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   Chapter 30 Mr. Hank Has Changed His Principle

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"Miss Mollie, here is the thing. Your company has signed a contract with our company. When the contract was sent to your company today, I accidentally lost the page with the seal because of some mistakes. So I want to ask you if you can affix another seal."

Mollie nodded and listened with a smile. But at last, her smile faded away. "Something happened to the contract. It's not a small matter! I am suspicious of the ability of your employees to do things. What I need to consider is whether we should continue our cooperation?"

When the waiter served the dishes, the room was in silence. Hank said slowly, "Miss Mollie, the dishes today are all your favorite, the Sichuan dishes here are unique, and I ordered them specially for you."

At the same time, when Hank turned around, he gave a comforting look to Bella and put the plate of shrimps in front of her. The hint was obvious.

Bella was rendered speechless by Mollie's words. She had to admit that what Mollie said was right. This matter was unforgivable in any company. It was very kind of Hank to give her this opportunity.

Thinking that Hank had gone all out to help her this time, Bella felt that she couldn't let him down.

She calmed down and didn't beat around the bush with Mollie. "Miss Mollie, it's really my fault. It's my negligence that caused such a great loss. I'm very sorry for it. I promise it won't happen a second time. Please give me one more chance."

Mollie had never expected that Bella would be so straightforward. In her opinion, Bella's calmness and apology were useless. If it was someone else, she would never give any hope.

But when she looked at the bowl of shrimps in front of her, which looked delicious and had been peeled by Bella, and then at Hank, who seemed to be indifferent to this matter, she thought about it several times in an instant.

She looked at Hank for a long time, finally sighed and compromised. "Since you are so sincere, I don't want to be a bad person. But you have to remember that I give this opportunity to you for Mr. Hank, not for your sake. If this happens again, Mr. Hank, it will be useless even if you appear in person."

The secret that she like someone else to peel shrimps for her. She had told it to Hank when they had dinner abroad, and there was no one else knew it. It must be Hank who told Bella about her secret interest, there was not second possibility.

Now that Hank had told Bella such a secret about her, it was enough to see that Hank was determined to help Bella, Mollie had to do him a favor.

"My time is up. The client has arrived at the airport. I have to pick him up in person. The plane landed ahead of time. I didn't expect that. Mr. Hank, I'm afraid I have to excuse myself in advance."

Seeing that his goal was achieved, Hank breathed a sigh of relief. "Then next time if I have the chance, I will invite Miss Mollie to dinner to express my gratitude."

After Hank followed Mollie out of the private room, Mollie smile

d mysteriously and pretended to be confused, "I didn't expect that Mr. Hank, who has always been indifferent and selfless, would learn the way how the world works when you came back. It seems that the environment has changed people a lot. I just don't know how powerful this girl's background is, so you have changed your principles."

Hank had expected that Mollie would make fun of him, but he didn't show it on his face, pretending that he didn't understand. "Bella is talented. I don't want her to lose confidence in her job because of this."

"Why are you so righteous? Don't you feel guilty, Mr. Hank?" Mollie knew that Hank wouldn't admit it, so she stopped making fun of him. "Well, you don't have to send me. Mr. Hank, go back to accompany her. Be careful next time. If she is framed again, I won't show mercy to her."

Mollie's XR Company and Hank's S Group were both the top rising stars in the country. The two companies did not have much overlapped competition, so they had been cooperating very well. But it didn't mean that Mollie couldn't find a company to replace the S Group to cooperate. Once there were too many mistakes in other companies, Mollie would never consider friendship.

In some aspects, Mollie was rational and frightening.

But Hank forgot that before he met Bella, he was the same kind of person as Mollie.

"Thank you for your help this time. I will ask someone to send it to your company for seal tomorrow."

"No, just this girl. I'd like to see if she will screw it up again." Mollie gave a meaningful look at Bella.

After the meal, Mollie left.

After that, without saying anything more, Bella was about to go back with Hank.

When the two of them walked to the door, Hank found that Bella didn't follow him. He turned around and saw Bella answering the phone. It was Tina again.

But this time, Tina scolded her more harshly than last night, and even Hank could vaguely hear her voice.

"Bella, you didn't go home last night, saying that you had something to work overtime. Why don't you go home today? Are you going to rebel?! Look at what time it is now. There is no text message or phone call. We have been waiting for you for almost twenty minutes during dinner. Do you know what it means! Do you think you don't need to take us seriously with the support of Robert?"

Tina didn't show the tenderness and tolerance that a rich woman in the upper class should show to Bella. On the contrary, she was no different from the vicious mother-in-law in TV dramas. She only wanted to find fault with Bella so as to curse her.

Bella only wanted to deal with Mollie today, and she really forgot to go home. Now she kept apologizing to Tina, "I'm sorry, I really forgot. I'll go home right now. I'm so sorry to let you two wait for me for dinner."

After the accident today, Bella didn't have much lunch. She only drank some water and was very hungry. She planned to have lunch after Mollie left. But now, she couldn't care too much.

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