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   Chapter 7 The Background Of Hank

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As a matter of fact, Bella had to live with Robert no matter how reluctant she was.

However, when Robert went back to his bedroom from downstairs, he saw two quilts on the large and exquisite bed. It was obvious that they were prepared by Bella.

He was stunned for a moment, seeing that Bella was sitting in front of the dresser to take care of her skin. At this time, she was patting water on her face and neck with her eyes closed, and did not hear the sound of door opening.

"Bella, do you mean..."

Robert's sudden voice startled Bella. She widened her eyes and looked back at Robert. Then she looked at the bed and said, "The relationship between the two of us is just for outsiders, and we have agreed not to disturb each other. Anyway, no one will come at night when we sleep, so it's better to avoid suspicion."

Her words made sense.

And logically speaking, it was true.

But somehow, Robert always felt a little uncomfortable.

But in the end, he still nodded, unable to refute Bella.

"Tonight, Hank is back. And if he says something to make you uncomfortable, I apologize to you on his behalf." Robert took off his coat and hung it on the hanger. Then he took out his home clothes and was about to change.

The sudden mention of Hank by Robert reminded Bella of what he had said unscrupulously at the dinner party today. She paused for a moment, then turned to look at Robert and asked seemingly inadvertently, "I seldom heard you mention this man before, and he didn't have your surname. Is there any reason?"

She could tell that the relationship between Hank and the Han Family was not very good, but William was good to him. This was a family matter of Han Family, and she shouldn't have asked so much. But Hank had already disturbed her life. In order not to be controlled by him in the future, she wanted to know more about him.

Speaking of Hank, Robert was suddenly in a bad mood. He glanced at Bella and somehow felt that she paid too much attention to Hank.

Robert said to Bella in a low voice, "We are not the same mother. He grew up abroad and has little contact with our family. He just came back recently. But my father likes him very much. "

"Well, then I will..." Without being noticed, Bella wanted to know Robert's attitude towards Hank.

Hearing that Bella kept mentioning Hank, Robert was even more depressed. "Just do what you should do. He doesn't come back often anyway. At home, you just need to focus on dealing with my parents well."

Hardly had Robert's voice faded away, his phone rang. Robert took a look at it and immediately ran to the bathroom to answer the phone. It was obvious that he was trying to avoid answering the phone in front of Bella.

"Maybe it was Jenny..." Shrugging her shoulders, Bella didn't pay much attention to Robert's girlfriend. Anyway, the two of them were just using each other, and other people's private life was none of her business.

After finishing a series of skin care procedures in front of the mirror, it suddenly occurred to her that her bag was left in the living room, and there was her wallet in it. She was a little worried about it outside, so she had to stand up and go to the living room.

But her bag was not on the sofa in the living room. She grabbed a servant and asked, but the answer made her a little stunned. "We didn't see your bag, but Mr. Hank is just here. You can ask him."

"Hank?" Aft

er the servant left, Bella walked around in the living room and fell into hesitation. She didn't know if she should go to see Hank.

In fact, there was nothing important in her bag, but there was a photo of her mother in her wallet. At this time, she was in a strange house and got along with a group of strangers. She was a little lonely and wanted to see her mother.

But if she went to knock on the door of Hank, wasn't she a lamb in the mouth of a tiger and voluntarily came to the door? That jerk was not afraid of anything! Suddenly, an idea came to her mind. She could just find someone to go with her to find Hank.

Bella asked a servant to go with her. In fact, no servant in Han Family was willing to disturb Hank, but considering Bella's identity, she didn't say anything.

"Hank, I have something to ask you." Bella glanced at the servant beside her, as if this could give her some courage.

However, after knocking on the door for a long time, no one came to open it. But Bella heard the sound of TV inside.

"Did he go out?" Thinking that she could get her bag without seeing Hank, Bella opened the door recklessly. As expected, she saw her bag on the table!

She picked it up quickly and was about to leave, but a low and questioning voice behind her made her freeze there in an instant. "What are you doing in my room?"

Her back was stiff, which made her want to cry but have no tears. But before she could say anything, she heard the servant standing at the door trembling and explaining in a hurry, "Mr... Mr. Hank, I'm sorry. It was Mrs. Bella has something to ask you. "

"Get out!"

The servant was in a panic. She bowed and left while closing the door.

Traitor! Bella couldn't help cursing in her mind!

"I'm just looking for my stuff..." Bella had no choice but to turn around, but what she saw almost lit up her eyes.

It turned out that Hank was taking a bath, so there was no one came to open the door just now.

His silky hair was still dripping with water, which slowly dropped down along the solid wheat colored chest. Through the looming eight abdominal muscles, the water penetrated into the white bathrobe. Under the bathrobe, there were two slender and powerful legs, which reminded Bella of the two of them who got naked with each other that night...

"Your face is red. What are you thinking about?" Hank's voice suddenly appeared in front of Bella. When she came to herself, she found that he had already come to her, pinching her chin and forcing her to look up at him.

Maybe it was because that Hank had just taken a shower, the hot air around his body was mixed with the smell of hormones, which made Bella a little dizzy and speak without thinking.

"I'm thinking of you and me..."

"Ha-ha..." Her honest and bold words made Hank laugh in a low voice, and there was also teasing in his eyes.

The aura around Hank made Bella stand there stiffly. She held her bag tightly. Feeling the cold gem on it, she somewhat regained her sanity.

Thinking of what she had just said, she wished she could beat herself to death!

"It's late. Go to bed early. I'm leaving now." As for Hank, who was good at hiding his thoughts and liked to play tricks on others, Bella didn't want to face him directly.

In such a late night, if they two were found staying in such a closed space, only a fool would believe that they were just talking to each other simply!

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