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   Chapter 10 Hold A Press Conference

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With a smile on her face, Cici looked at Joy's face. She didn't expect that Joy was Ted's wife. Now she wanted to see how those women who had underestimated Joy would face her.

Ted let go of Joy's hand and looked at the woman who deliberately stumbled over Joy. He walked up to the woman step by step and looked at her face for a long time with his sharp eyes.

Squinting his eyes, Ted sneered, "You're the first one who dares to do this to my wife. Don't think I won't beat you just because you're a woman. I won't show mercy to you."

The woman's face darkened at once. She walked up to Joy, grabbed her hands and pleaded, "Joy, I didn't mean to do that just now. Please forgive me. I didn't know you were Ted's wife. You didn't tell me, did you?"

Joy withdrew her hand expressionlessly, looked at the woman coldly and said, "So you mean that as long as I don't say anything, you can hurt me unscrupulously?"

The woman looked at Joy awkwardly. At this moment, Ted had returned to Joy, held her in his arms and said, "Your boss has approved your leave for half a year. Now I'm sending you to the hospital, then have lunch, and attend the press conference in the afternoon."

Before Joy could refuse, she was held in Ted's arms and left the meeting room in a big way.

Turning to John, William asked, "Assistant John, is Mr. Ted really married Joy? How come there was no scandal before? "

John pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and said with a smile, "I don't know. I also received the news last night. Boss asked me to prepare the most luxurious wedding. He should love Mrs. Joy very much. Don't make such a mistake again."

After saying that, John turned around and left. With a long face, William looked at the woman in the distance and said, "Cassie Zhang, come to my office."

The woman's face suddenly turned pale and left the meeting room under the gaze of everyone. The voice of discussion immediately rose, attracting everyone's attention. "Will Cassie be fired by the boss? I'm afraid I can't stay in the company any longer if I displease Ted. "

Another woman said in a voice with sarcasm, "Who would have thought that Ted and Joy are a couple? No wonder she suddenly wore designer clothes today. People who don't know might think that she has been kept as a mistress. "

Standing aside, Cici heard them talking more and more offensive words. She walked up to them, slapped hard on the table, and scolded, "Stop talking nonsense. It's none of your business. Don't make me sick."

Seeing that Cici was about to scold her, the employee stood up angrily and said, "Cici, you didn't tell everyone on purpose, so that everyone walk into your trap, right?"

Looking at the women in front of her indifferently, Cici sneered, "What are you doing? Why should I tell you that you treat Joy so badly? I wish you could die. "

The next moment, Cici walked out of the meeting room. All the people looked at her back with resentment. They had never thought that a person without destructive power would be so destructive.

Joy was taken back to the car. She glared at Ted and asked, "Why did you promise me such a long holiday? I just got married with you. Are you going to lose my job?"

Ted's face darkened at once. As long as he heard these words, he would be very angry. Was that all she really cared about?

The driver coughed and immediately turned his head. He looked at Ted and asked, "Mr. Ted, where are we going now?"

Noticing the wound on Joy's wrist, Ted said with a serious look, "Go to the hospital. She's injured now. We must go to the hospital."

The driver understood and drove towards the hospital. Joy looked out of the window awkwardly and didn't dare to look at Ted. He was just a stranger to her now.

Ted withdrew his gaze and c

lenched the fists on his legs. He gritted his teeth and wished he could speak his mind to this woman.


The driver drove the car to the gate of the hospital. Then, Ted turned to Joy and said, "We've arrived at the hospital. Come with me to dress the wound."

Hearing his words, Joy unfastened the seat belt, got out of the car and went into the hospital with Ted.

When the nurse saw that Joy's wrist was injured, she immediately walked up to her and asked, "Miss, is your hand okay? Is there anything I can help you?"

Hearing the nurse's words, Joy said awkwardly, "My wrist is injured. I need to bandage it."

The nurse immediately took her to the lounge aside and said, "I'll bind up your wound right away. Your boyfriend can pay for it."

Without further explanation, Ted turned around and left. Looking at his back, Joy felt more and more strange. As a man, why didn't he refute?

After the nurse dealt with her wound, she smiled at Joy and said, "Your boyfriend is so considerate. Although he has a cold expression, he seems to care about you very much."

Joy looked at the nurse in embarrassment. She didn't know what to say. If she said something wrong, Ted wouldn't let her go easily.

After a while, Ted returned to Joy and said, "I've paid the bill. How's your wound bandaged?"

Joy said to him, "The wound has been bandaged. Nothing serious."

Seeing that she was fine, Ted held her in his arms and said, "I'll take you to dinner now. Your wrist is injured, so you can only eat something light."

Joy widened her eyes and looked at the man in front of her. For a moment, she almost thought that the man was really so gentle to her, and her mind began to wander.

Looking at their receding figures, the nurse couldn't help but envy them. How wonderful it would be if she could also get such a love.

Suddenly, a nurse came to her side, patted her on the shoulder and said, "What are you looking at? Are you in a daze? "

The nurse was startled. She patted herself on the chest with one hand, took a deep breath and said, "I just feel that the female patient was so happy that there was a man who loved her so much."

The nurse smiled and said, "Don't envy them anymore. He is the CEO of the Y Company. It may be difficult for him to love a woman sincerely."

Hearing her words, the nurse's eyes widened. She looked at the woman in front of her in disbelief and asked doubtfully, "What did you say? You said he was Ted Ye? How could it be possible? "

She immediately walked to the reception desk and took out a magazine from the drawer. Her eyes widened. She didn't expect that he was really Ted, but how could he have a girlfriend?

At three o'clock in the afternoon, in the meeting room of Y Company.

The reporters were sitting in the conference room, holding the microphones in their hands. They were still wondering why Ted was in such a hurry to hold the press conference? Was it a mistake in the decision of Y Company, or was it related to the previous rumors?

The crowd began to whisper. All the reporters were wondering what had happened.

After a while, the door of the meeting room was pushed open. Ted entered the room with Joy. All the reporters saw a strange woman following him, and immediately took out their cameras to take photos of this scene.

In an instant, Ted and Joy had already sat on the chair. He held Joy's hand tightly and said with a microphone, "Thank you for coming to this press conference. My purpose this time is to explain the news about my marriage that spreading online. The woman next to me is my wife, Joy Xie. I don't know who is spreading some rumors. Anyway, we are married. As for the wedding, I will definitely give her the most perfect wedding. I hope you don't continue to report it. "

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