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   Chapter 35 A Mysterious Gift

Addictive Kiss, Fire Of Pleasure By Zhen Xiang Characters: 3041

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Joy was pulled back to reality by Ted. She turned to him and said, "I'm fine. I'm just thinking that the furnishings here can be so luxurious. Is it specially for people like you?"

Hearing Joy's words, Ted couldn't help laughing and asked, "Which kind of person am I? You seem to discriminate against people like me. I'm your husband. "

Joy's face turned pink all of a sudden. She pouted and said, "I know you are my husband. I mean rich people like you. The furnishings here are better than that in my home. Don't they want to satisfy rich people like you?"

Ted stood up, walked to Joy and sat down. He put his arm around her shoulder and said, "I'm not a rich man. I'm just a playboy who enjoys the life with the help of my parents. The only person I have is you, my wife."

A shy smile appeared on Joy's face. She withdrew her hand from Ted's hand, lowered her head and said, "You are so glib. I do

g her words, Ted leaned against the sofa, narrowed his eyes and murmured, "The person who sent the gift said she was my sister. How could I have a sister? You know it's impossible. "

Instantly, Joy widened his eyes and asked suspiciously, "Do you have a sister? Nadia has never told me that. When did you have a sister? "

Joy's face was full of confusion. He still couldn't figure out what was going on. Ted turned to the woman in front of him and asked, "Do you think I might have a sister? I never have a sister. This woman faked photos and wanted to enter the Ye Family. She underestimated me. "

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