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   Chapter 4 Make Things Hard (Part Two)

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This woman was just an Internet celebrity. She was so arrogant because of the big shot behind her. But the big shot didn't seem to care much about her, so...

"Miss Phoebe, she has resigned and no longer works in our hotel. We can't pursue this matter. Look at what happened today. If Mr. Patrick knows about it... "

The expression on Phoebe's face changed. She gritted her teeth and a cold face flashed through her mind. Then she snorted coldly with a stiff expression, turned around and left.

The second day.

When the alarm clock rang, Yoyo still had a headache.

What happened yesterday flashed through her mind like a movie. She closed her eyes and sighed. After washing her face and brushing her teeth, she went out and took the subway.

Today, the atmosphere of company was extraordinarily lively. As soon as they entered, everyone held their mobile phones and whispered. The receptionist also gathered several fans of gossip, as if they were looking at the same world.

Yoyo was surprised and turned on the phone.

The headline of today's news popped up on the screen, and several big words jumped up in her sight in an instant.

"The title of the article is Mr. Patrick Is Rich And Affectionate? To Reveal the Secret Lover of President From NK Group! She Is An Internet Celebrities..."

Yoyo paused and her face suddenly turned pale.

There were several pictures on the screen, all of which had been processed. But it was not difficult to see that the heroine of the gossip was the one who pulled her up yesterday in the hotel. Then this "Mr. Patrick"... Was it...

Her temples began to swell and her hands and feet were a little weak.

Speaking of NK Group, almost everyone knew that this multinational group had reached its peak in just a few years. Patrick Lu monopolized all kinds of industries in city a, with its tentacles all over the place and fame.

Patrick Lu, the CEO of NK Group, was too young to be approached. He was too mysterious, and had few interviews. His personality was strange and treacherous. His rumor had almost become a must talk in a city at leisure.

Recently, the company she was working for frequently offered cooperation intentions to NK, and for several times, they didn't receive any reply.

Yoyo put down the phone and was somewhat absent-minded. She inexplicably thought of last night's gasp and side face, and her cheeks began to burn.

Oh my God... She was so close to Patrick Lu, the legend of the whole A city yesterday? What's more, she almost slept with him?!

Yoyo shook her head and completely drove this idea out of her mind. She calmed down for a long time before she barely concentrated on the work.

"Yoyo." The Secretary of the Department Manager suddenly came over and put a document in front of her. "The manager asked me to give you today's work."

Yoyo's expression froze slightly. "What's this?"

Since she worked overtime last time and found the manager's secret affair with this secretary, her worklo

ad had increased day by day. She didn't know if it was a hint or a suppression, but the more he wanted to kick her out of the company, the more she couldn't leave for this ridiculous reason.

"Look at it yourself. The manager said that you can leave if you can't handle it." The Secretary glanced at her and didn't want to answer her question. She walked away slowly in her high heels...

Yoyo pressed her lips and stared at the document for a long time before she reached out to pick it up.

"What?" She looked at it and gritted her teeth.

NK Group's contract? They let her negotiate? Not to mention that she was not experienced in the workplace, all the people in the company who could negotiate with the NK Group had already been there, and no one could enter the gate of NK. How could she do this?

'Forget it. I can't care so much now. Since he wants me to be embarrassed, I can't let him succeed. Let's do it first.' Yoyo thought it in mind.

Yoyo gritted her teeth, stood up, took the document and went out. She searched the address and took the taxi, "NK group."

Half an hour later, the car stopped in front of the group.

Yoyo got out of the car and went straight to the elevator. Before she took a few steps, she was stopped by the receptionist.

"Hello, miss. Do you have an appointment?" The receptionist smiled politely, but she had looked at yoyo from beginning to end to make sure that she was a stranger.

"No, I'm from the Chimelong Group. I'm here to discuss a project. Can I make an appointment now?"

"I'm sorry, miss. We need you to communicate with our appointment in person, and a few days in advance. May I know which manager you are looking for?"


"Oh, I see. Miss Yoyo, are you here for the H project as well?" A sharp sarcasm came from behind.

Yoyo heard the sharp voice. She frowned and looked behind her.

The big wavy red lips, the unchanged face and the expression of sarcasm yesterday all reminded her of the scene that she held Chappell's arm and looked so aggressive. That's right. She was Samantha.

Project... Was she here to fight for this project?

Yoyo didn't want to talk to this mistress. She turned to the receptionist and continued, "If possible, I want to contact the project manager of H project..."

"Don't bother." Samantha smiled. Her voice was clear and attractive. But the wrinkles between his eyebrows were still shocking.

Yoyo turned her head to see what kind of trouble she could make.

Samantha walked away quietly. She still remembered how eloquent Yoyo were yesterday. Although she was a little angry, the fear in her heart spread uncontrollably.

"What? You want to come here to discuss a project without even getting an appointment? Miss Yoyo has always been living in fairy tales? It's not easy to survive in the real society. Moreover, as long as a person fails once, it means that she can't compare with others in some aspects. Don't waste your energy here."

Failed once?

Yoyo smiled.

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