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   Chapter 6 Registered Marriage

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As soon as Joy walked out of the house, she saw Ted's car parking in the distance. She took a deep breath and immediately walked up to him.

Seeing her standing in front of him, Ted reached out his hand to Joy and said, "Get in the car. We have to register for marriage before ten o'clock."

Joy looked at him suspiciously and felt strange. Ted seemed to be in a hurry to register marriage with her, but she was just an unimportant woman to him. Why did Ted give her such a feeling?

Holding her breath, Joy looked at Ted in confusion and asked, "Don't you regret it? I'm not from a rich family. I can't help you. "

Suddenly, Ted took out a ring box from his pocket, took out a diamond ring and put it on her finger. Joy frowned and tried to take off the ring. "No, I can't wear such an expensive ring. If it is broken and I owe you a lot of money, I can't afford it."

Ted's face darkened. He immediately put the ring into her finger and said, "You have to know that you are my wife now, so you can't be so casual."

Joy's face turned pale. She glared at Ted angrily and asked, "What do you mean? Why do you say I'm casual? Where on earth am I casual? "

Ted's face darkened. He pulled her into the car. He didn't like to tangle with a woman on the street, nor did he want to break up with her.

Joy sat in the car. Before she could say anything, Ted had fastened the seat belt for her. The two faces were so close that Joy couldn't help but feel her heart beating. Even she didn't know why she was like this.

Realizing her change, Joy immediately turned her eyes away from him and looked out of the window.

With hands clenched, Ted was inexplicably angry. He was angry why she treated him like this. Was he really so annoying to her?

An hour later, the car arrived at the marriage registration office. With Ted's sight falling on Joy, he said, "Get off the car. We've arrived."

Joy turned to look out of the window. Seeing that they were already there, her heart thumped, she would pay a heavy price because she said something wrong in a short time.

After getting out of the car, Ted walked up to Joy and opened the door for her. Then Joy got out of the car.

She took a deep breath and looked at the office. She couldn't help but clench her hands. Was her future going to be ruined by him?

With a strange look on Joy's face, she closed her eyes and followed Ted into the office.

Suddenly, a woman walked up to Ted with a smile on her face. "Mr. Ted, you asked me to give you the number. Are you really going to get married?"

Then Ted turned to Joy and held Joy's hand. "Do I look like I'm joking now? She is my bride. You can go back to the company now. "

The woman nodded. She still couldn't figure out why this girl could make the CEO want to get married?

Looking at the woman's back, Joy turned to look at Ted. She frowned and asked, "Is she your secretary? Don't you want to explain it clearly? "

"Why should I explain to my secretary?" Ted asked Joy after he sat down in the distance.

Joy's face was full of doubts. She couldn't understand what the man in front of her was thinking? Why didn't he explain it clearly?

Suddenly, there was a voice of calling their number. Ted stood up, took her hand and walked towards the staff.

The staff looked at the two of them and felt that they looked a little familiar, as if she had seen them before. She looked at Ted curiously, as if she had seen him somewhere.

After putting his ID card and other documents in front of the staff, Ted turned his sight to Joy, who also took out her ID card from her bag.

The staff immediately handled the marriage certificate for them. Looking at the expression on Ted's face, Joy couldn't help but frown. She looked at him differently. Why did he seem not to care about it at all and look forward to it?

Suddenly, a voice interrupted their conversation and said, "Your marriage certificate has been handled. This is your identification. Please check it."

Hearing the staff's words, Ted immediately picked up the marriage certificate and carefully looked at the words on it, with a faint smile on his face.

Joy looked at Ted suspiciously and asked, "Don't you regret it? If you regret it, you can tell me. I can accept it. "

With a smile on his face, Ted asked, "Why do you think I will regret it? Did I say that I regret it? "

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