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   Chapter 19 The Appearance Of Alivia (Part Two)

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Kyle's face turned blue. Even if he couldn't get Joy, he wouldn't allow others to say that to her.

Closing his eyes, Kyle took a deep breath. Before he could say anything, Alivia had left the VIP room. Kyle was stunned for a moment.

"Why are you still standing here? If you don't catch up with her, you lady has really left," Ted said, looking at Kyle.

Kyle took a look at Joy in the distance. As expected, she was with Ted for money. As long as he became so rich one day, he could get back this woman.

Looking at the back of Kyle, Joy found that Ted had returned to her and sat down with her hand in his.

All of a sudden, Joy looked at Ted with fear in her eyes and asked, "Ted, who is that woman? Does she have a deep grudge against you? "

Ted shook his head and said, "I don't think so. She is a famous lady who likes to spend money. I didn't expect her to be interested in your so-called senior, but they can't be together."

Joy didn't understand what he meant. The shop assistant had already handed the ring to Ted and said, "Mr. Ted, would you like to try the size of your wedding ring?"

Ted withdrew his gaze and focused all his attention on the wedding ring in front of him. Joy was still curious about what he had just said. Why couldn't that woman and her senior be together? Wasn't it a good thing for Alivia to marry Kyle?

It was not until Ted put the ring on Joy that he noticed her face. Noticing that Joy was in a daze, he asked, "what's wrong? Are you still thinking about what happened just now? Now try this wedding ring. I'll tell you why later. "

She looked at his face and finally obediently put on the diamond ring in front of her. Seeing that the size was very suitable, Ted said to the manager again, "pay the bill and send these things to my house."

The manager walked up to Ted with a big smile and took the gold card from his hand. Looking at his face, Joy knew that Ted spent so much money just because he loved her.

After a while, Ted's eyes fell on his watch. When he found that it was almost the time, he said to Joy, "well, it's getting late. I have to go back to the company to deal with something. You can go home and have a rest first."

Joy nodded with a smile. Her heart had already been melted by his tenderness. No one could treat her better than him.

The next moment, Ted stood up, held Joy's hand tightly and walked away. The manager and the shop assistant looked at their backs. Although they felt it inappropriate, they still had to do business.

Sitting in the back seat of the car, Alivia glared at Kyle who was driving. Finally, she couldn't help but roar at him, "are you going to say something? Or do you think it's unnecessary to explain it to me? "

Kyle clenched the steering wheel with both hands, and continued to drive forward. "I don't need to explain it to you. No matter how much I say, you won't understand."

Alivia became angrier and shouted, "are you saying that I'm not reasonable? That woman is Ted's wife. Do you still like her? "

Kyle stepped hard on the accelerator, and the car stopped. He immediately turned his head and looked at Alivia, "if he hadn't taken advantage of my time abroad to hook up with Joy, I wouldn't have lost her."

The more Alivia heard, the angrier she became. She looked at him and questioned, "don't flatter yourself. She didn't say anything for you today. I

t's obvious that she cares about Ted. It's not you at all. Haven't you woken up yet?"

Kyle's eyes were full of anger. If it weren't for the fact that she was a woman, he would have beaten this ignorant woman.

He took a deep breath, turned his head again and continued to drive forward. Alivia was not reconciled. She was defeated by such an inconspicuous woman. She would definitely make Kyle fall in love with her.

At six o'clock in the evening, Nadia stood in the living room and counted the jewelry that had been sent here. Joy went downstairs after taking a shower. Seeing the things piled up in the living room, she immediately walked up to Nadia and said, "Nadia, are these all the jewelry from the jewelry store?"

Nadia nodded and handed the list to Joy, "yes, I have ordered everything. If there is anything wrong, I will call the jewelry store right away."

Joy immediately looked at the list in her hand and read it carefully. Then she said to Nadia, "no problem."

Understanding what she meant, Nadia put away all the things and then asked, "Mrs. Joy, are you going to move back to Mr. Ted's room tonight?"

Joy sat down awkwardly. She looked at Nadia and said, "I haven't decided yet. Let's talk about it when he comes back."

Nadia looked at Joy in astonishment and said, "you and Mr. Ted have reconciled, haven't you? Why haven't you decided yet? "

Joy didn't know how to explain it to Nadia. She pressed her lips and said to her, "I don't know what he is thinking. Isn't it appropriate to move into his room without permission?"

Hearing her words, Nadia smiled. She held Joy's hand tightly and said, "don't think so. Mr. Ted must want to live with you. In order to save you, Mr. Ted was badly injured and never regretted. How can he regret now?"

Joy's heart thumped. He had done so much for her, but she didn't know. Was this fate? 'God asked me to talk nonsense in the classmate reunion so that Ted could find me?'

Noticing that Joy was in a daze, Nadia shook her hand and asked, "Mrs. Joy, are you okay? Do you need me to ask for a doctor? "

Joy shook her head and said, "I'm fine. I'm just wondering when he will come back."

Nadia stood up from the sofa and said to Joy, "Okay, I'll go upstairs and pack up your things. You can move into Mr. Ted's room tonight."

Joy nodded in agreement. Nadia hurried upstairs with a faint smile on her face. Joy couldn't help but look at the door. Why hadn't Ted come back yet?

The sound of the car suddenly attracted Joy's attention. She immediately stood up and walked out of the villa.

Ted had already got out of the car. Seeing Joy walk out of the villa, he strode to her with a smile and said, "why do you come out to pick me up? Are you so reluctant to leave me now?"

A smile appeared on Joy's face. Ted had already put his arm around her shoulder and walked into the villa.

He looked around but didn't find any trace of Nadia. He immediately asked her, "where is Nadia? Why haven't I seen her? "

Joy held his business bag and said, "She has put the jewelry upstairs and packed my things into your room."

As soon as she finished speaking, her face turned red. Holding her hand, Ted walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa.

Joy sensed that Ted seemed to have something to say to her, so she asked curiously, "do you have something to tell me? I will listen to you. "

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