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   Chapter 1 Who Is This Woman

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"Room A405, in the Longing Hotel."

Yoyo You's fingers, which were pinching the phone firmly, began to turn pale. She pursed her lips and looked up at the building in front of her. Her eyes stopped on the signboard of the hotel.

It was the most famous hotel in the city center, a gathering place of the upper class. It was difficult for ordinary people to check in here.

All kinds of scenes began to appear in her mind. Thinking of the scene that Chappell Li was hanging out with another woman, she almost died with anger.

Yoyo You immediately entered the hotel, got on the elevator, and walked towards the room A405 in the darkness. She stopped suddenly.

That's it! It was A405.

Her fingers began to tremble, and she gritted her teeth angrily. She didn't know what she would see after she knocked on the door.

In the past three years, she had been always obedient to Chappell Li when they fell in love with each other. She was so obedient that she surprised herself. She firmly believed that lovers needed to give each other the greatest space, but she didn't expect that something would go wrong when they left a space to each other.

Yoyo You took a deep breath and opened the door with firmness in her eyes.

Boom... The door moved a few centimeters inward after making a sound.

She was stunned.

The door was open? These two people were so bold that they didn't even close the door?

Her face turned to be red suddenly as if the blond rose toward her brain. Yoyo You pushed the door open, turned the phone to the screen for taking photos, and even closed the door.


"Ah!" She screamed, and a huge push suddenly hit her. Her whole back hit the door heavily, and the pain instantly attacked.


"Chappell Li!" She called out.

The sound of gasps rang in her ears, and the tall and slender figure suddenly approached. In the darkness, she could only see the slender fingertips and delicate body shape. The next second, the collar of her clothes was torn apart.

"What are you doing?" When she was in a daze, she broke out in a cold sweat and screamed.

He... He was not Chappell Li!

The man ignored her shouting and kept moving. The smelly flavor of peppermint was mixed with a trace of alcohol, and his thin lips were aggressive and irresistible.

Yoyo You panicked and didn't know what was going on.

She received the message containing many clear facial photos. She was sure that the person who entered and left the hotel with a strange woman was Chappell Li. Was this sender lying to her? It was impossible... Now the only thing she was sure was that she was in trouble.

"Ahoy!" She turned her head to avoid his touching. When she was about to ask, the man had easily wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up.

"Let me go!" Yoyo You shouted. Her voice was hoarse and she kicked her legs hard, but it didn't work.

The man frowned and his steps seemed to be unsteady for a moment. He turned around and threw her on the bed. His big hands began to wander around her body and found the zipper of her dress.

"Sir, can you calm down? Sir? Ahoy!" Fear filled every pore in her body, and her voice began to tremble. She kept scratching the man's body, and the solid muscles made her more panic.

'I am done..." Yoyo You thought.

Her mind went blank. With the only light of the window, she only saw the man's misty eyes and impeccable features. She was absent-minded for a moment, but still struggled hard.

"Wake up! Are you crazy?"

Although it was just a glance, she was almost sure that this man did not have a real consciousness at the moment, and she could know from his eyes.

Did he drunk? Or was he drugged?

Yoyo You's mind went blank, but the man's action was so rude. He pinched her waist and dragged her towards him.

"Help! Help!" She screamed desperately, hoping that someone could hear her cry for help. But as time passed, there was no sound outside.

She looked at the ceiling desperately. When the two of them were entangled together, her eyes suddenly opened wide and trembled because of the warmth of his body.

She suddenly bent down and pulled the man's hand over. She bit him hard with all her strength!

The man's action obviously paused, as if he had felt the pain. In a moment of trance, Yoyo You had pushed the man away and staggered to the door, her legs and feet weak.

Her waist was held by a pair of big hands and she kicked him hardly. She roared regardless of anything, and her fingers had reached the doorknob.


There was a muffled sound behind her, and it seemed that something hit the edge of the bed. Yoyo's heart sank. She didn't dare to look back and ran out of the room.

The moment she saw the light, she felt relieved and sat on the corridor, trembling.

Her fingers were a little sticky. She raised her hand, took a look at her own hand and rubbed it.

It was blood... She seemed to have bit him hard just now.

His eyes swept over the door plate. At this moment, the music controlled lamp was on. The warm yellow light fell on every corner of the corridor, making the light on the door plate slig

htly worn visible.

