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   Chapter 17 A Showdown Between Joy And Kyle

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Joy clenched her other fist inexplicably. She was still thinking about how to deal with it. She couldn't see Kyle, or everything would be destroyed by him. The relationship between her and Ted would not be solved, and even worse.

Seeing that Joy was in a daze, Cici stretched out her hand and shook it in front of her. "What's wrong with you? Why are you suddenly in a daze? "

Hearing the voice of Cici, Joy was pulled back to reality. She looked at her and said, "Cici, I have to see him. Otherwise, the wedding will be screwed up. At that time, it will really be messed up by him."

Cici let go of her hand and sighed, "Okay, I'll go with you. I'm not relieved if you go alone."

Joy nodded, picked up her bag and stood up from the chair. They walked out of the cafe together.

When the driver saw Joy and Cici walk out of the cafe, he immediately got out of the car and opened the door for them.

Hearing the driver's voice, Joy immediately asked Cici to get in the car. Sitting in the back seat, Cici said to her, "Don't worry. Everything will be fine. We don't need to frighten ourselves."

After the driver returned to the driver's seat, he asked Joy, "Mrs. Joy, where are we going now?"

Joy frowned and said, "go to the Imperial International."

The driver nodded his head and drove towards the Imperial International. Cici held Joy's hand tightly, trying to comfort her. Joy began to feel uneasy.

She knew better than anyone else about Kyle's temper. Only she could persuade him. There was no possibility for anyone to do so, and they would even be hurt by Kyle, including Cici.

Fifty minutes later, the driver had arrived at the Imperial International building. He immediately turned around, looked at Joy and said, "Mrs. Joy, we have arrived at the place you want to go. Let me send you in."

Joy hurriedly shook her head and said to the driver, "No, thanks. I can go in with Cici. You don't have to send me in."

After saying that, she unfastened the seat belt and got out of the car, with Cici beside her.

Standing in front of the Imperial International gate and looking at these words, Joy's heart was hanging. She didn't know how to face Kyle.

Cici turned to Joy and asked, "Joy, are you ready? If you are not ready. We can slow down. "

Joy shook her head and walked towards the company building. She walked to the front desk, reached out her hand and gently knocked on the table.

The receptionist put down the phone, looked at her for a long time and asked, "What's up?"

Joy took a deep breath and said to her, "I want to see Kyle and tell him that Joy is waiting for him."

The receptionist looked at her suspiciously for a long time before she continued, "Miss, many people want to meet Mr. Kyle every day. Please leave now."

Feeling her attitude, Joy's face immediately darkened and said, "I'm Ted's wife. Do you want to notice Kyle or not?"

The receptionist was frightened when she heard the word "Ted". She immediately picked up the phone in front of her and dialed Kyle's internal line.

Joy had returned to Cici's side. Cici looked at her and said, "I didn't expect Ted's name to be so useful."

Joy shook her head at Cici. Ted's face flashed through her mind. She didn't want to say Ted's name. If Ted knew that she came to see Kyle, the consequences would be serious.

Taking a deep breath, Joy said to Cici, "Do you think I can reach an agreement with Kyle? Will he give up? "

Shaking her head with a sigh, Cici said, "You don't know his attitude at the airport yesterday. If he is willing to give up, I will feel strange."

A complicated expression flashed across Joy's face. She was worried. Would Kyle easily end the relationship with her?

After a while, the elevator opened and Kyle came out. Seeing that Joy was here, he immediately smiled and walked up to her, saying, "Joy, I knew you would come to see me."

Seeing that Kyle grabbed her hand, Joy tried to get rid of his hand and said, "Kyle, don't do this. I'm married and Cici has told you. Why do you still pester me like this?"

Kyle looked at Joy suspiciously, shook his head and asked, "Is this really what you think? I've chased you for so many years, but you didn't refuse me. Now you want me to give up? "

Joy stepped back two steps angrily and said, "Kyle, I'm here to tell you, please don't att

end my wedding ceremony. I don't want my wedding to be ruined by you, okay?"

