cold glance at the two girls who had just taken photos. The two girls put away their phones awkwardly and looked at her with admiration.

"She's so powerful!"

"What a masculine woman!"

"Damn it! How could such a woman have an affair? I don't believe it!"

"Yes, I think it must be that bastard's fault. He must be a bad guy."

"We were misled just now. Now think about this masculine woman. She is so pitiful."

"I admire her so much! What a powerful woman!"

Yoyo turned the situation around in a few words, especially the girls who were taking photos looked at her with admiration.

She had arched eyebrows, watery almond-shaped eyes, an aquiline nose, long hair over her shoulders. She didn't look neutral at all but charming and beautiful. She was a quiet girl. She was gentle or even elegant. But when she was angry, she made people tremble with fear.

Chappell didn't know this before, because Yoyo had never shown this side in front of him. She had never been angry because she thought it was not worth it.

People would know what kind of person she was as long as they had a little contact with her, but why didn't Chappell know?

He didn't care about her? Or was he too stupid?

"Yoyo... Yoyo..." Chappell was stunned and said one sentence after long time. He explained in a hurry, "I didn't say you cheated on me. I was just too sad. You used to love me so much, but now you even ignore me. Am I wrong when I suspect you?"

"Mr. Chappell, you are probably the most ironic joke I've ever seen in my life. You should live in ancient times, get married legally and have lots of concubines. You'd better be an emperor, and there are three thousand beauties in your imperial household." Yoyo said in a very cold tone, as if she was flattering him, but in fact, she was mocking him, "But sometimes as a person, you have to know your own position. If you don't have the ability, don't try to think too much. It's okay that I find out that you have an affair with another woman, but how dare you even tell me that you should be responsible for marrying her and let me be your underground lover?"

The onlookers were shocked when they heard what Yoyo said!

How shameless he was! How could there be such a bad man in 21th century?

How could a man be so old-fashioned and unreasonable? No, it was flatter him when they regarded him as an old-fashioned man. It was obvious that he was an idiot.

"Don't you love me anymore? What's the point of telling me this? I don't want to listen! I don't want to have three thousand beauties.

I just want you and Samantha. And you are the only one I really like. Don't you understand? Out of the sense of responsibility, I should be responsible for Samantha!" Yoyo thought that after she said that, he would feel ashamed and leave.

How could she know that he was so shameless? He even scratched his head painfully, as if he had ten thousand difficulties in her heart. She was the one should be blamed, not him!



The two girls who had taken photos said at the same time. Then they looked at each other and said angrily, "He is fucking bad. What a crazy man! As the saying goes, 'There are all kinds of birds in the huge forest.' That's right!"

"Yes, I've lived for nearly twenty years, but I've never seen such a scumbag. He even went to find a mistress after having such a beautiful lady. Is he a fool?"

"Oh, I don't think it's a big deal. He just wants a mistress to get along well with his real girlfriend."

"No, no, No. you are all wrong. The best thing is that he actually let this beautiful lady be his underground lover."

Although they really wanted to take photos and post this person on the Internet, they didn't dare to against Yoyo's will.

"Break up! Don't come to me again. You make me sick." Yoyo also suspected that she might have been blind to fall in love with such a man before.

Seeing that Yoyo was about to leave, Chappell continued to follow her shamelessly. "Where are you going? Let me drive you home, okay? I have a car now. It's more convenient for you to go anywhere."

He pointed at the Audi car not far away and said proudly.

"Ha-ha!" Yoyo sneered and laughed out directly, "You take that woman's car to drive me, aren't you afraid that she will kill you? I can't give you money, luxury cars and villas. I don't care about your pursuit. After all, you are a jerk. I wish you a happy life now, okay? Stop pestering me. You make me want to vomit!"

The onlookers only wanted to applause for Yoyo. This man was the winner of the jerks. She thought he was just a bad man, but she didn't expect him to be a toy boy.

Seeing more and more people coming, Yoyo didn't want to be watched, so she directly stopped a taxi and got in the car to leave.

Chappell clenched his fists, his eyes filled with unwillingness and resentment.

Seeing that Yoyo had left, the onlookers also felt bored and gradually dispersed.

Samantha... ... Of course, it was impossible for him to love her from his heart. The reason why he got together with her that was just for her money. He just wanted her to be his mistress.

But she didn't expect that Yoyo, who used to be docile and lovely, would suddenly become so fierce. He thought she would be obedient to him and be his mistress if he apologized to him. Wasn't it a pleasure to enjoy the happiness without making effort?

However. Even if he was refused by Yoyo, he would not give up. Except for money, there was nothing else for Samantha. Especially, Yoyo was young and beautiful, which was the first choice for his mistress.

Chappell was a little obsequious in front of Samantha. After all, he had to rely on her parents to promote his career. How could he not make her happy?

Without coaxing Yoyo, Chappell turned around and bought a lot of delicious food for Samantha.

Indeed, Samantha was not very beautiful, but she took care of herself well and didn't look old.

As soon as he entered the gate, he smiled dotingly. "Honey, I'm back. I brought you delicious food."

"Really? What did you buy?" Surprised, Samantha came out of the room. Dressed in a fresh style, she looked young.

Touching Samantha's head affectionately, he said, "These are all your favorite food. I ran for a long time today and finally bought most of your favorite food."

With a big smile on her face, she kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear, "Honey, you are so good to me. As long as you are still so good to me and stay with me forever, I can give you whatever you want."

Greed flashed through Chappell's eyes, but he put on a serious look and smiled dotingly. "Am I with you for money? I really like you. You have to trust me to make us happy."

"Honey, I'm tired today. I'll take a shower first and come back soon. Wait for me."

The smile on her face faded as she watched him leave.

This man was snatched from someone else, and she had made great efforts at that time. However, after being with him, he was really good to her, both for money and for her family.

Or of herself? She was not that narcissistic!

She was not young anymore. She could still feel the youth around Chappell, so she would not leave easily.

As for Yoyo? People without money and power would never get what they wanted.

True love? Was she still living in fairy tales?

As soon as he entered the bathroom, he pounded the glass with his fist. But the force was not strong. In addition, it was a special glass, so there was no crack on the glass.

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