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   Chapter 28 Suspicion

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"XR Company..." Hank repeated the name and suddenly remembered, "They called Claire this morning. Claire should have been arranged. You don't have to worry about it."

Seeing that Hank didn't fall for it, Delia didn't know how to bring this topic to Bella. When she was frowning and thinking about the next sentence, Nora knocked on the door in a hurry and ran in, full of panic on his face. "Mr. Hank, Claire went to the office to find Bella and asked you to go there."

The calm and mature Nora had become like this, and it was related to Claire. A bad feeling rose in Hank's heart.

At the same time, Delia's eyes lit up!

When Hank arrived at the office with Nora and Delia, he saw Claire standing beside the desk of Bella. She raised her voice, which was rare to see. "Bella, I have handed the contract to you in good condition. Why is there a page missing now? ... And you told me you couldn't find it?"

Hearing the word "contract", Hank immediately guessed something. His heart jolted. Then he pushed the door open and walked in. He took a look at Claire and Bella, who was lowering her head and full of guilt, and asked, "What happened?"

At this moment, Claire was in a fit of anger and didn't show any respect to Hank. She threw the thing in her hand on the table and took a few deep breaths. Finally, for the sake of Hank, she didn't say anything too harsh. "She lost the contract with XR Company, and she can't find it now."

Her tone was as cold as ice that Hank had never seen before, as if every word was covered with ice, which made people's heart tremble.

As soon as Claire finished her words, everyone in the office began to look at Bella.

Then Delia pretended to be surprised and said, "Today, the people of XR Company asked me when I would send it to them. I said it has been sealed. I planned to send it to them today, but who knows..."

What Delia said was like a beacon in the office. As soon as she finished her words, the people in the office began to whisper, and even the way they looked at Bella was a little different.

Bella felt like being stabbed by a needle. She felt more and more guilty and sad.

On the other side of the office, with one hand supporting the table, Claire kept looking out of the office. Her lips were pursed into a line, and her face was deathly pale. It was obvious that she was a walking bomb.

If things went on like this, all the people in the office would laugh at Bella.

"Come to my office first. Tell me what happened." Although Hank didn't expect such an accident to happen, he was still more shocked than angry.

Delia didn't expect that Hank would shield Bella under the gaze of so many people. She was taken aback and said, "Mr. Hank... Should we try to find it again? What if Bella doesn't see it in the office?"

However, all her remaining words were forced back by a warning look from Hank. She could only stand there and watch them leave unwillingly.

On the other hand, Delia had never expected that Hank would care so much about Bella! He even had to solve it for her! She underestimated Bella!

When they arrived at the office, Hank asked, "What happ


Bella became more flustered after she was scolded by Claire just now. Her mind went blank. It was not until now that she regained a little sanity and slowly told him the whole story.

"But I really don't know how the contract will be lost. After Claire handed me the contract, I went to my office and checked it. I found there was no problem, I kept pressing it under the mouse cushion. Even the air conditioner couldn't blow it up. I put it in the bag when I set out. It's impossible to be lost! "

Bella was very confident in herself, and that was why she couldn't accept such a result.

Being urged by the men of XR Company, Claire was already very anxious. She was going to give a chance for Bella to meet people outside and know more about the cooperative clients. But she didn't expect that such a thing would happen.

All of a sudden, her gaze at Bella returned to the picky look on the interview day. She didn't want to say anything more. "Hank, now, the most important thing is to talk to XR Company and see if we can make up a contract."

Hank ignored Bella. Obviously, he didn't know how to treat her. He replied, "Make up a contract? Are they willing to do it?"

As the number one in the design field, XR Company had always been arrogant.

Knowing the crux of the matter, Claire stepped forward and nodded. "It's my fault. I shouldn't have asked someone else to do it. I'll make it up."

Standing there silently, Hank seemed to be thinking about the practicability of this matter.

"Let me do this! It's my fault. I should make up for the loss!" Said Bella.

Although the look in Claire's eyes made Bella very sad, she still had to admit her fault. "I'm sorry, Claire. I let you down, but as long as you give me a chance, I will definitely deal with the aftermath!"

However, at this time, Claire didn't bother to look at Bella at all. She turned around, walked to the sofa and sat down. "You'd better ask Hank about this."

Hearing this, Bella looked at Hank with begging eyes and promised solemnly, "Hank, you have to believe me. I will definitely complete this task and no accident will happen again."

It was supposed to be an opportunity to prove herself and get more information by the way, but it turned out to be like this because of Bella. If one of them was the saddest, it must be Bella.

Touched by her firmness, Hank nodded and said, "I will give you the phone number of the boss of XR Company later. You need to talk about it in person. Of course, I will follow you."

"Okay, I will try my best!"

Hearing that there was a solution to this matter, Claire didn't bother to care about it anymore. She was inexplicably annoyed when she saw Bella now.

Bella felt very sorry. After thinking for a while, she suddenly grasped one point, "There is something suspicious about this matter!"

"Do you mean that you suspect Delia?" After listening to the words of Bella, Hank frowned and leaned back in the chair, with a meaningful smile at the corners of his mouth.

Shaking her head, she said, "I'm not suspecting her, but she is the suspicious one. I need to check the surveillance record!"

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