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   Chapter 4 Make Things Hard (Part Two)

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'This woman is just an Internet celebrity, but she's too arrogant because of that big shot behind her. But that big shot doesn't seem to care much about her.'

"Miss Le, she has resigned, so she no longer works in our hotel. I'm afraid we can't pursue this matter anymore. So many things have happened today. If Mr. Lu knows about these things..."

When Manager Liu mentioned Mr. Lu, the expression on Phoebe's face changed all of a sudden. A trace of coldness flashed through her eyes as she gritted her teeth. With a stiff expression, she turned around and stomped off.

The next day, Yoyo was awakened by the nonstop ringing of her alarm clock.

She still had a headache.

What happened yesterday flashed through her mind like a movie. She closed her eyes and sighed. Feeling a little heavy, she got up and went to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. When she was ready for work, she went out and took the subway.

The atmosphere in her office today was extraordinarily lively. Yoyo noticed that everyone was holding their phone and whispering to each other. Even the receptionist was busy gossiping with other employees. It was as if they were all talking about the same topic.

Wondering what it could be, Yoyo also turned on her phone and browsed the news online.

The headlines of today's news popped up on the screen. The words were bold enough for her to see them clearly.

"Mr. Patrick Lu—rich and affectionate!" "The secret lover of the president of NK Group was revealed!" "NK Group president's lover is an Internet celebrity!"

Yoyo paused for a while, and her face suddenly turned pale.

There were several pictures uploaded on the website, which she knew were edited. But she couldn't be mistaken. The woman was the one she encountered in the hotel yesterday. And the man named Patrick Lu was the man in Room A403.

Her temples began to swell, and her knees felt weak.

The NK Group was a renowned multinational company that had reached its peak in just a few years. Patrick Lu monopolized all kinds of industries, not only in A City but also in other places.

As a matter of fact, the company that Yoyo was working with right now had tried to submit business proposals to the NK Group several times. But until now, they hadn't received any reply.

Patrick Lu, the CEO of NK Group, was young and mysterious. He seldom accepted interviews. Some people said that he had a strange and treacherous personality. But despite his aloofness, he was always the talk of the town.

Yoyo put down her phone absentmindedly. When she recalled everything that happened in the hotel room at that time, her cheeks began to burn.

But she also almost couldn't believe it. She was with Patrick Lu yesterday. Not only that. She almost slept with him. What would other women feel if they found out?

Yoyo shook her head and drove the thoughts away from her mind. She sat there for a long time to calm herself down before she started her work.

"Yoyo..." The secretary of their department manager suddenly came to her desk and put a document in front of her. "The manager wants you to do this task today."

Yoyo slightly froze. "What's this?"

Ever since she discovered their manager's secret affair with his secretary, it seemed that her wor

kloads were increasing day by day. She didn't know if it was some kind of suppression or a hint that she should leave the company. But the more that the manager wanted to kick her out, the more she got challenged. She couldn't leave her job for such a ridiculous reason.

"Just take a look at it. He said that if you can't do it, you are free to quit anytime." The secretary then walked away slowly. It seemed that she was avoiding some more questions from Yoyo.

Yoyo pursed her lips and stared at the document for a long time before she picked it up.

"What?" she exclaimed. Her eyes opened wide in shock.

It was a business proposal for the NK Group. Her manager wanted her to negotiate with that company. Yoyo suddenly felt her head throbbed. How could she do this? It wasn't even easy to enter the NK Group. Besides, she was not that experienced yet. Everyone in their company who was qualified to negotiate with the NK Group had already been there and failed. What to expect from her?

'Never mind. I know that he only wants to embarrass me. But I won't let him succeed. I can do this, ' she thought inwardly.

Yoyo stood up, took the document, and went out. She searched for the address of the NK Group and took the taxi.

Half an hour later, the taxi stopped in front of the gate of the company.

Yoyo entered the company and went straight to the elevator. But before she could even enter the elevator, she was stopped by the receptionist.

"Hello, miss. Do you have an appointment?" the receptionist said politely with a smile. She looked at Yoyo up and down as if making sure that she was really a stranger.

"No. I'm from Chimelong Group. I'm here to discuss a project. Can I make an appointment now?"

"I'm sorry, miss. We have a designated department for that. You need to call the person in charge a few days in advance to set an appointment. May I know who you want to meet here?"


Before Yoyo could say anything, they heard a sarcastic voice from behind. "Yoyo, are you here for the H Project too?"

Yoyo frowned and turned to look behind her.

Her hair in big waves, red lips, and the stiff expression on her face, all reminded Yoyo of the woman that clung to Chappell's arm at the hotel yesterday.

Unfortunately, she was faced with Samantha again today. And Samantha mentioned about a project. Did that mean that they would be competing for it?

Yoyo didn't want to talk to her, so she turned to the receptionist and said, "If possible, I want to contact the project manager of H Project."

"Don't bother," Samantha butted in with a sarcastic smile. Her voice sounded attractive, but the wrinkles between her eyebrows looked annoying.

Yoyo just looked at her and raised her eyebrows.

Samantha then walked away quietly. She still remembered how eloquent Yoyo was yesterday. Although she was still angry, she was more scared.

"What? You want to see the project manager of the H Project without an appointment? That is impossible. This is a very competitive project, which means it's not easy to survive. Since you lost to me once, it means you are no match for me. I think it would be better if you don't waste your energy on this project," said Samantha.

Yoyo smiled.

She didn't intend to fail in this project.

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