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   Chapter 7 The Scumbag, Chappell Li

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Gloria almost went mad. She came here to warn Yoyo, but she was taught a lesson by her instead.

Now there were so many people laughing her!

"Don't believe this woman! She was just a bitch who betrayed my son! She not only took away my son's money, but also ran away with another man. I want her to stay away from my son and stop pestering him. She even slandered me!" Gloria said in a hoarse voice, tears falling down, and her heavily make-up face turned into a mess, looking particularly ugly.

Many onlookers believed her and pointed at Yoyo.

Yoyo sneered, turned around and walked into the company. She didn't want to talk to this crazy woman anymore.

However, Gloria didn't let her go. She grabbed her hand and shouted madly, "I tell you, nobody wants a bitch like you! I'll tell your boss now and won't stop until you are fired!"

"What the hell is going on?" As soon as Gloria finished her words, Yoyo heard Thomas Zhang's voice, which was her boss who had always looked down upon her.

Gloria turned around and saw that Thomas Zhang was dressed like a successful man. Her eyes lit up and she immediately walked towards him.

Then she began to cry on the ground, "Everyone, come here. This bitch cheated my son with money, took away a lot of money, and eloped with another man. How could there be such a shameless woman in this world!"

The corners of Yoyo's mouth twitched slightly. She thought in mind. 'Did this woman think she was a good actress?'

It was ridiculous.

Many people in the company were not familiar with Yoyo, so when they heard Gloria's hysterical acting, they really thought that Yoyo was a bitch who cheated on her boyfriend and cheated on him.

Many people looked at her strangely.

Thomas Zhang's eyes lit up. He had long wanted to find an excuse to fire her. Now this woman who came from nowhere gave him a chance.

"Yoyo, what else do you want to say? Our company doesn't need such an immoral employee like you! "

Since Thomas Zhang created difficulties for her, Yoyo just chuckled and said casually, "Immoral employee? Do you mean to fire me? What a pity! I just won that project and have a talk with Mr. Patrick. Boss asked me to in charge of the project now. If you fire me, I don't know what the boss will do to you. Will the boss fire you or not?"

In fact, she had just returned to the company. How could she have the chance to see her boss? She went back to the company to report to the boss because she didn't want to explain it on the phone. She didn't expect that Gloria would block her here!

Yoyo casually took off the hairpin on her head, scratched her hair lazily, and was about to leave in graceful steps, without hesitation.

It seemed that what she left was not a big group, but a garbage bin.

Yoyo was very beautiful, and her movements were more charming at the moment, which attracted many people's attention.

Why didn't he find Yoyo so beautiful before?

Thomas Zhang hesitated for a while, but he couldn't believe what he had heard. Did she really win that project? The project that even the boss was helpless.

To be honest, several people had been sent to negotiate about that project. Originally, NK had been cooperating with their company, but it was very clear that they were very disappointed in a project. If they didn't change it, there was no need for them to talk about it.

That's why he sent Yoyo there. He knew that NK would never sign this contract, and at the same time gave him a chance to fire her.

But he didn't expect that Yoyo could tell him that she had won that project.

"Are you kidding me?" Thomas Zhang's mind was full of that project and he didn't remember to fire Yoyo at all. He ignored Gloria who was crying in front of him.

"Is it necessary for me to joke with you?" Yoyo stopped, turned her head and smiled.

He knew how much the boss cared about that project. After thinking about the pros and cons, Thomas Zhang's face was full of smile. "I'm really sorry, Yoyo. I misunderstood you. How could I fire an excellent employee like you?"

Then he turned to Gloria and said fiercely, "Get this crazy woman out!"

Gloria, who was crying, was stunned for a while. When she came to her senses, she cursed, "Who is the crazy woman? How could you believe that bitch but didn't believe me! I don't think you are a good person. You colluded with that woman. Maybe you two have already slept together. HMM..."

Even though Gloria was escorted by two security guards, she still scolded them harshly. She didn't shut up until her mouth was covered by one security guard's hand.

At this time, there were not many people in the hall of the company, and they were definitely not few. Not everyone believed what Gloria said, especially after seeing her expression when she left.

"Yoyo, we believe that you are not that kind of person. Just ignore that crazy woman."

"That's right. She must be a vicious mother-in-law. Maybe her son falls in love with a rich lady. And she wants Yoyo, the real girlfriend, to get out of here?"

