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   Chapter 11 The First Time Of Hank

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"This one?" Perplexed, Claire didn't understand why Hank would pay attention to such a nameless woman. After hesitating for a while, she said, "She can't meet the requirements for the time being. Besides, she is too inexperienced, and she don't have any special features that can be shown. There's no place for her to be outstanding."

Although Bella knew what she was capable of, her face was still red and pale after being exposed in public. She tried her best to control her emotions so as not to slam the door.

Hank knew what kind of person Claire was, and now he felt comfortable when he heard her vicious words to Bella.

He took a special look at the sad and indignant expression of Bella, and felt happy in his heart.

"But since she graduated from a famous school, she must have something of her own. Just let her stay as an intern first. We'll talk about it later." After seeing enough of Bella's jokes, Hank still gave her sweetness.

However, the sweetness was like a thunder on the ground, which stunned everyone, especially Claire. "Hank, are you serious?" It was hard for such a girl who was ordinary to be an intern here!

"Of course I mean it. When did I joke with you?" Hank came down for Bella this time. Now that his goal had been achieved, he didn't want to waste any more time here. After taking a look at Claire and giving her a meaningful look, he turned around and left the interview site.

However, when Hank passed by Bella, she heard him say clearly, "How are you going to thank me? Think it over."

How could she thank him? Bella was still in a daze. She didn't know when the boss of this company became Hank. And at the thought that she was an employee of him, she had no choice to but let him torture her in the future.!

"Miss Bella, please come to the company at eight o'clock tomorrow morning." No matter how reluctant Claire was, she had to agree with Hank.

However, she didn't expect that Bella would respond in this way. "Miss Claire, can I refuse?"

"What did you say?" At that moment, Claire felt that her ears were broken.

It was always others who wanted to get in, but they had never seen a person like Bella who was so eager to go out.

Claire looked at Bella as if she was looking at a lunatic, and Bella also knew how shocking her words were. After saying that, she felt a little regretful. She finally found a job and she shouldn't lose it so easily.

Besides, the company was so big and Hank was usually very busy. He wouldn't have much time to notice her, would he?

"Nothing. I was sleepwalking just now. I'll be here on time tomorrow! " With a smile on Bella face, she left the company under Claire's puzzled eyes.

Today was a mysterious day. It never occurred to Bella that she would be interviewed by the company of Hank. This was like the goat fell a prey to the tiger! But now she also urgently needed a job to prove her ability. Thinking of the companies she had failed in the interview before, she lost the courage to go for the interview again. Even if it was a company of Hank, she could only make do with it.

"Bella, what's that look on your face? You have passed the interview. Shouldn't you invite me to dinner? "

When Bella was waiting for the bus in front of the

bus stop, a coquettish pink Rolls-Royce four seat sports car stopped in front of her. The window slowly rolled down, revealing the evil smile on Hank's face.

"Why did I come to your company for an interview? !" Now there was no one else, so Bella asked directly with a little resentment.

"It seems that Mr. Hank has been disliked. Congratulations!" Another woman's voice came out slowly. It was not until then that Bella saw Claire sitting in the back row, whose face was still cold. She looked like a cold BJD doll, and her skin was so good and appalling.

"Just shut up!" Looking at Claire, Hank acted like a normal person and spat at her.

He turned to look at Bella and said, "I'm going out to have dinner with Claire. Would you like to come with us? Or will you go home for lunch? Will Robert come back at noon? "

Except for Tina, the Han Family were all very busy. Hank didn't go back to the old house often. Robert and William were in the company during the day, so when Bella went back, she could only be with Tina. Thinking of Tina's attitude towards her before she went out, she didn't want to go back.

But it was not much better to have dinner with Hank!

When Bella was still hesitating, the face of Hank had already darkened. "Bella, come up or not?"

Obviously, the threat in his eyes was to tell Bella that she would suffer a lot if she didn't come up!

Thinking that this man would be her boss soon and that she had to please him to complete her job in the future, Bella had to lower her head.

"All right. I'm going up." Bella slammed the door to vent her anger.

"Who let you sit in the back row?" Hank was displeased to see Bella and Claire sitting together.

Just as Bella was thinking about how to counterattack, Claire said indifferently, "Well, don't waste time. Go to have lunch now. I have to come back early in the afternoon for the next round of interview."

Bella didn't know the relationship between Claire and Hank, but it was obvious that Hank respected Claire very much. After Claire said that, Hank didn't care about where Bella was sitting anymore and started the car.

It had to be said that the luxury car was really powerful. There was no sound in the car when it sped up in an instant!

"Why did Hank allow you to work in the company? It turns out that you two know each other." Casting a glance at Bella, Claire teased. At this time, she was not as serious and awe inspiring as she was in the interview, but more approachable.

But when Bella saw the light of gossip in her eyes, she didn't know what to say. She could only giggle.

How could she tell Claire that in fact, she was forced to work in the company because Hank wanted to torture her?

Obviously, Hank didn't want to make Claire overthink. While waiting for the traffic light, he explained, "No, I just think she is too stupid. If I don't want her, then no one will want her. Maybe one more person in this city will be starved to death tomorrow. I just treat it as charity. I can afford to raise a disabled person in the company."

"Hank Li!" Bella didn't expect Hank to be so rude to her.

"It's the first time I've seen you help a girl through the backdoor," Claire said, looking at the two persons thoughtfully.

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