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   Chapter 45 Rival In Love Came

Reign My Heart Like A King By Fu Mo Characters: 6586

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Bella ran back to her room. Robert didn't come back tonight.

On the second day, at the beginning of the day, Bella got up early to make breakfast, just in order to avoid Tina's thorns.

After breakfast, Bella was about to go to work when she ran into a woman in white. Bella was stunned. Why was Jenny here?

She looked back and wondered if Robert had come back?

"Stop looking. I'm here for you." Jenny's voice returned to normal and sounded neither sad nor happy.

"What's up?" Bella didn't care about the loss she suffered yesterday. What else could Jenny do to her?

Jenny approached Bella slowly and opened her pale thin lips, "Are you still safely sitting on the position as the second wife of the Han clan?"

"What?" Bella looked very embarrassed, "You really misunderstood. Robert and I are just..."

She wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Robert had said that their contractual relationship could not be disclosed to outsiders, even if it was Jenny... Unless it was Robert who explained it himself.

Bella didn't know how to tell Jenny that she and Robert were just acting...

"Haha, you can't speak it out, can you?" Jenny raised her head and saw Tina walking out of the room. Jenny wiped her eyes and squeezed out a few tears.

Bella didn't know what she was going to do.

"Robert loves me. You won't be happy with him."

Speechless, it was obvious that Bella couldn't deal with this situation. Just as she was about to leave directly, Tina suddenly came out of the room and looked at Jenny with a cold face.

"You bitch! How dare you come here! Robert has been married. Only Bella is my daughter-in-law! " Tina pulled Bella to her side.

Bella wanted to leave, but she didn't expect that Tina would make things worse. She almost couldn't stand it.

Obviously, Tina took her as an excuse. No matter what she did today, she would have to be the "sinner".

"Auntie, I know you hate me, but I really like Robert

him..." Jenny sobbed as she spoke, as if she would faint at any time.

Tina couldn't stand it anymore. She pushed away Bella rudely and found two security guards to come over. "Are you blind? Drive her away!"

Jenny was dragged out. Just when Bella could finally breathe a sigh of relief, she suddenly saw the sarcastic look in Tina's eyes.

"Come in with me!" Tina said coldly.

All of a sudden, Bella felt a headache. There was no one else in the house now, only the two of them. If Tina wanted to make things difficult for her, no one would intercede for her at this time.

In the room, Tina couldn't stay calm anymore and her face darkened.

"What's wrong with you? Your rival in love has come to you, but you are not in a hurry at all? Don't you have any feelings for Robert? " No wonder Tina would doubt it.

Since Jenny was standing there, Bella just wanted to avoid her, but she didn't want to face Jenny.

No matter how weak a woman was, she would always feel uncomfortable when facing a rival in love. But Tina didn't see that on Bella's face.

"Mom, don't get me wrong." Bella didn't know how to explain, and she couldn't say anything against her conscience.

She couldn't tell how much she loved Robert.

"I know Jenny is Robert's ex-girlfriend, so I..." Bella felt embarrassed.

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