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   Chapter 4 Reach An Agreement

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Ted approached Joy step by step, with one hand on Joy's shoulder. He lowered his voice and said, "Miss Joy, don't play such a joke on me, okay? How many lifetimes will you pay off in installments? Or should I ask your mother for money? "

Joy shook her head in a hurry. Ted was close to her face. He pinched her face with one hand and said in a serious tone, "Well, you just need to play the role of my wife before the acquisition of MG Resort Hotel. Then I will consider not to sue you and your mother. "

Joy frowned suspiciously. How could he let her go so easily? Or was it a trap? Or was there any other purpose?

Pursing his lips, Joy asked suspiciously, "Do you have any other requirements?"

After taking a deep breath, Ted leaned against her and looked at her face for a long time. Then he nodded at Joy and said, "You're really a smart woman. My requirement is very simple. I want you to register marriage with me. You can't have any gossip with anyone in a year until I sign my contract."

Joy widened her eyes. She didn't expect that he would ask her to do so. Wasn't she going to lose her happiness?

Thinking of this, Joy shook her head at Ted and refused.

Anger was written all over Ted's face. He drew closer to Joy and reminded her, "If you go to jail, no one will take care of your mother. It's a loss of billions of dollars. Aren't you really afraid?"

Joy looked at Ted angrily. Before she could say anything, Cindy Li had come to her and looked at Ted and Joy suspiciously.

She looked at Ted's face for a long time and asked curiously, "Mr. Ted, are you really Joy's husband? Or something else? "

With a smile, Ted held Joy's hand and said to Cindy Li, "I'm really sorry. We have been secretly registered for a few days, and we have no time to announce this to the public."

Looking at Joy, Cindy Li was full of jealousy. Why could Joy get such a good man while she couldn't?

Suddenly, a man walked up to Cindy Li, put his arm around her waist and said to her, "Darling, the engagement party is about to begin. Who are you talking to?"

Cindy Li maintained an embarrassed smile on her face and immediately led the man to the crowd. Holding Joy's hand, Ted turned around and walked out of the banquet hall. Joy looked at the man in front of her warily, as if she had seen him somewhere.

After they got into the car, Ted opened the door for Joy. Joy had no choice but to get in the car. She was still wondering what Ted wanted to do.

After a while, Ted returned to his car and sat down. Then he looked at the driver and nodded at him. The driver immediately drove away from the hotel.

Then Ted turned to Joy. He took a deep breath and said, "Go to your home or my apartment. Let's sign the agreement. If you break your own agreement, don't blame me for being rude."

Joy's face darkened. She looked at the man angrily, but she knew clearly that it was her fault. She bit the bullet an

d nodded, "Go to your apartment. I don't want my mother to worry about me."

Ted turned to the driver. The driver drove away from the hotel and headed in the opposite direction. A smile appeared on Ted's face. She was always a little 'sheep'. How could she defeat a 'wolf' in the business like him?

Two hours later, the driver parked the car outside the apartment. Ted had helped Joy unfasten the seat belt and said to her, "Well, you can get off now."

Joy took a deep breath and got out of the car. Looking at the apartment building in front of her, she turned around in astonishment and asked, "Isn't this a villa? It doesn't like an apartment? "

Ted shook his head at her and continued, "In my heart, it's just an apartment. Let's go inside first. There's no one here. We have enough time to make a deal."

Joy was full of doubts. He had everything. Why did he insist on pestering her?

Ten minutes later, they all sat in the living room of the apartment. Joy kept her eyes on Ted's face and frowned. She didn't know what Ted wanted to say to her.

Ted had already poured a glass of warm water and handed it to Joy, saying, "My request is very simple. I've told you that as long as the contract is signed, you can regain your freedom."

Looking at the man in front of her, Joy still couldn't believe him and asked, "What if you still won't let me go then? How can I trust you? "

"Don't you believe me? I'm Ted Ye. You can believe me. "

Joy took a deep breath and didn't dare to say anything else to question him. Ted immediately took out an agreement and put his golden pen in front of her. "Sign it first and register tomorrow. Before we divorce, I will act as a son-in-law and won't expose you in front of your mother."

Gritting her teeth, Joy signed her name on the agreement, not knowing that she had been sold for a lifetime.

When Ted saw Joy finally sign her name, a smile appeared on his face. He was glad that she had completely fallen into his trap. No one could separate them, and no one was exception.

Joy handed the agreement to Ted and asked, "Can I leave now?"

After putting away the agreement, Ted stood up and said, "I'll drive you back. I'm worried about you if you go back alone."

Joy stepped back and looked at Ted warily. She shook her head and said, "No, thanks. I can go back by myself. I'll wait for you at the Registry tomorrow."

After saying that, Joy left in a hurry. Ted couldn't help but shake his head. Was this little girl so afraid of him? 'Am I so terrible?'

Suddenly, the phone rang, attracting his attention. He immediately put the phone beside his ear and said, "Hello, this is Ted."

John's voice came through the phone, "Mr. Ted, where are you? Do you forget that there is still a meeting in half an hour? "

Sitting on the sofa, Ted smiled and said, "No. Cancel today's agenda. I need to have a good rest at home and prepare for tomorrow's wedding."

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