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   Chapter 10 Interview For Hank's Company

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But after all, Tina was Robert's mother, so Bella couldn't let the relationship between them get too stiff.

She smiled and retorted gently, "Mom, Robert also agreed it."

"Did Robert agreed it? Why didn't he tell me?" Tina took a look at Bella and thought that Robert really forgot his mother after he got married.

Seeing Tina's persistent pursuit, Bella rolled her eyes in her heart. 'Robert is an adult. Why should he tell you everything?'

But she still looked polite. "We just made this decision this morning."

Seeing that Bella was not a pushover, Tina didn't want to argue with her anymore after she was snubbed several times. She waved her hand impatiently and said, "Then what are you waiting for? Just go ahead. Don't miss the interview!" It was obvious that she didn't like and hate Bella.

"Then I might not come back for lunch." Bella greeted Tina politely and left.

But she still couldn't figure out why Tina was so resistant to her? It was obvious that she had done nothing. Even in front of her family, she behaved decently. There was nothing wrong with her.

"Sure enough, the rich think in a way that ordinary people like me can't guess." Shrugging, Bella hailed a taxi to the second company she was going to interview.

It was a small company that had just started. In fact, it was not accurate. It was highly praised abroad, but it had no subsidiary at home. This time, it was said that its boss had returned to the country and opened a company at home.

Therefore, the scale of the company was relatively large, and the welfare of the company was not to mention. Just because the company had just been established, it would recruit a large range of people, and Bella also got benefit from this.

When she arrived at the interview site, there were already a lot of people waiting in front of her. Some of them looked like old programmers, and some well-dressed young girls.

After chatting with them for a while, Bella found that they had one common feature: they graduated from either a domestic key university or a famous foreign university. In comparison, she was only a common graduate in China, so she was a little looked down upon. She didn't know how HR selected her when he looked at her resume.

The people in front of her went into the interview room one by one. When they came out, many people had depressed and dull expressions on their faces, which made Bella heart jolt.

"Even they didn't pass the interview, how could I?" She couldn't help pinching the resume in her hand and had an idea of running away.

However, there were less than three people in front of her. Thinking of her awkward situation in the Han Family, she decided to try her best. She couldn't let others say that she was raised by the Han Family.

To her surprise, the chief interviewer was a girl! Through her good eyesight, Bella saw her name -- Claire Qin.

The name sounded familiar to her, but she couldn't remember it for a moment.

"Is that Bella? Just introduce yourself first. What achievements and honor have you achieved in the school or at work? What's your specialty? And why do you choose this company? What do you think you can do it for? "

Claire looked pure and innocen

t, and her baby face made her look like a teenager. However, as soon as she opened her mouth, her cold and official estrangement tone and her cold face, which made her look like a strong woman.

When Claire saw the resume of Bella, she frowned. For the sake of her dignity, she did not say that word: who let such a person in?

In fact, Bella didn't have much confidence in herself. When she faced with such an imposing manner of Claire, her mind went blank. In addition, she had never worked and had no experience. She just lived in school. She barely passed CET-4(College English Test Band 4) and CET-6(College English Test-6), let alone other certificates.

Bella didn't know what she had said, but she knew that she couldn't pass the interview when she saw the colder and colder face of Claire.

In that case, she didn't want to lose face. "I know your company's requirements are high, and I may not be able to meet them. In that case, I won't waste your time."

For a moment, Claire couldn't tell whether she was sincere or sarcastic.

"You..." She looked at the back of Bella. Before she could say anything, the door of the interview room was opened. "The general manager is here."

"General manager? Why is he here?" Generally speaking, he had never cared about such a thing.

As soon as Bella turned around, she saw that Hank in a suit walked towards her seriously. When he saw her, a dim light flashed in his eyes.

Looking at Hank, Bella was also very surprised. Then she thought of what that person just said.

Hank... Was the general manager?

As if they were confirming her guess, all the interviewers behind her stood up and said respectfully, "Hello, general manager." Even the arrogant woman Claire who like a white swan, nodded.

Now, Bella felt even more embarrassed.

'Why are the two companies I've been interviewing for these two days are companies of acquaintances?' Although they were on equal footing outside, why was it so unfair in their career?!

Bella felt that her expression did not reveal anything, but from her somewhat restless eyes, Hank could see the madness in her heart.

He lowered his head and smiled, "Don't be so nervous. Today is the last day of the interview. I have nothing else to do and come here to have a look. How's the interview going?"

He ignored Bella and looked at Claire.

As a top student graduated from the University of Cambridge abroad, Claire was sent to the University on recommendation with the first grade of the whole school. After that, she was also an important business partner of Hank. This time she came back for development, which made Hank very grateful and entrusted her with such an important thing as interview.

The two had been working together for many years. As a straightforward person, Claire didn't talk in a roundabout way and she wasn't afraid of offending Hank.

She gave the list to him and said casually in front of Bella, "There are few people who meet the requirements. The ones circled above can still be used."

However, after taking a few glances at the list, Hank put it aside and asked something else, "What about this one for the interview now?"

All of a sudden, the topic shifted to Bella!

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