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   Chapter 47 Provocation From Jenny

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Outside the hospital, there were many people.

Pursing her lips, Bella looked at her sister sadly. After a long time, she murmured angrily, "Julie, you are really disappointing!"

As her sister, Bella's words were full of complex feelings. Her sister was disappointing and had no family affection, which made her extremely sad.


Julie was stunned. She didn't expect her sister, who had always been like a rabbit, to be so hysterical.

"I'm going to see my mother. We'll settle accounts later." Gritting her teeth, Bella almost choked with sobs. She took the card and bypassed her sister.

At this moment, Bella could feel nothing but disappointment.

When she rushed to the in-patient department of the hospital and found that her mother fainted because of hypoglycemia and that her mother was fine for the time being, Bella was a little relieved.

"Bella, why are you crying?" Peter was very happy to see Bella, especially when he saw the card in her hand.

Before Bella could think of an excuse, her back was hit hard. Bella frowned and before she turned around, but another clear female voice sounded, "Dad, my sister is worried about my mother's hospitalization, so she is sad, isn't she?"

Bella didn't know when Julie caught up with her. Looking at the staggering Bella, she held Bella's arm and pinched her shoulder as a hint.

"Ah..." A sharp pain came from her shoulder. Looking at her mother on the bed and her worried father, Bella felt like a fishbone stuck in her throat.

"Now that you have brought the money, you should pay the medical fees as soon as possible." Julie snatched the card and gave it to her father.

Looking at her family in the ward, Bella suddenly lost her courage. She couldn't tell her family about what had happened to Julie for the time being. But that card... Since her mother just fainted, she wanted to use some and return it to Hank.

However, she was late. Peter had taken the bank card away.

Bella only stayed in the hospital for a while. It was not early. She had to go back to the Han clan as soon as possible, or the Han family would gossip again.

Today, she was exhausted physically and mentall


If Jenny didn't say enough today, Bella was afraid that Jenny would never stop.

"Anyway, you married Robert for money. I can give you fifty million as long as you leave him." Jenny said scornfully.

In her eyes, Bella was the woman who was willing to sell herself for money just relying on her beauty!

Bella clenched her fist discontentedly, "Speaking of money, you are with Robert for money, aren't you? If he is penniless one day, will you still stay with him?"

"What nonsense are you talking about?"

"If you really love Robert, why don't you leave here with him since you know that his parents will oppose it? Why don't you go to a strange city with him and start a new life, if you don't want money and power."

In the face of a series of questions from Bella, Jenny's face turned paler and paler! No one knew how deep her love for Robert. At least in Robert's heart, Jenny had always been weak, helpless and loved him deeply.

If Robert had nothing left... Thinking of this, Jenny clenched her ten fingers suddenly. "You are a bitch who doesn't hesitate to sell your body. Why do you question my feelings for him?"

Bella's face turned completely cold. "If you don't dare to leave, you are just thinking about the property of the Han clan and unwilling to leave!"

"Shut up!" Jenny's pale face turned red. Obviously, she was angry.

Jenny stood up abruptly, and picked up the glass and poured it directly to Bella!

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