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   Chapter 44 Misunderstanding

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But Bella was not good at scheming. She just wanted to peacefully finish the cooperation with Robert. How did she provoke Jenny?

Bella moved his lips, "Trust me."

Robert carefully carried Jenny to the bed and covered her with the quilt. Then he turned around and looked at Bella with a gloomy face.

"Get out. Don't disturb Jenny's rest."

Bella wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. She took a look at the weak woman on the bed and then walked out of the ward in silence.

Robert followed her out and said, "I remember telling you never to have any unrealistic ideas!"

Bella knew that he must have misunderstood her, so she quickly explained, "No, I have never thought about it like this! But... I don't know what happened just now... "

She couldn't tell him that it was deliberately designed by Jenny, so what would Robert think of her? In order to be his real wife, she deliberately framed his beloved woman? This would make her situation worse.

But it was not easy for her to hold back her anger. With an embarrassed look on her face, Bella couldn't help saying, "She doesn't seem to know that we are in a contractual relationship yet. Can you tell her about the contract? In this way, i... I can be relaxed. "

She had thought that since she had made a concession, Robert would give her face and let it go. But to her surprise, Robert just smiled coldly.

Bella's family was not very wealthy. It was not impossible for her to have an idea to marry into a wealthy family. Today, he saw that she treated Jenny in this way. Jenny was so weak that she couldn't stand it. In Robert's heart, there was a conclusion that who was right and who was wrong.

Perhaps Bella was trying to make concessions for the sake of advancing, in order to gain his favor by pretending to be righteous.

Robert had thought about it for several times, and finally chose to believe in Bella this time. He had a good impression of Bella before. She knew how to advance and retreat. Moreover, they were still a contractual couple, so he didn't want to get the relationship too stiff.

"You can go back now. Don't

little inappropriate. When she was about to leave, she saw that Hank had come out with a bath towel.

"Here you are. Let's sit down and talk about what happened today." Hank said while drying his hair.

Bella found the farthest seat from him and sat down, "I went to look for Robert today. I didn't have time to ask for leave. I'm sorry. You can deduct my salary. "

"Robert doesn't care about you at all. What do you want from him?"

It was none of his business whether Robert cared about her or not. Bella had a feeling that her secret had been exposed.

"Anyway, I have my own business... I've explained to you why I was absent from work. Deduct my salary. " As if she was running for her life, Bella turned around and was about to leave.

"Is it about your mother?" Behind her, Hank suddenly spoke.

Hearing that, Bella froze all of a sudden. Her feet seemed to be frozen and she couldn't move. Bella suddenly turned around and asked, "How did you know that?"

Hank smiled evilly and dangerously in the warm yellow light.

Bella clenched her hands, "Even if you know... So what? "

"Do you think Robert will care about your life or death?" Hank stopped smiling and strode towards her. He reached out his hand and pinched her small and thin chin. "Woman, don't be naive!"

"Let go of me," said Bella, glaring at him.

"You will come back to me." This time, Hank let her go without hesitation.

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