Room A403?

She trembled and suddenly turned her head to check. Her eyes fell on the door beside her again. After confirming several times, she came to a despairing fact that she had gone to the wrong room.

Yoyo You hit her head remorsefully, stood up and ran towards the gate of the hotel. Now she couldn't care so much. What she was afraid of was that when this man woke up and found that she was injured like this, what reaction would he have? After all, she knew at a glance that he was not someone to be trifled with easily. Moreover, she couldn't afford to offend anyone who could live in this hotel.

Yoyo You trotted out of the hall. When he was about to pass through the revolving door, she suddenly heard a coquettish voice beside her.

"You are so bad! Don't do this here. Someone is watching us..."

She glanced at it and stopped stiff.

A woman in her early thirty's was curling up in the arms of a tall man and laughing. The two were very close to each other. The man's fingers seemed to have just taken off the woman's buttocks, and there was an unsatisfied evil smile on his face. The atmosphere was ambiguous and charming, it seemed that they didn't care about the eyes of others.

How could she not recognize this profile?

The anger in Yoyo You's mind began to rise little by little, almost penetrating the fatigue and despair just now, exploding above her head.

"Chappell Li" She spit out these two words.

The two men who were flirting suddenly stopped and looked at her.

The smile on his face disappeared in an instant, and he looked a little embarrassed. He released the woman in his arms and opened his mouth, as if he wanted to explain something, but when he saw the expression on Yoyo You's face, he shrank back obviously.

"Yoyo, why are you here?"

Yoyo You looked at the woman beside him.

Big waves hair style, fake eyelashes, strong and exquisite makeup, and famous brands... She had some impression of this woman. This woman was the daughter of a leader of Chappell Li's company. Her name seemed to be Samantha Fang. She had seen her leave a message on his friend circle of Wechat, but after his explanation, she believed him.

At this moment, the two men's expressions seemed to be plain irony. Yoyo You sneered and felt her whole body trembling, not knowing whether it was because of anger or disappointment.

Looking at her face, Chappell Li felt nervous. He immediately reached out to pull her inside and whispered, "Yoyo, it was not the truth that you see now. I can explain. Can you leave here first? Let's go outside. I'll tell you everything."

"What is it?" The coldness and alienation in her voice even startled herself.

She had always been gentle to Chappell Li and restrained herself. She had tried her best to hold back her curses for many times. She knew that it was not easy to fall in love, so she couldn't withdraw what she had said and it may destroyed their relationship.

He had never seen such a Yoyo You before.

"Don't be like this. If others see me, they will think that I have done something wrong to you!" Chappell raised his tone and stared at her maliciously and reached out his hand to pull her.

When her fingers were holding her wrist, she suddenly swung them violently.

"Shame on you!" Yoyo You's eyes were fixed on his face. She said firmly, "Don't you think it's too late to hide it now? You won't admit it until catting around? Chappell Li, to be honest, I have never done anything wrong to you. Now look at what you have done to me... It really surprised me."

"What nonsense are you talking about?" His face began to turn red.

"I'm probably blind. You almost touched her buttock just now. Are you harassing her? What do you think, lady?" Yoyo You turned to look at Samantha Fang with a smile.

Hearing that, Samantha Fang raised her eyebrows. The embarrassment and shock just now had gradually disappeared. She bit her lips, glanced around the crowd who were gradually looking at her, and suddenly chuckled.

"I don't understand what you mean, Miss Yoyo."

All of a sudden, Yoyo You burst into anger. She thought that after taking away other people's love, they would at least feel guilty, but she didn't expect that now even the trick of mistresses was so skillful.

"Take your time if you don't understand." Yoyo You gritted her teeth and squinted, "You have lived for a certain age. There are some reasons that you don't need the young generation to tell you."

At a certain age... The young generation...

"You!" Samantha Fang's expression changed from red to pale several times, but she couldn't think of a word to reply.

Yoyo You sneered and glanced at her face with disdain.

If she had known earlier that Chappell Li had an affair, he could only seduce such an old and ugly woman. It didn't matter if she gave up.

"You don't have to tell me. I don't like to be lectured by a loser who can't even control her own man. In this world, whoever has the ability can do it, there will always have someone who envy me." Samantha Fang suddenly replied her. The smell of gunpowder began to get stronger.

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