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   Chapter 29 Make Up For Mistakes

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At first, she thought that it was just a daily routine for her to go downstairs to get things for Delia, and she didn't take it seriously.

But when she came back, she was asked to send the contract. It was obvious that Delia softened her attitude. According to her character, it was impossible for her to change her attitude towards her all of a sudden just because she helped her take something.

The most possible reason was that Delia felt guilty about what she was going to do to her. That was why her attitude had changed so much.

After thinking for a while, he said, "Well, I'll ask Claire to check the surveillance video. Now you can rest assured and think about what you should say to the boss of the XR Company at night."

"I see." Bella nodded sullenly. When she was about to go back to the office, she heard another sentence from Hank, "Bring your things here. If you go back, you may not be able to work at ease."

Hank didn't forget the curious eyes of the people when he took Bella out. Now that if she returned, she might be questioned.

Being able to get rid of that kind of atmosphere, Bella was a little grateful. "Thank you, I will work hard tonight!"

Not daring to waste any time, Bella came to the office to pack up her things. However, when she was about to leave, Delia and the others saw her and surrounded her. "Bella, are you fired? No way. You just came here less than a week ago."

"So what if it's less than a week? Is it a trifle to lose the contract? In my opinion, it's easy to get fired. It's a good thing that you don't need to be punished with money! It's the first time that I've seen Claire so angry. Bella, you're really something!"

A group of people gathered around Bella, talking about her, teasing her and laughing at her, but it didn't affect her packing.

Although their words were not pleasant to hear, what they said was true, and Bella did not want to refute anything. What she could do now was to make up for her mistake as soon as possible.

When Bella finished packing up, she finally raised her head and looked around at these young girls who were full of gossip on their faces. They looked so glamorous, but why did they all turn into gossips once something happened?

When the group of people were swept by Bella, they all shut up, but there were still people who were not convinced and looked at her. "What's wrong? Aren't we telling the truth? Why are you looking at us like that?"

The girl's voice was loud, just like a shrew who was about to quarrel with others in the marketplace. After tilting her head and looking at her for a while, Bella suddenly burst into laughter. "I'm responsible for this matter. I won't pass it. As for the punishment for me, it depends on the company's decision. Besides, the company has checked the surveillance video about the contract. The truth will be exposed to the world."

Hearing the two words "surveillance video", Delia in the crowd dodged with a guilty conscience. Delia saw that Bella took her belongings and was about to leave. When she passed by her, she quietly stretched out her foot.

With a thump, Bella, who had just spoken ruthlessly almost fell to the ground in a very embarrass

ed posture, but the thing in her hand was not as lucky as she, it fell directly to the ground.

All of a sudden, the crowd burst into laughter, including Delia. "Bella, even if you really lose the contract, Mr. Hank will still cover up for you. It's not rare in the business world to have hidden rules. If you admit it, we will be more obedient to you in the future. Why do you pretend to be pure? Now, the retribution comes!"

As soon as Delia finished her words, everyone laughed even louder, with mockery and disdain mixed in their laughter.

All these unfair treatment made Bella angry and annoyed, but she did not have any evidence to prove her innocence now, although she also knew that she was innocent.

Bella didn't know how she felt when she walked out of the office that was like hell for her, but she knew very well that she had to persuade the CEO of the XR Company tonight!

"Why is your hand hurt?"

Hearing what Hank said, Bella felt a little warm on her hand. She looked down and saw a small wound that was bleeding. It was so red that it had been stained with half of the paper. It must have been caused by accident when she almost fell down and held the table just now.

"Nothing. I will just find a band aid." As Bella spoke, she took out a piece of tissue and put it on the wound to cover it, not taking it seriously.

At this time, there was nothing more urgent than to deal with the CEO of the XR Company as soon as possible!

Seeing that Bella didn't take her body seriously, Hank said calmly, "Since you are fine, let's work first."

"I see."

During the whole afternoon, Bella had been working against time. It was her first time that she didn't want to get off work so soon.

Looking at the woman who was so nervous that her legs almost turned limp, Hank couldn't help smiling. "Bella, I haven't found that you are so coward before?"' ...

"I'm not a coward!" Bella would never admit that she was very nervous, so she denied angrily.

Hank glanced at Bella and reminded her, "Mollie has a quirk. She likes others to peel shrimps for her."

With this in mind, Bella suddenly saw a very familiar person. That girl had been staring at her photos in the company for the whole afternoon! In the end, Bella thought that she might even forget her father, but she would never forget the face of Mollie Wang!

"What's wrong?" Hank pulled Bella's face when he saw that she was in a daze. He didn't care that it was a public place at all.

After a few pinches, he heard someone calling him from behind, "Mr. Hank, I didn't expect you to arrive so soon."

Mollie, in a suit and short hair, walked over confidently!

Nodding his head, Hank said, "Miss Mollie also came very early. We had planned to wait for you inside. In fact, there is a small bug between the companies, so I can only ask you for help."

As Mollie spoke to Hank, she naturally shifted the topic to Bella. "This girl is very beautiful. Mr. Hank is really blessed by God. Even the employees are all beautiful."

If this was a man coming, he would probably directly call Bella as a bed partner of Hank, just like Mr. Jiang. With this in mind, Bella's favorable impression of Mollie rose sharply.

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