"Wow, it's so disgusting. It seems tha

t I have to find a boyfriend whose mom had passed away in the future."

Some people who knew Yoyo comforted her. Although Yoyo didn't care about it, she were still moved.

Who didn't want to have more friends?

"You don't care about what I just said, do you? I was blinded by lard. I think it's definitely not yoyo's fault. As her boss, I don't know who she is. Alas, I really misunderstood you. " Thomas Zhang apologized to her as if he had done something wrong. But Yoyo knew that he was just pretending.

In Thomas Zhang's eyes, profit was the most important thing. If he could get that project, he would definitely make a lot of money. What's more, the boss thought highly of this project. Even if he was not sure whether she would win the project or not, he would still be kind to her. After all, if this matter was false, it could not withstand the cheating.

"It doesn't matter? After all, you are our superior. We only have to obey our orders. How can we blame you, Manger Thomas?" Yoyo smiled and said in a meaningful tone.

He knew that it was impossible for Yoyo to forgive him, so he didn't care. After all, she was his employee. She couldn't act presumptuously without his admission.

She couldn't make any trouble.

He left in a hurry. Yoyo didn't have anything to do in the company. She sat there and sorted out the documents. It didn't take long for her to get off work.

She thought it was bad luck to meet Gloria in the company, but she didn't know there was anything worse.

She didn't expect to see Chappell standing at the door of her house!

When she turned around and was about to leave, she was seen by Chappell, who called her name affectionately like the hero of an idol drama, "Yoyo! I've been waiting for you for a long time!"

People who didn't know would think she kept a dog.

She turned around lazily and looked at him casually. She raised her eyebrows and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"I miss you." Chappell replied her in a disgusting tone. He walked up to her and looked at her affectionately.

In the eyes of outsiders, they would think that the two of them were in some kind of passionate love and were reluctant to separate for a moment.

"Mr. Chappell, you are so affectionate. Think about this girl today and love that girl tomorrow." Yoyo said sarcastically. She didn't want to take one more look at the bastard, because she was afraid that it would pollute her eyes!

Hearing what you said, Chappell looked at Yoyo with a painful face. "You... Are you still unwilling to forgive me? So far, you are the only one I love. It's because of Samantha. I don't love her at all. "

Yoyo didn't say anything, just quietly watching the inferior acting of Chappell.

"She seduced me, but she is a virgin. As a man, I should be responsible for her, but I can't let you go. You don't have any relatives. If even I have to leave you, how will you live in the following days..." The acting skill of the Chappell was definitely much better than that of his mother, and his speaking level was also experienced.

However, since Yoyo had seen his true features, no matter how hard he acted, she just felt it funny.

"…… I love you so much. Just continue to be with me. I will never leave you behind. Even if I have to take the responsibility of a man and marry Samantha, I will not leave you alone. I will take good care of you... " He just wanted have two women at the same time. What a high sounding speech!

"So you want me, a real girlfriend, to be your mistress?" There was no joy or anger on her face. Yoyo looked at him with a faint smile.

For a moment, he didn't know what Yoyo was thinking.

Then he nodded without hesitation and smiled bitterly, "Yoyo, you have to understand me. I don't want to. I love you too much. I believe you also love me, right? Are you willing to do anything for me?"

"Ha ha..." Yoyo sneered. She couldn't believe what he had said. Was she blind to fall in love with such a scumbag?

It should be said that he was not only a scumbag? He was just like the winner of all the scumbags! Scumbag!

"I think you have watched too much TV series, haven't you? Do you think I will be your mistress? Don't be ridiculous! I won't fall in love with such a scumbag like you even if you give yourself to me for free! You want me to share you with another woman? Do you think you are the emperor? There are three thousand women in your imperial household?"

"Yoyo, how could you say that? Don't you love me anymore? I know it's my fault. I shouldn't have been seduced by her. But she is a virgin and I'm a man. I should shoulder the responsibility of a man. Besides, if you hadn't been with me for such a long time and didn't let me touch you, how could I not resist the temptation?"

Yoyo almost burst into laughter! She had never seen such a shameless person!

Was it all her fault that he had a mistress? Was he an innocent victim?

What did it matter if he should be responsible for Samantha? He even wanted her to be his mistress and enjoy the happiness of having two women at the same time?

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