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   Chapter 36 The Sacred Place For Dating

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When Joey and Cathy were pulled out of the sea, they were already in a half coma. The two were thrown to the shore like dead dogs. The guards sent by Ryan drove away after making sure that they were still alive.

Seeing that four or five SUV had driven away, Joey's bodyguards ran out of every place and carried them to the car to leave.

Sitting in Ryan's car, Sylvia looked at what had happened in front of her indifferently.

"Why do bad people live so long?" Sylvia didn't feel disappointed or really want to kill Joey and Cathy.

Sometimes it was more unpleasant to solve it all at once than to deal with it point by point.

She was patient. She could take her time, but she was afraid that Joey and Cathy couldn't afford to play with her in the end.

"Maybe only God knows it. After all, I don't know." Ryan blinked.

"Yes, only God knows." For example, when she was reborn, there was no law, but God had given her another chance. He probably looked at her pitifully!

"Well, let's stop talking about such a profound question. Think about where we are going next? I'm your driver today. I'll take you wherever you want to go. " Seeing a playful smile on his face, Sylvia felt warm in her heart.

"Please take me to the amusement park!" For a moment, Sylvia thought of a place where she wanted to go but had no chance.

"Amusement park?" Ryan really wanted to do something that was not in accordance with his identity. He picked his ears to confirm if he had heard it wrong.

"Why not? Or you have broken your promise? " Sylvia blinked her eyes with a trace of grievance.

Ryan's heart skipped a beat as he rubbed his forehead. What had happened just now? Why did he feel dizzy?

Was this the feeling of happiness that came so suddenly and unprepared?

Anyway, he thought he had to fight for a long time before he could taste the fruit of victory.

He was so excited that his hands holding the steering wheel began to sweat.

"I have always kept my words. It depends on whether you dare or not. After all, in the amusement park, everything is possible. I have to make it clear to you in advance!" As he spoke, he stared at Sylvia with his bright eyes.

It was impossible for Sylvia to ignore it. His eyes were so intense.

"Why not? Why am I still afraid of you in broad daylight? " Although she said so, her hear

Sylvia's eyes were shining. She looked at the ferris wheel not far away, and screams came from it one after another.

"Yes." A smile flashed across his eyes.

"What is that? Tell me, let's go! " Sylvia looked at him with burning eyes, and he pointed at the ferris wheel.

"Do you want to play the ferris wheel with as such a big man?"

"Well, let's play that!" Said Sylvia, pouting her mouth.


There were a lot of people playing the ferris wheel. They were in the next round. Ryan was responsible for buying the tickets, and Sylvia was responsible for waiting in line. The two of them had a clear division of labor.

When they sat on the ferris wheel, Ryan deliberately fell behind a few steps. He saw that Sylvia walked very briskly, as if she was jumping on a music rune, and she was very happy.

The smile on his face became wider and wider, but in the end, he couldn't stop it.

"Ryan, hurry up! What are you smirking at? " Sylvia turned around and found that he was no longer by her side. When she saw the big smile at the corner of his mouth, she was speechless. That man's smile was too brilliant, wasn't it?

Did he see some beautiful woman?

Sylvia pouted and felt a little unpleasant in her heart.


A playboy, a pig!

"I'm not smirking. Don't speak ill of me in your heart!" Ryan poked at Sylvia's nose and led her into their position.

"Who spoke ill of you?" Sylvia rubbed her itchy nose and wondered why he was so intimate! Really...

"Fine, you didn't." As long as Sylvia said anything, he would nod.

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