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   Chapter 43 The Legendary Jenny

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"Robert, I really don't want to be separated from you... The baby is gone. What's the meaning of my life if you leave me? " The woman's voice was soft, making people want to protect her.

Even Bella felt uncomfortable after hearing it.

"Silly girl, you think too much." Robert's voice was very gentle, which was the first time that she had seen such a gentle Robert. He was always courteous in front of her, but there was a gap between them.

She knew that Robert's tenderness would only be shown in front of his beloved woman.

It was almost certain that the woman inside was Jenny!

The couple were whispering in it. It was not appropriate for an outsider to break in... But she couldn't wait any longer. She had to ask Robert for help.

After thinking for a while, Bella decided to knock on the door, interrupting the two intimate people inside.

Hearing the voice, Robert frowned slightly and felt a little unhappy. He straightened his clothes and said in a low voice, "Come in!"

Bella summoned up her courage and walked in. Now she finally saw the whole face of Jenny. Jenny was gentle and beautiful, thin, and as if she could be blown down by a gust of wind. She was sick beauties, but had no attacking power. On the contrary, people wanted to protect her.

Jenny looked at Bella with a complicated look. She didn't hate or be enthusiastic. No one knew what was hidden in her deep eyes.

"Why are you here?" Robert seemed to be quite dissatisfied.

Bella knew that she had interrupted him, and it was normal for him to be unhappy. Thinking that she still needed help, even if she felt a little uncomfortable, Bella had to restrain herself at the moment. "I... I have something to tell you. "

"Let's talk about it here."

Bella couldn't help but look up at Jenny, feeling a little embarrassed... After all, no one would be happy if she asked for money in front of his real girlfriend.

It was the first time that Bella felt awkward

d more fiercely, and her lips trembled. "It hurts. Why did you do this to me?"

"What?" Bella didn't understand what she said. It seemed that she didn't do anything. It was obvious that Jenny grabbed too hard that she fell down.

"Robert is yours now. Why do you make things difficult for me..." Jenny's voice sounded more mournful.

Just before Bella came to herself, a shadow suddenly shrouded her behind. Then a man broke in and pushed her away, rushing directly to Jenny. "Jenny, are you okay?"

Jenny sobbed in Robert's arms.

Bella was pushed to the ground by Robert. She stood up in a hurry regardless of the pain on her arm, but it was a foregone conclusion. Even before she could see through it, she was questioned by Robert.

"What did you do to Jenny! Who allows you to hurt her? !"

"I..." Bella shook her head hurriedly, "I really didn't do anything..."

However, at this time, Jenny still hypocritically explained for her, "It's not like that. Don't misunderstand her. I know I'm the one who disturbed your marriage. If you think I'm an eyesore, i..."

It was better for her not to explain. It would only make things worse. Bella gradually realized that Jenny made such a plot on purpose. Jenny wanted to get rid of her by taking advantage of the love between Robert and her.

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