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   Chapter 3 The Engagement Party (Part Two)

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After a while, Ann took out her phone and dialed her friend's number. She couldn't wait to tell everyone what a bloody liar Joy was! She chuckled, getting ready to humiliate her.

A few moments later, Joy was standing in the banquet hall. It was crammed with people. She was overcome by an urge to leave. However, Tina Cheng stood in front of her, blocking her way. "Joy, since you're already here, why do you want to leave? Today is Cindy's engagement party. She won't be happy if you just leave like this."

Joy's fierce eyes bore into Tina Cheng's face. "You and Ann wish to make a fool out of me, don't you?"

Tina Cheng let out a feeble smile. She was embarrassed at being called out like this. Getting a hold of Joy's hand, she said, "Please don't say that. We care about you deeply. If you are actually married to Ted Ye, then we will congratulate you. But if it's a cooked-up story, it is bound to destroy his reputation. You should know what kind of person he is! I have heard he is quite intimidating. Aren't you worried about your mother? She will be in trouble too."

Joy's face darkened, realizing Tina Cheng had a point. The truth was, Tina wished to instill fear in her, and now watching her face, she got some satisfaction out of it. Standing in a daze, Joy thought about her mother and admonished herself for her stupidity. 'How I wish I hadn't said such a thing!' she thought, knowing full well there was no use crying over spilt milk.

Out of the blue, an intimidating figure stood next to Joy, wrapping his strong arm around her waist. Just when she was going to push him away, Ted tightened his grasp on her. Flashing her a charming smile, he asked, "Honey, what's wrong? You don't look too happy to see me."

Tina Cheng, who saw their intimacy, stood dumbfounded. 'Am I seeing thing

s?' she thought and rubbed her eyes. No! Joy and Ted were indeed standing next to each like they were an actual couple!

Joy tried to pull free, but Ted wouldn't let that happen. He drew satisfaction from her discomfort. His warm breath tickled her ear. He whispered, "Play along if you don't want your mother to suffer."

The expression on Joy's face froze. She looked at Ted in confusion. Why was he helping her? Didn't he hate her?

Embarrassed, Tina Cheng looked at Ted and apologized, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... I..."

Ted had pulled Joy away from the crowd, taking her to a secluded idea. She was struggling, but he wouldn't budge.

Soon, they reached a corner of the banquet hall. He pinned her against the wall. "Why are you helping me? I thought you would humiliate me in front of them. After all, I have ruined your reputation." Joy owned up her mistakes.

He let go of her and put his hands inside his pockets. His sharp eyes were taking her in. Her lips had a genteel touch of lipstick; apart from that, she had no makeup. He let out a monstrous laugh. "You talk like you have done a small mistake. Something that can be fixed with an apology. You've embarrassed me in front of my business partners. And now, I'm in danger of losing billions of dollars. You have to compensate for my loss."

Joy stared at him in consternation. His words reverberated in her mind. 'Billions of dollars?' she thought. If she had known things would get so bad, she wouldn't have done it. How could she pay billions of dollars?

Her pleading eyes looked at Ted. Torrent of words spilled from her mouth. "Mr. Ye, I come from a poor family. I can't pay such a huge amount. Would you be kind enough to let me pay in installments? I will get a job. It might take years, but I will pay back every penny."

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