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   Chapter 35 Plot Approaching

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"Joanne, Ryan, thank you so much today. I don't know how to repay you. How about I cook a table of delicious food for you after I leave the hospital? What do you like to eat? Tell me and I will cook for you."

Nancy was in a good mood and kept asking Joanne and Ryan. Both Joanne and Ryan answered their preferences one by one.

Joanne never knew what politeness was, just like a wild horse without rein, without looking back.

Ryan's answer was a bit reserved, but he would never let it go when it was time to show his strength.

The scene was too shocking to see. Sylvia stood aside peeling an apple, and occasionally a glance at it made her feel jealous. She had never known that these two people would be thicker than bronze walls. Today was really an eye opener!

Sure enough, she still didn't know much about the world. Otherwise, how could she be so ignorant?

Sylvia shook her head helplessly. She still sat aside and continued to peel the apple. She also cut the apple into beautiful diamond shapes and put it on the plate. It was convenient to eat with toothpick.

A plate of apples had been eaten up, and the hot chat over there was not over yet. Sylvia sighed slightly.

"Mom, it's time for you to take the medicine." Sylvia poured a glass of water and took the medicine from the nurse.

"Oh, I see." Nancy took the medicine, frowned, and put it into her mouth. At that moment, Sylvia felt that her mother was taking poison, not medicine!

"Mom, I feel pain when I see you take medicine." Sylvia joked.

"How dare you make fun of me?" Nancy rolled her eyes at Sylvia, but felt sweet in her heart.

"Auntie, you are so lucky. Sylvia is so filial to you. In comparison, I seem to be very bad to my parents." Joanne held her face with both hands and said in an exaggerated tone.

"Joanne, what are you talking about? You are busy with your work, but you have to go home often from time to time. So do you, Ryan!" When Nancy talked about Joanne, she also brought with Ryan, who nodded.

"Ha ha." Joanne smiled.

"Mom, stop talking about Joanne. She just likes to stir up trouble. If you really ask her to go back to see her parents, I think she can make a big trouble. Her parents will dislike her." Sylvia hurried out to save Joanne, who winked at her gratefully.

Joanne's family was very complicated. Although it seemed to be harmonious on the surface, in fact

Perhaps every big clan would do this!


ly in the early morning.

"Isn't that enough?" The sharp voice made a beautiful face twisted.

"That's enough! That's enough!" Oliver, who always knew how to survive, didn't change his mind.

"Since that's enough, then let that little bitch Sylvia pay the price. Haven't you always liked Sylvia and wanted to chase after her? This is an opportunity. You can't miss it. Don't say that I won't help you then." His voice was so cold that Oliver got goose bumps.

Damn it! Women are so crazy.

If it weren't for the fact that this crazy woman, Selena, was his cousin and that he had money, he really didn't want to talk to Selena anymore.

Selena was as crazy as his aunt. She was still that kind of insidious villain. Although Oliver didn't think he was an upright person, he wouldn't be like his aunt and Selena who had no principles.

Therefore, if he couldn't avoid it, he would dodge, and if he couldn't, he would give in temporarily.

"Cousin, are you sure? I'm not blind. The relationship between Sylvia and the man beside her is not simple at first glance. I'm going to steal a corner at this time. Are you sure I can escape unscathed? " Oliver said to Selena in a low voice, and the disgust and contempt in Selena's eyes increased.

If Oliver was not related by blood and needed them to do something, Selena would never pay more attention to him.

"Don't worry. You can absolutely complete what I ask you to do." No matter what kind of method she used, she would make Sylvia pay the price and make Ryan regret.

"Okay. It's all up to you, Selena!" It was comfortable to have a woman chasing after money!

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