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   Chapter 5 Can't Read His Mind

Reign My Heart Like A King By Fu Mo Characters: 7257

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As soon as Bella walked out of the office building, her feet became soft and she almost fell on the ground.

"Beauty, do you want to take a taxi?" A taxi stopped and the driver shouted enthusiastically.

"No, No." Bella slowly stood up and refused without thinking. But when she saw that the car was about to leave, she immediately regretted. "Please wait!"

The driver was confused and saw the door was opened. A gust of fragrance passed by, and the beautiful girl had been sitting on the back seat.

"Sorry, I didn't make up my mind just now." Bella blushed at the driver's stare. She looked out of the window subconsciously and saw the building across the street.

She'd better leave here as soon as possible. She didn't want to meet anyone from the Han Family.

Especially Robert.

The driver smiled awkwardly and didn't stop what he was doing. He changed the gear and stepped on the accelerator in one go.

The taxi left in an instant, leaving only a little dust.

"By the way, beauty, where are you going?" The driver was only sighing for the melancholy face of the beauty in the back seat and almost forgot his business.

After saying that, he carefully glanced at the rearview mirror and sighed again. Beautiful people were beautiful even when they were melancholy.

Frowning, Bella thought for half a minute and finally told him the address.

She didn't know where else she could go.

The taxi stopped in the old neighborhood. After paying the fare, Bella wearily went back to her own small home.

While eating instant noodles, she browsed the job information on the Internet and sent a resume. Suddenly, her phone rang. She was shocked when she saw the number on the screen.


Why did he call at this time?

"Come back tonight." His deep and magnetic voice was full of his unique elegance.

Didn't she just leave? She still needed to find a job...

"Do you want me to pick you up?" After a pause, Robert suddenly changed the topic.

"No, No. I'll go back early." Bella had been refusing all day long, which made her exhausted.

Robert simply explained that it was a family dinner and there would be other guests coming, he didn't say anything else.

He was always straightforward and never talked too much.

"I hope I won't meet that person." The noodles were so soft that they were soaked in the water. And Bella's face was as wrinkled as the noodles, and her eyes were full of sadness.

But the reality wasn't up to her.

At seven o'clock in the evening, she wore a water blue dress bought by Robert, which slightly revealed her little pink shoulders. On the beautiful swan neck, she wore the latest necklace of Bvlgari, which made her skin more white than snow, pure and charming.

"Just take it as a normal family dinner. Don't think too much." Noticing her nervousness, Robert patted her hand.

They two whispered intimately. The handsome man and the beautiful woman were like a perfect match.

When Bella was about to breathe a sigh of relief, she suddenly felt a burning gaze, and her back stiffened instinctively.

"Robert, your uncle hasn't seen you for a long time. He's looking for you to drink. Hurry up and accompany him." With a bright smile, William looked at his son and daughter-in-law and said, "Bella, I'm sorry to leave you alone for a while."

"Dad, I'm fine." Bella was always gentle and courteous in front of the elders.

She was left alone. It was rare for her to be relaxed. When she was about to turn to the washroom, a tall figure blocked her way. Then, the door of the washroom was closed by Hank's long legs.


. Hank!" Looking up at his deep eyes, Bella suddenly realized that no wonder she felt something wrong just now.

The man in the dark must be him.

The confined space made her more and more uneasy. Since this man appeared here at this time, she had no idea what would happen next.

"Someone is here. You..."

Before Bella finished her words, Hank stretched out his long arm and forced her against the wall. Bella was so frightened that she leaned against the cold wall and looked up passively at his handsome face, which could clearly feel his warm breath.

"Have you forgotten what I said?"

"I don't know what you mean." Bella tried her best to avoid it, but the warm breath on her face made her almost suffocate.

"Do you need me to remind you how close we are? Bella, we haven't seen each other for only one day. Have you forgotten me so soon?"

"Please behave yourself. This is the Han Family. Pay attention to our identity."

Listening to the soft voice, Hank's heart was stirred and a little restless. But when he thought of what he had just seen, he suddenly became anxious, and even his self-control was on the verge of losing control!

Bella was keenly aware of his abnormality and wanted to push him away.

However, before she could do anything, she suddenly heard footsteps outside. She pushed him in panic and reminded him, "Someone really came this time..."

He didn't seem to care.

"Remember, keep a distance from Robert at any time." Hank said indifferently, with a flash of displeasure in his eyes.

Bella suddenly realized that he was jealous.

"As Robert and I, he took me to the family feast. Do I have any reason to refuse?" She raised her head and looked at him with watery eyes.

Hank turned his head and stared at her. There were thousands of emotions in his black eyes, but in a moment, he had recovered as usual. He whispered in her ear, "Even if you have to appear, you have to keep a distance from him, otherwise... As for you, you won't tell anyone about what happened between us. But as long as I want, the whole Han Family will know it. It's not impossible. "

"Are you crazy?" Bella was threatened. When she was about to retort, a familiar voice came from outside. It seemed that they were cousins of the Han Family, cousins of Robert. They were talking enthusiastically.

A hand appeared on her mouth.

Hank looked at her calmly.

Her heart beat faster and faster.

Fortunately, the footsteps outside the door faded away. Everything returned to peace.

After a gentle kiss on the lips of Bella, Hank finally let go of her. Seeing her run away, a rare touch of tenderness flashed through his deep and dark eyes.

During this period of time, he didn't like to go back to the Han Family, such as tonight's banquet. But when he thought that he might see her, his heart came at once. When he saw her, he couldn't help but lose control.

He was not like this before.

"Hank, why are your lips red?" A relative of Han Family joked with a smile, "I think it's like lipstick."

Hearing this, almost everyone looked at Hank in unison.

Bella's heart jolted and she clenched the knife and fork.

After saying that, the relative's face darkened and the smile on his face changed. How could he forget that Hank hated to be teased the most?

Unexpectedly, Hank glanced at Bella vaguely, raised the corners of his mouth, and answered casually, "I just ate cherry. Maybe, it's so sweet that I ate a few more bites and forgot to wipe my mouth."

Bella's heart was like a roller coaster, moving up and down and finally returning to where it had been.

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