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   Chapter 34 Cathy Was In Despair And Selena Flinched

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The scene in the early morning was really wonderful, more than every minute. It was a farce that was completely crushed and set up, but the plot was overthrown and the culprit was under great counterattack. What a ridiculous but interesting scene.

However, a good play finally came to an end. Though some of the onlookers were reluctant to leave, but this farce finally came to an end.

Joey and Cathy, who were once again held in custody, were in a bad mood, especially Cathy. She really didn't want to be thrown into the sea. She did nothing and even persuaded Joey. But Joey refused her advice and kept on his own way. It was all his fault that they ended up so miserably.

Therefore, from her point of view, it should be Joey who was thrown into the sea, not her.

Cathy didn't speak it out at last, but Sylvia, who knew what she was thinking, had seen through it. Even Joanne and Ryan, who were smart and good at fiddling with others, could more or less tell what Cathy was thinking. Only Joey, who hated Sylvia, didn't know what his beloved wife was doing at the moment.

Joey might be a poor man, but he was hateful and no one could sympathize with him.

"Sylvia, I'm your father. How could you treat me like this?" With a sad look on his face, Joey tried to get some sympathy from Sylvia, as long as he would not be thrown into the sea.

As a man, he could be flexible and willing to give in sometimes. Joey's plan was really good, but no one cooperated with him at the moment and not everything would go on as he wished!

"Joey, you don't have to play the tricks to win my sympathy. My daughter can treat you as she wants. Do you have any problem with it? If you have, then keep it. No one will listen to you. " Nancy tried her best to protect Sylvia, as if Sylvia would be bullied by Joey.

Since Sylvia couldn't cut in their conversation, she didn't care about Joey. Joey, on the other hand, had nowhere to hide. He had been brilliant at the beginning, but now he was in a mess.

Joey felt his own heart burning with anger. When Nancy finished her words and then she took Sylvia into the ward, Joey was like a prisoner, with his hands imprisoned by the bodyguards without any freedom. The more Joey thought about it, the angrier he became. He glared at Sylvia with extremely cold eyes.

It was all because of Sylvia. If it weren't for her, how could he be like this?

"Mr. Ryan, please take them away as soon as possible. I'm sorry to trouble you." Nancy stood a

ylvia's heart would be taken away by this man.

"Besides, you can't do anything out of line to Sylvia before she agrees, do you hear me?" Joanne looked at Ryan with tearful eyes and asked him to make a promise seriously.

Normally, such a person would have been beaten away by Ryan if he dared to say such tough words in front of him. But now, he was in a good mood and he did make a promise as Joanne requested.

"Humph, you're lucky." Joanne was a little annoyed. She was not reconciled that Sylvia's heart would soon belong to that man.

"Yes! i am so lucky. " A faint smile flashed across his eyes. If Ryan hadn't met Sylvia, how could he have met this beloved girl in his life.

God was very kind to him. He met her and was sure that Sylvia was the girl he had been waiting for in his life at the first sight.

When Sylvia didn't know it, her best friend compromised to Ryan and gave her to him. She even forced Ryan to be good to Sylvia. Joanne was so tough in her words to win the promise from Ryan that he would be nice to Sylvia for all his life.

Ryan would be with her and even Sylvia herself was sure that Ryan was the one she wanted. How could they all know that? How were they so sure about it? Joanne really wanted to know how.

"Sylvia, go and call Joanne and Mr. Ryan in. I want to thank them. If it weren't for them, I don't know what we kind of end you would have to face in the end." Nancy calmly looked at Sylvia, who was still wearing the hospital gown with the smell of disinfectant. At this moment, Sylvia smelled a familiar light fragrance that only belonged to her mother, which comforted her.

"Okay." Sylvia nodded.

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