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   Chapter 2 The Engagement Party (Part One)

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Joy's face darkened. After finding her voice, she mumbled, "How do you know that I'm married? It was supposed to be a secret."

Her reply prompted another bout of laughter from the girl. Once she caught her breath, she said, "Have you been living under the rock, honey? The whole world knows about it. I mean, we are talking about Ted Ye. Why would you want to hide it? If I was in your place, I would be showing off in front of everyone."

Joy's face turned ghastly pale. She clenched the phone in her hand and was about to curse. But suddenly, it occurred to her that her mother was present. She had probably heard everything.

In almost a whisper, she said, "Okay, send me the address. I will be there tomorrow."

Joy hung up the phone angrily. But on seeing her mother's expression, her anger instantly changed to fear. Her mother looked at her suspiciously and asked, "What did you say just now? Did you get married? And you didn't even bother to tell me?"

Seeing how furious her mother seemed, Joy sat next to her and caught her hand. In a calm voice, she explained, "Mom, you have misunderstood. The girl who just called me was blabbering nonsense. I am tired of them! They already tortured me at college. But looks like they aren't done. They invite me to Cindy Li's engagement party as they want to make fun of me again. But don't worry, I am strong now. They can't get to me." The abhorrence on her cheeks was growing thicker by the minute.

Her mother looked at her, a sense of guilt flaring up in her. She didn't know her daughter had been suffering in college. 'Why didn't she share her troubles with me?' she couldn't help but wonder.

Wiping her glistening eyes, Joy stood up from the sofa. She smiled at her mother and said, "Mo

m, I will be fine."

Before her mother could say anything, Joy had entered her room and shut the door. Joy wished to strangle those women! They had made her life a living hell.

The next morning, the driver was waiting for Ted.

When Ted finally appeared, he said, "Mr. Ye, we've figured where Miss Xie will go today."

Ted, who was busily gazing at his phone, put it back in his pocket. A smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. His eye lit up with excitement. Looking at his driver, he ordered, "Well, in that case, take me there."

The driver understood what Ted meant. Joy had dared to tarnish Ted's reputation, and he wouldn't let her go so easily. 'She is in deep trouble, ' he thought.

Ted walked toward the front door, about to leave the Ye family's house. 'Joy, soon you will be paying for your mistake. I am looking forward to seeing you, ' he thought to himself as he entered the car.

At 11:23 a.m., Joy found herself standing out the hotel where the engagement ceremony would be held. Staring at the huge poster, she debated between staying and leaving. 'Why should I waste my time here? It's better if I leave. I shouldn't give them an opportunity to trouble me, ' she thought, finally making up her mind to leave.

Just then, a voice called her from behind. Joy's face stiffened when she saw who it was. But soon, she forced a smile.

"Why are you standing here alone?" Ann Liang asked, looking around. "Where is your husband? Everyone is expecting him! Has he gone to park his car?" A sarcastic smile appeared on her face.

Joy's face turned pale. She realized this woman didn't deserve a reply. Ignoring Ann, Joy marched into the hotel. 'I have a long day ahead of me, ' she thought and let out a frustrated sigh.

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