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   Chapter 18 The Appearance Of Alivia (Part One)

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As soon as Joy saw him, she immediately stood up from the sofa. She clenched her bag and asked, "I want to have lunch with you. Do you have time? Let's make it clear, okay? "

Looking at her flustered face, Ted knew that she wanted to explain what had happened last night, so he immediately held her hand and walked towards the elevator.

Looking at the door of the elevator, John shook his head helplessly and smiled. Kerry had walked to him, looked at John and asked, "what's wrong with Mr. Ted recently? Why is he always afraid of losing? "

John put his hands in his pockets, smiled and said, "how can you understand? When you find someone you like in the future, you will understand why Mr. Ted is like this. "

In the café shop.

Ted took Joy to the coffee shop and sat down by the window. He didn't move his eyes from Joy's face for a moment.

Joy felt something on her face. She couldn't help but put her hand on it and asked, "is there anything on my face?"

Ted shook his head, picked up the coffee cup in front of him, took a sip of the coffee and said, "I just want to know why you asked me to come here."

Joy took a deep breath and continued, "I want to tell you that I've already looked for Kyle. I don't want him to appear at our wedding. I don't want him to destroy it."

He narrowed his eyes and couldn't figure out why she said that to him. Did she want to express her stand to him? Or other purposes?

Looking at the expression on his face, Joy said, "you have done what you shouldn't do last night, so you should be responsible for me."

A smile immediately appeared on Ted's face. With his eyes wide open, he held her hand and asked, "don't joke with me. Are you serious? What do you think? "

Joy nodded, stretched out her hand, pointed at her ring finger and said, "I still don't have a ring. Do I have to wait until the wedding?"

With a smile, Ted walked up to her and sat down next to her. Holding her shoulder with one hand, he held Joy in his arms and said, "as long as you can think it through, I can buy you tens of millions of diamond jewelry. It belongs to you."

Joy leaned against his chest and heard the familiar heartbeat again. Tears had come out from the corner of her eyes, and she could finally hear his heartbeat again.

Ted held her hand tightly, as if he was afraid that she would leave him after he let her go. He had always been cautious, so he didn't notice that there were reporters following them and taking pictures of their sweet moments.

Two hours later, the driver stopped the car at the door of the jewelry store. After unfastening the seat belt for her, Ted immediately got out of the car.

The manager of the jewelry store rushed to Ted as soon as he saw him. With a faint smile on his face, he said, "Mr. Ted, why are you free to come to our jewelry store?"

Holding Joy's hand, Ted walked into the jewelry store and said to the manager, "bring me the best diamond rings and necklace earrings here."

Joy looked at Ted in astonishment and shook her head. "No, thanks. We're here to choose a ring, aren't we? You must spend a lot of money buying so many things at one time. "

Holding Joy's little face in his hands, Ted said, "you're my wife now. I'm willing to buy you anything. No one can say one more word."

A sweet smile appeared on Joy's face. The manager had already asked the shop assistant to bring the most precious diamond jewelry to Ted and said, "Mr. Ted, this is the best diamond of our shop. Miss Joy is also in

terested in this jewelry, and it will arrive soon."

After a long pause, Ted nodded and said, "this one is okay. I want the best ring."

The manager smiled happily and said, "don't worry. I will do the job you asked me to do."

The shop assistant immediately led them to the VIP room. Joy was a little embarrassed to see that Ted was willing to spend so much money for a wedding ring.

After a while, the shop assistant walked into the VIP room, put down the diamond jewelry in her hand, and said to Ted, "Mr. Ted, you can have a rest here for a while. You can try this set of diamond jewelry on Mrs. Joy."

Ted nodded. The shop assistant had left the VIP room. Looking at the expensive jewelry in front of him, Joy was still worried. She struggled inside and said, "do you really want me to wear such an expensive jewelry on our wedding? I'm really scared. "

With his hands on her shoulders, Ted said, "you have to remember what I said. You will be my wife in the future. No matter what jewelry you wear, you are qualified to wear it. No one can stop you."

As soon as he finished his words, he picked up the diamond necklace in front of him and put it around Joy's neck. In an instant, she was as dazzling as the stars in the sky.

Seeing the smile on Ted's face, Joy looked at him awkwardly and asked, "what do you think? Is it beautiful? "

He picked up a mirror and put it in front of Joy, letting her look at herself in the mirror. It was the first time that Joy found her so dazzling in the mirror. Was this really her?

Suddenly, a woman's quarrel came from the VIP room, and several people rushed into it.

When the woman saw the diamond necklace around Joy's neck, she angrily looked at the manager and asked, "didn't I order this set of jewelry first? Why did you give it to another woman? "

The manager looked at the woman awkwardly and apologized, "Miss Alivia, it's Mr. Ted who paid first, so we can only sell it to Mr. Ted."

Hearing the manager's words, the woman's gaze fell on Ted's face. She slowly walked up to him and carefully looked at his face for a long time. She sneered, "Ted, it's you again. You're robbing business from me in the market, and so are women's things? Are you so shameless? "

Seeing that the woman had been cursing Ted, Joy immediately took off the diamond necklace and said, "Ted, give the jewelry back to her. We can just buy the wedding ring."

Ted took the diamond necklace from her hand again and put it around Joy's neck again. "Don't worry. I won't take it to heart. I will pay for what I like first and then take it away. Since she hasn't paid, it can't belong to her. Sit down."

At this moment, Kyle also entered the VIP room and saw them. He frowned and looked at them angrily.

Squinting his eyes, Ted asked suspiciously, "Oh, it's you. You brought Alivia here to make trouble because you want to ruin my wedding with Joy."

Hearing what he said, Alivia looked at Ted suspiciously and questioned, "does he know your wife? What's the relationship between them? "

Hearing her ridiculous words, Ted sneered and asked Kyle, "aren't you going to tell her? Kyle, I found that you were still like a man at the airport. Why are you so coward now? Don't you dare to tell her? "

With his hands still in his pockets, Kyle said, "why don't I tell her? I do like Joy. So what? "

All of a sudden, Alivia grabbed Kyle's arm and said angrily, "so you refused to be with me again and again because of her? You do have a special taste. "

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