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   Chapter 1 I'm Your Brother's Wife

Reign My Heart Like A King By Fu Mo Characters: 7306

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In front of the majestic and mysterious-looking castle, a Maybach pulled over in a hurry.

The flushed face and the tightly-clenched fists of a man in the back seat were proof of his rage at the moment.

His masculine jawline tightened as he gritted his teeth. In a cold voice, he asked, "Have you dealt with that person?"

The temperature inside the car seemed to drop to a freezing point, which made Alan Lin in the driver's seat shiver. He quickly replied, "Yes, Mr. Li. The drug is too strong for you. Would you like me to find a woman for you?"

"No need." The man opened the door and walked away without looking back.

As soon as he went up to the third floor, he saw Bella Su in a white wedding dress walking towards him. She was looking down, so she didn't notice that she was about to bump into him.

His eyes darkened in an instant. He rushed forward, held her slender waist, and took her into his room.

Inside the dark room, Bella Su was pressed against the wall. The man's thin lips then covered hers fiercely.

A sense of panic immediately overwhelmed her.

"No. No..."

When the man heard Bella Su's voice, he kissed her again savagely.

She struggled desperately, but the man's body was like a sculpture. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't push him away.

Bella Su was then thrown onto the bed. She quickly crawled into the corner of the bed and curled up to hide. In a weak voice, she said, "Robert, we had an agreement before we got married. You have no right to touch me."

However, the man she called "Robert" just let out a hair-raising laugh. He quickly loosened his tie, took off his coat, and held her body tightly.

He then held her wrists, raised her hands above her head, and pressed them hard. "Be obedient, woman."

But Bella Su didn't intend to let him succeed in his dark intentions.

She didn't stop struggling and twisting her body without knowing that it would only make the man out of control.

"Robert, you are such a liar! You can't do this to me."

Tears streamed down her cheeks and wetted the pillow.

But upon realizing that she was too weak to stop him, Bella Su gradually gave up struggling. A trace of despair was in her helpless eyes.

Early in the morning, the golden sunlight that peeped through the curtains sprinkled on the European-style bed.

Bella Su's long black hair spread casually on the pillow. Her thick eyelashes fluttered slightly before her beautiful eyes finally opened.

"It hurts..." Those were the first two words that came out of her mouth.

When she was totally awake, she remembered what had happened last night.

"Are you awake?"

Bella Su heard a strange man's voice behind her. Although she and Robert Han were newlywed, they had met before and she knew his voice. She was sure that the voice behind her was not his.

Panic struck her. She turned her head stiffly and saw a strange, handsome face.

His upper body was naked, showing his rock-hard abs. All of a sudden, Bella Su felt dizzy. "Who are you? What are you doing in my room?"

"My name is Hank Li, and I'm your man."

The strange man on the bed was Hank Li. Although she had just married into the Han family, she had heard a lot of things about them. She knew that William Han, the head of the family, had an illegitimate son. Although that son didn't use the surname Han, William Han loved him the most. His name was Hank Li. And he was her brother-in-law now.

Bella Su couldn't believe the realization that dawned on her. She had sex with Robert Han's brother last night.

Rage flared up in her heart at once. "I'm your brother's wife. How dare you

do this to me!"

But Hank Li seemed to have already anticipated her reaction. His sexy lips curved into a playful smile as he slowly bent over with one hand resting on her side.

Looking at Bella Su's angelic face, he was a little curious. He wondered how she had the courage to fake her marriage with Robert Han and deceived the whole Han family.

Bella Su subconsciously moved away from him, but he quickly grabbed her hand. In the past, he had no interest in women. But the woman in front of him was different.

Hank Li felt like he was in the mood to tease her. "So, you're my sister-in-law? But if my memory serves me right, it was you who ran into my arms last night."

Bella Su was stunned. Although she drank some wine last night, she was still sober. She knew that she didn't run into anyone at all.

"No. It was you who took advantage of me." Her face flushed in embarrassment as she remembered what happened last night again.

"Really? But you are on the third floor. As far as I know, this place belongs to me alone," Hank Li said with a mysterious smile on his face.

It was William Han's decision to give the whole third floor of the castle to Hank Li alone. No one was actually allowed to come up here. Before their wedding, Robert Han had already warned her to avoid causing trouble.

Bella Su was rendered speechless by Hank Li's words. Her beautiful face turned pale in an instant. She now realized, she was not in her room.

It turned out, she went to the wrong floor and delivered herself to a devil.

She was still at a loss when there was a sudden knock on the door. Bella Su was so scared that she shrank under the quilt in a hurry.

If anyone discovered what happened last night, she was doomed.

Hank Li looked at the bulge beside him with a smile. He then said, "Come here. Or else, you will be discovered that way."

Bella Su was so nervous that she lay prone on the man's body.

At this moment, she didn't care even if she was too close to him. Anyway, she had already seen everything that she shouldn't supposed to see last night.

Hank Li took advantage of the situation as his hands caressed her back. She cursed him in her heart, but she didn't dare to do anything.

"Come in," he then said.

Bella Su's heart skipped a beat when she heard his voice. She grabbed his waist subconsciously.

When Alan Lin entered the room, he was welcomed by the smile on Hank Li's face. He batted an eyelid in disbelief. It was the first time that he saw Hank Li smile this way.

"What's the matter?" The smile on Hank Li's face disappeared in an instant, and he returned to his usual indifference.

Alan Lin didn't dare to look into Hank Li's eyes, so he quickly lowered his head. But as soon as he looked down, his eyes caught sight of a woman's wedding dress on the floor. He felt like the hair on the back of his neck stood up. He stammered, "Mr. have an important meeting today."

Under the quilt, Bella Su felt that Hank Li was pinching her on the butt now. She couldn't hold back her anger anymore, so she opened her mouth and bit him.

Hank Li groaned, and his eyes turned gloomy.

Alan Lin felt worried, so he asked, "Mr. Li, is something wrong with you?"

"Get out!" Hank Li roared.

Alan Lin was so frightened that he immediately walked out of the room and closed the door.

As soon as Alan Lin shut the door, Hank Li turned to Bella Su and said, "Woman, you are playing with fire." He pressed her under his body and kissed her red lips.

The door suddenly opened again. "Mr. Li, today's schedule..."

"Fuck off!" Hank Li threw a pillow towards the door.

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