Hearing what Joy said, Kyle's face darkened and asked, "Joy, what are you talking about? Do you think I will screw up your wedding ceremony? How can you talk to me like that? "

Joy closed her eyes, took a deep breath and said, "Kyle, please don't do this to me. Why do you have to treat me like this? I've told you from the very beginning that it's impossible for us to be together. I've never given you any hope. Please don't be so stubborn. "

Hearing her words, Kyle stepped back two steps angrily. He looked at Joy with suspicion and asked, "You come here to tell me that I'm not as good as Ted. Would you rather choose Ted than be with me?"

Looking at the injured look on Kyle's face, Joy was almost softhearted. Cici had grabbed her arm, shook her head at Joy and said, "You can't be softhearted at this time. Don't forget that you have already been Ted's wife. He doesn't like to be betrayed by women."

Hearing Cici's words, Kyle held Joy's wrist tightly and questioned, "Is what she said true? Have you already given yourself to him? "

Joy didn't like to be questioned by him. He shook off Kyle's arm and said, "You have no right to discipline me. Do you understand? I can make decisions for myself. You are just an outsider. "

The next moment, Kyle clenched his fists. He really wanted to slap Joy, so that she could realize what kind of man he was and what kind of man Ted was. Ted would never let her be happy, only he could.

Suppressing the anger in his heart, Kyle said ruthlessly, "Okay, then I'll see how long you can be together. Does he really love you to the bone?"

Joy watched Kyle walk into the elevator. When Cici saw Joy was softhearted, she put her arm around her shoulder and said, "Don't worry. He will be fine."

Hearing her words, Joy smiled and said, "I'm fine. Don't worry."

Cici nodded and immediately helped her leave the Imperial International. It didn't matter if Joy couldn't get Kyle's understanding. She had found a man who was good to her, and the other men were no longer important.

Ten minutes later, Kyle returned to his office. When he sat down on the chair, he saw Joy's photo on the table. He immediately threw the photo into the trash can and pounded the table with his hands.

Anger was written all over Kyle's face. He said resentfully, "I want to see if Ted really loves you so much that he doesn't love any other woman."

In the Ye Group.

Standing in front of Ted, John said awkwardly, "CEO, you seem to be in a bad mood today. What happened?"

After that, Ted put down the document in his hand, looked at John's face and asked, "Who do you think is more qualified to be with Joy between me and Kyle?"

Seeing the anger on his face, John said, "CEO, how can you compare yourself with Kyle? Did Mrs. Joy say anything to you? "

Gritting his teeth, Ted leaned back in his chair. Joy's attitude towards him kept flashing through his mind. Why did she care so much about Kyle, not him? Even if she didn't love him, she knew that he was her savior.

John coughed and continued, "If you don't have confidence in yourself, you will be completely trapped by Kyle. For so many years, he has used this method to make Mrs. Joy's pursuer disappear."

Squinting his eyes, Ted looked at John doubtfully and asked, "What are you talking about? Her pursuer? Does she have many pursuers? "

With a smile, John pulled out the chair in front of him and sat down. He continued, "CEO, you know that Mrs. Joy works in the lawyer building, and she contacts many people. You also know that there are many rich people who go to the lawyer building."

Clenching his fists, Ted looked at John and said, "That's enough. I won't let her work in the lawyer building anymore. As my wife, she should stay at home."

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. They turned their attention to the door at once. Kerry pushed the door open and came in. With an embarrassed look on her face, she walked up to Ted and said, "CEO, Mrs. Joy is outside. She wants to ask you out for lunch. I don't know if you have time."

Hearing her words, Ted stood up from his chair and rushed out of his office. When he saw Joy sitting on the sofa, a complicated expression flashed across his face. He had already walked up to Joy.

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