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   Chapter 5 I'll Give You One Minute

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Yoyo didn't expect that she would be mocked by Phoebe like this one day. Yes, she was a loser. She also admitted that she was not as good at seducing men. But how could this become the capital to show off?

"I did live in the fairy tale world before yesterday." Yoyo said indifferently, "I thought love would last for a long time and people's heart was pure. But since yesterday, this idea has disappeared. Someone showed her dirty and disgusting mind to me and taught me a bloody lesson."

She turned around and ignored her.

Phoebe gritted her teeth and took a look at her. Her face turned from black to white. Then she clenched the contract beside her and said to the receptionist, "I have an appointment."

"Okay, your appointment number is..."

Yoyo didn't say anything and stood aside. After Phoebe finished all the procedures, she still didn't look at her.

Phoebe glanced at her and turned to the elevator.

"This way, please." The receptionist led the way.

Yoyo quickly glanced at the floor number on the paper, turned around and walked towards the stairs. She avoided everyone's sight and quickly dodged.

Seventeen floors... Yoyo thought in mind, 'Let's do it!'

Since most of them took elevators, there was no one climbing the stairs. Yoyo ran to the seventeen floor smoothly, holding the handrails of the seventeen floor and panting.

She was worried that Phoebe would get into the elevator too fast, so she didn't stop at all on the way. But now she couldn't stand it anymore, so she had a rest.

Fortunately, Phoebe hadn't entered the meeting room yet. Otherwise, she didn't know which meeting room she should enter.

"Why are you so late? How could you linger so long for such a little thing?" A somewhat unpleasant male voice scolded, followed by the voice of Phoebe.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Milo. I was delayed by something."

Yoyo raised her eyebrows. She didn't expect that such an arrogant girl as Phoebe could be so flattering.

When she came out of the stairway, she saw Phoebe and a man entering the meeting room. Without hesitation, Yoyo followed her decisively.

She was stunned as soon as she entered the meeting room. There were so many people in suits and formal clothes, and most important thing was... There were so many big shots here!

She looked up slowly and was completely stunned. She actually saw the man who almost raped her that day!

The man looked at her with a faint smile, and his eyes were dark and bottomless. She couldn't tell his mood at all.

Seeing Yoyo, many people frowned. What happened to Mr. Milo? It was enough to bring one person to such an important meeting. How could he bring two?

Although she was beautiful, she couldn't feed herself with her pretty outlook.

"Why are you here? What a shameless bitch! You even coveted something that don't belong to you without an appointment! " At the sight of her, Phoebe looked hideous. She would never forget the humiliation she had suffered in the hotel.

"Mr. Milo, didn't you bring this woman here?" A man in black suit with hair gel sprayed on his head cast a stern glance at the young man whose name was Milo Mu.

"No, I don't know her at all. I don't know where she comes from." Milo Mu looked at Yoyo in confusion.

"Since you didn't bring her here, just throw her out. Such an important meeting can't be disturbed by a woman." Another voice said lazily.

The corner of Yoyo's mouth twitched slightly, but she still stepped forward, holding the documents in her hand, and said calmly, "I'm not here to make trouble. I'm here to talk about the contract."

"How could you negotiate in this way? Which company are you from?" The man who spoke at the beginning said unhappily.

"You didn't sign the contract with our company before. I think it's not just because of the price, right? The price is very low in the A city. Besides, with our company as the guarantee, are you afraid of losing money?" She didn't answer the man's question. She just opened the document and put the contract on the table for them to see. She looked like a leader in every move at this moment.

Several people looked at the contract curiously.

"You said so much just want us to sign this contract, didn't you?" A deep and magnetic voice sounded. Patrick glanced at Yoyo indifferently with great interest.

It was not that he didn't care about losing face because he was hit by Yoyo at that day, but he thought Yoyo was like a cat with such sharp claws. She looked very interesting now.

If she could amuse him, he would let her go.

He was a very self-discipline and principled person. If he really slept with this woman or with Phoebe yesterday, it would be a shame for him.

That was why he was willing to give her a chance. If she behaved well, he could give her a chance. If not... Ha-ha... He didn't care how such a woman would be humiliated.

The people in his company were not ordinary people. They all looked very serious. He didn't know how many dirty things they had done behind his back.

But it didn't matter as long as he was not involved.

"Mr. Patrick, don't be fooled by this woman. She is a swindler. She followed us secretly without making an appointment just now. How can you believe her?" Phoebe looked at him in a panic, fearing that Patrick would believe her. If they really had sex that day, would Patrick really help her?

"Who do I trust? I don't think I need anyone else's advice." Patrick looked at her coldly.

