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   Chapter 2 Throwing Yourself At Me

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As soon as Alan closed the door again, Hank continued with what he wanted to do to Bella. But all of a sudden, they heard William's voice outside the room. "Hank, are you awake?"

Hank didn't reply as he couldn't stop kissing Bella. She kept patting his back, urging him to stop. She was so scared now.

If William found out that she was in Hank's room, she would be dead for sure.

"Hank, let go of me," she said.

"Mr. Han, maybe Mr. Li is not yet awake." Alan, who was still outside the room, tried his best to stall for time.

"That's strange. Hank doesn't have the habit of waking up late. Never mind. I'll go straight in," William said. He hadn't seen Hank for a long time, and he missed him very much.

When Bella heard what he said, she had no time to care about anything else. She bit Hank on the shoulder, causing him to let go of her.

She picked up his shirt on the floor and put it on, kicked her wedding dress under the bed, and quickly rushed to the balcony.

"Wait for me here," Hank said to her. Actually, he wanted her to hide in the wardrobe, but she ran to the balcony instead.

William opened the door and came in. He then saw Hank standing by the window, wearing on a pair of trousers. His black hair shone under the sunlight.

"Hank, what are you doing?" he asked.

"It's none of your business," Hank replied coldly.

"I asked the servant to cook your favorite food," William said, ignoring Hank's cold treatment. No one would imagine that the domineering William would be so gentle at the moment.

As if he was afraid that Hank would refuse, he added in a hurry, "You rarely come back home. Robert got married yesterday. Why not join us for breakfast?"

Hank thought that he would see Bella downstairs, and a faint smile appeared on his face. "Okay."

William's eyes lit up in an instant. "I'll wait for you downstairs then." He went out of Hank's room happily. He always felt that he owed Hank the most. Now, he wanted to make up for it.

After William left, Hank walked to the balcony, but Bella wasn't there anymore.

He pursed his thin lips as a trace of danger flashed across his eyes. 'Woman, do you really think you can escape from me this way?' he thought to himself.

Bella was already back in her room on the second floor. She was panting, so she kept on patting her chest to relax. Until now, she still couldn't believe that such a thing happened last night.

When she finally calmed down, she quickly took a bathrobe from the wardrobe and went into the bathroom.

Dipping herself in the warm bath made her feel relieved. She felt like all the pain that she felt earlier had vanished in an instant.

While resting in the bathtub, she kept on praying that she wouldn't cross paths with Hank again. She didn't know how to face him when she saw him.

After taking a bath, Bella changed her clothes and put on light makeup. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

"Who's that?" she asked.

"It's me." It was Robert's voice. He had come back.

"Come in," she said in a polite but distant tone.

Robert was still wearing the same clothes as last night. But Bella smelled a strange scent of a woman's perfume on him. It was too strong that she wanted to throw up. Never in her life did she use any perfume.

Bella didn't need to ask. She already knew who he was with last night.

"Let's have breakfast together. You know what to do in front of my parents, do you?" Robert asked. His tone was calm, but she could feel a sense of threat in it.

"I know," she replied coldly.

When they met for the first time, Robert had already been frank to he

r. He had told her, "I like someone else. I only agreed to marry you because it's what my parents want. I know that the Su family's financial situation is pretty unstable right now. Here's a check for thirty million dollars. If you accept this, we will get married, but we won't get marriage licenses. Our wedding ceremony will not be made public either."

"No problem with me. I only have one request. You can't touch me," Bella had agreed.

Thinking of her parents, she couldn't find any reason to refuse.

Robert freshened up in the bathroom, and then they went downstairs arm in arm to have breakfast with the Han family.

As soon as they reached the ground floor, Bella felt that someone was staring at her. She looked around carefully and found Hank sitting at the dining table. This time, he was dressed neatly.

'Why is he here?'

She was stunned.

Robert noticed her strange reaction, so he asked in a low voice, "What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing. I'm fine." But when she held Robert's arm again, her trembling hand betrayed her.

Robert thought that she was nervous, so he raised his hand to caress her hair and comforted her, "Don't be afraid. My parents are easy to get along with."

The moment Robert touched her hair, Bella felt that Hank's stare turned very cold that she couldn't help shivering.

To hide her uneasiness, she lowered her head and walked behind Robert. She really wanted to run away from this place. But since she had already taken Robert's money, she must abide by their contract.

Bella noticed that there were two empty seats beside Hank, but she had no plan of sitting in any of them.

She let go of Robert's hand and was about to walk past Hank to sit far away from him. But unexpectedly, she stumbled. She closed her eyes and waited for her body to touch the floor.

But to her surprise, she felt a strong force that pulled her back, and she sat firmly on someone's lap.

"Huh? Throwing yourself at me?" Hank whispered in her ear.

Bella felt her scalp tingle. She quickly jumped off him and apologized, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it."

"Sit down," Hank said coldly while cutting the steak elegantly.

"Huh? What?" Bella asked in confusion.

Fortunately, Robert was quick enough to control the situation. He stepped forward and said, "Relax, Bella. Sit down first."

He then supported her to sit next to Hank.

"Thank you," Bella said timidly as she sat down slowly. She felt too exhausted all of a sudden.

"Well, since Bella has just moved in here, she is not yet familiar with the house," William said. "Bella, from now on, consider this place like your own home. Don't be afraid to explore and familiarize yourself with the whole house."

"Okay," she replied shyly.

"Let's eat. The food is getting cold."

Bella picked up the knife and fork, put some bacon on her plate, and took a sandwich. Feeling the chill on her right, her hands holding the knife and fork became a little stiff.

"Do I look scary?" Hank asked coldly.

"No, you don't," Bella replied in a trembling voice.

"Then why are your hands shaking?" Hank leaned towards her and breathed heavily on her face. What he did reminded her of what happened last night.

The knife and fork in her hands fell on her plate with a loud sound.

Everyone at the table turned their head to her. They felt that the conversation between her and Hank was a little strange, but they couldn't exactly tell why.

For Robert, who didn't really care about Bella, it wasn't a big deal at all.

But since they all thought that she was his wife, he had to do something to protect her.

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