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   Chapter 46 Owed Hank

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This kind of thing, after all, was the fault of Robert. How could it be blamed on her? This made Bella confused.

But Tina was not a reasonable woman. She didn't care if she was wrong or not. In her eyes, the reason why Jenny came to her house was because of the lack of toughness of Robert's original wife, Bella!

Besides, she didn't worry that Bella would divorce with Robert in a fit of anger. She thought that her son was so excellent that he could find a woman, not to mention that she was not satisfied with the origin of Bella.

"How could Robert marry a useless wife like you? You even dare not to make a sound when the mistress came to you. You are really useless!" Tina poured herself a glass of water as she criticized Bella, She was really pissed off today.

"But Jenny is not in good health. I'm afraid that she will faint again if I irritate her." Bella still remembered how Robert looked at her when Jenny fainted last time.

Thinking of this, she was afraid. If Robert was angry, the cooperation would be over.

Bella sighed in her heart...

"Can't you see that bitch's trick? I really don't know why Robert married you..." Before Tina could finish her words, she heard the door lock twisting. She knew that Robert had come back, so she quickly closed her mouth.

Robert walked in with a long face, "Mom."

Tina looked a little embarrassed and replied softly. Before she could say anything, Robert went back to his room.

Tina pushed Bella and said, "What are you doing here? Don't forget what I told you. Don't let that bitch Jenny enter our house again."

She hoped that Bella could bring this up to Robert so that he would hate Jenny completely.

But Tina didn't know that Bella was the one who would be hated more.

Bella had no choice but to go back to the room with Robert.

Jenny had told him what happened today. Just now, Jenny called him and cried pitifully, which made his heart ache. Thinking of the grievances Jenny had suffered, he believed that it was all his fault.

Anyway, Tina was his mother. He couldn't really blame his mother.

But Bella was just an outsider. The reason she came was to solve the problem for him, not to let her work with Tina to deal with Jenny! Robert looked at Bella coldly.

"Do you think you can be my wife safe and sound without Jenny?" Robert suddenly said in a gloomy voice.

Bella had never seen him in such an angry state, so she was a little shocked on the spot. She clenched her hands and said, "I have never thought of this before. Things happened today... I have no choice. If I don't speak for mom, she will know that we are not a real couple."

"Don't threaten me with this."

u so cruel? We have been together for a period of time. Why do you want to turn against me now?"

Julie couldn't help but spit. Her voice was very sharp, fully expressing her disgust. "You? Do you think you deserve it? How can I fall in love with you? I used to play with you casually. Who do you think you are?"

The man seemed to be irritated, and his face immediately turned cold. "What do you think the Su family is? It's just a shabby residence. You are proud of yourself here with a little money from the rich son-in-law of your family."

"You!" Julie was so angry that she raised her hand and slapped him in the face. "Get out of my sight!"

The two quarreled for a while, and the man left with a long face. Bella was confused. Where did Julie get the money from?

At this time, Julie also saw her, so Julie said in a strange tone, "Why are you hiding there?"

"Who was that man?"

Hearing that, Julie's face froze for a second. Then she pretended to be serious and said, "It's none of your business!"

"Then tell me, where did you get the money? Didn't you say that we didn't have any money at home?" It was getting more and more difficult for Bella to understand her sister. Was she lying to her this time? "Isn't mom sick? Did you give the money which will be used to save her life to that man?"

Bella grabbed Julie's arm in a hurry.

Bella had always known that Julie was spoiled by her family to be lawless and willful, but she did not expect that Julie would leave her mother alone.

Julie pulled her hand back impatiently. "What nonsense are you talking about? That's my money. It has nothing to do with you!"

"Where did you get the money? If you have money, why don't you save mom?"

"I..." Julie didn't know what to say and her face darkened.

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