This woman was as annoying as a fly. He just met her on

ce and kept wandering in front of him.

Yoyo looked at Patrick uneasily. This man was the famous boss of NK Group?

She almost slept with the boss of NK?

"I'll give you one minute. Come up and tell me why I should sign this contract. What's the benefit of it? If you're right, I can think about it. If you're wrong... Just get out of here." Patrick said slightly. His tone was so cold that everyone present trembled. He played with a pen with his slender fingers and turned the chair casually.

The white shirt and black suit pants were not very fashion match. It seemed that they were made to fit him. He looked noble in every move.

Yoyo raised her eyebrows, squinted her eyes and smiled. She walked to the front and bowed, "Since Mr. Patrick gave me this opportunity, I will make a long story short. Although everyone is not optimistic about the project developed by our company, and no one is willing to cooperate at a low price, I think those people are blind... So you should have imagined the value of it. That's all I want to say. Thank you."

Yoyo was not the most beautiful, but she definitely had the most graceful lady with long hair. Her almond eyes were as dazzling as gemstones, curved willow eyebrows, small fine nose, and cherry colored lips. She had fair skin, a long pale yellow dress, and water colored high heels. She always spoke with a faint smile, which was very pleasing.

As soon as she finished her words, there was a discussion below, and many people were surprised. Many of them had read this contract, and some of them were from other companies, also for this contract, including Phoebe.

But they didn't expect that Yoyo would make the pros and cons clear in a few words and explain the advantage to cooperate with their company. But these conditions also existed in the contract before, why didn't they notice it?

"She is lying! That project was not as good as she said! She is just lying!" Seeing that Yoyo got the upper hand, Phoebe couldn't help shouting.

As soon as she said this, someone immediately questioned, "How do you know she is lying? Besides, we have watched this project. She didn't say anything wrong."

Hearing that, Phoebe was speechless. Indeed, what Yoyo said was right, but they had never thought of it before. And she just used another way to expand the advantage profit, or even develop it to a higher level.

But she just couldn't stand the bitch swaggering around!

"Miss Phoebe, I think we can ask you out. You have offended my distinguished guest." Patrick stood up and looked at her expressionlessly.

Phoebe looked at him in disbelief. Then, she was pulled away by the security guards. Even Milo Mu felt humiliated. And judging from the way he looked at her, she probably knew what would happen to her.

This time, she was careless. She just wanted to make a fool of Yoyo, but she slandered her when Yoyo didn't make any mistakes. In the end, she was the one who ruined herself!

She hated her so much!

She would never let her go! Just wait and see!

"Mr. Patrick, although the profit offered by this lady is very attractive, those are just her oral remarks. I think your company can still consider our company. After all..." Just like you, the general manager of another company who came to talk about the contract wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. He still wanted Patrick to think about it.

"Mr. Patrick, I think this lady is right. If all these can be achieved, not only the profit will be considerable, but also the reputation of our company will be promoted." A senior manager of NK Group retorted without hesitation. He did it for the company's sake and felt that it was not a problem.

Their company had been the top companies in A city. Why should they work so hard? What Yoyo said was what they should do. Even if the project failed, they would not lose anything.

At most, they wouldn't make much money.

All of a sudden, the whole meeting room was filled with noise and excitement.

Yoyo glanced at Patrick cautiously, wondering whether he remembered her or not. She remembered that she hit him hard that day. Would he bear grudges?

"Be quiet." Patrick's voice was very light, but almost in an instant, the whole conference room was quiet, and even a pin dropping could be heard clearly.

He looked up at Yoyo and said casually, "You can leave now. You can talk to me in detail a few days later."

Yoyo looked at him in surprise. She couldn't believe that she had negotiated this contract!

Did he recognize her? Or was he a broad-minded man who didn't hold grudges at all?

As soon as she walked out of the meeting room, she saw the embarrassed Phoebe. She raised her lips and said meaningfully, "Some people try their best to get the opportunity, while I get the result in just a few words. Who is luckier?"

She was satirizing that Phoebe drugged Patrick just for a night, but let her be in an advantageous position. Although nothing had happened, Phoebe didn't know.

As for the contract, it took Phoebe a lot of effort to get the chance to meet Patrick. She had planned to negotiate with him about the contract, and it would be best to win it in one go. However, she was interrupted by Yoyo.

It could be said that it was very miserable.

As soon as Phoebe raised her hand, she wanted to slap Yoyo's face, but it was easily dodged by her. She held her wrist with her backhand, lowered her head and chuckled, "Don't you think you are pathetic? If you want... I can make you more miserable..."

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