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   Chapter 21 Slap

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"Mr. Ryan, can I ask you for a favor?" After eating the porridge, Sylvia felt that her body had almost recovered, so she organized her words to talk to Ryan.

"What do you want me to do?" Hearing that, Ryan frowned slightly. He was a little dissatisfied with the 'Mr. Ryan' that Sylvia used to address him, but he quickly remained emotionless as usual.

It happened that Sylvia didn't noticed that Ryan was a bit upset. Even if she saw it, she would ignore it. It was just a name.

"Mr. Ryan, can you send me to the Qiao family? Now! " Jean looked at him with firm eyes, and his flat eyebrows wrinkled again. He didn't agree with her.

"Mr. Ryan, I know you don't agree, but I have my own purpose. The Qiao family has gone too far. If I continue to let them humiliate me like this, how can I have the courage to fight against them? Resist and get rid of them. Let mom and I never be controlled by them again! " Sylvia said word by word. She wanted to destroy all the people and things related to the Qiao family so as to vent all her anger and hatred.

Her burning eyes and firm words made it impossible for Ryan to refuse directly.

What Sylvia said was right. If She didn't fight back, she could only be bullied.

"Are you sure I will help you?" Ryan changed his posture and raised his eyebrows.

"I'm sure." For this man, Sylvia's trust was built in that life. At that time, she really had nothing to do with him. And thus Ryan didn't have any reason to take initiative to help her.

But even at that time, Ryan was still very generous and gave her a choice. As long as she made a choice, he would not force her. When Sylvia chose to enter the entertainment industry, the person who protected her was Ryan.

Who would be so lucky?

"What are you going to do after you go to the Qiao family's house?" Hearing his question, Sylvia knew that he had agreed to send her there.

"Nothing. Just a chitchat." Sylvia smiled. What could she do as a weak woman?

It was impossible that Ryan believed this reason. "I will help you hide it from your mother, but I want you to promise that you will never let yourself be hurt again, or don't blame me for being tough."

In the domineering and tough tone of Ryan, Sylvia would never doubt the credibility of it.

According to her understanding, Ryan was a man who would do whatever he said.

"I promise I won't get hurt. I will protect myself well." Sylvia raised her two fingers and swore. She looked very determined but cute.

With a resigned expression, Ryan narrowed his eyes and said, "pack up your things. I'll send you there in half an hour."

Coincidentally, Ryan had found a lot of useful information. This time, he wanted to solve it together.

How dared they make his love one suffered!

"Thank you, Ryan." Sylvia said to the man who was about to leave the ward. Ryan's hand that was holding the doorknob paused for a moment before he walked out without hesitation.

As soon as he walked out, Sylvia sighed a breath of relief and prone as if she had vented her anger. She was far from being as calm and composed as she appeared. Negotiating with Ryan was simply like risking her own safety and even her life. She was still the most unqualified one.

She had always been worried that Ryan wouldn't agree. Fortunately, he was willing to do her a favor. Congratulations.

Just wait and see. From today on, Sylvia would start to take revenge on them, one by one, and she would definitely make them pay it back..

Joey, "her loving father", she could still clearly hear those insults and abuses from him, as if she were the most hateful enemies against them, the unique disgust could be noticed from his father when he met her.

What was the reason why Joey hated Sylvia so much? He even treated his own daughter in such a terrible way.

How ridiculous! When a person hated another one, what did it matter even if they were related by blood? She still hated her cruel father!

Sylvia was absorbed in her memory. In the blink of an eye, the tears around her eyes

quickly disappeared, and she seemed to hear the ringtone from her phone.

A cold light flashed through Sylvia's eyes, and she curled her lips in mockery.

She hadn't called his father yet, but he called her first on his own initiative. She couldn't wait!

How much did his father, Joey, want her to die? He couldn't wait to confirm by himself? For Selena, a woman whose real identity could not be shown to the public for the time being?

Before Sylvia knew who Selena really was, she might feel aggrieved and why Joey treated her like this. But after knowing Selena's true identity, she would not feel it was unfair anymore.

On the contrary, Joey thought Sylvia didn't know who Selena really was. Instead, they thought it would be better for Joey to deem Sylvia know nothing about Selena. It would be a better chance for Sylvia to fight back.

Sylvia picked up the phone, "hello."

The voice was weak and she didn't intend to address his father with respect.

On the other side of the phone, Joey didn't care about whether or not she called him father, perhaps because he was too angry, or perhaps because he had never taken his daughter seriously. Instead, he ordered in the most ferocious voice, "go home right now!"

"Now?" Sylvia said coldly without any ups and downs in her voice, "I know." Then she hung up the phone.

It was time to go back to the Qiao family!

When Sylvia came out, Ryan happened to make a phone call. Beside him stood a familiar person, who seemed to be Edison or Lilian. And he was reporting to Ryan.

"Are you done?" Seeing Sylvia coming out, Ryan looked her up and down.

"Yes." Sylvia nodded and pulled the handmade dress which was suitable and low-key. It felt good.

"Thank you for your clothes."

"You just want to say thank you?" After the phone call, Ryan raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile.

"Or what?" Sylvia turned her head.

"Well, I thought there would be other rewards." Ryan's finger lightly tapped on Sylvia lips, followed by laughter, making her ears numb and hot for no reason.

"What other rewards? No, No. " Sylvia glared at Ryan and thought, 'you are still joking at this time. What an evil man!'.

"I don't think so. Why are you so angry all of a sudden?" Murmured Ryan, blinking his eyes.

"Women are all incomprehensible creatures!" Ryan shook his head helplessly and quickly followed.

No matter when Sylvia encountered the other members of the Qiao family, they made others deem them as upstart. It seemed that they wanted everyone in the world to know how rich they were.

The Qiao's villa covered an area of several hundred square meters, and there was a small garden in front of and behind it. It was a single villa, and the style was exotic and luxurious. Obviously, it was the place where rich family lived.

Sylvia frowned and finally stepped in.


As soon as she entered the room, a slap was unexpectedly slapped hard on Sylvia's face.

Sylvia's face was slapped to the side, with blood beads on the corner of her mouth.

The slap was very powerful. Apart from the clear marks on her face, her face was still swollen.

"Sylvia, how dare you deem this as your home? How dare you come back here again?" Joey shouted at Sylvia angrily. Beside him stood two women whom Sylvia was very familiar with.

She didn't expect that Joey was so capable that he even managed to get Selena out. If it were her, she would probably say, "there is a cause for her crime, and it is her karma that she should be put into prison! '

These were two different daughters with different fates.

Now Joey only wanted to kill Sylvia, and Sylvia had the same feeling for the Qiao family. She wanted them to die.


Nobody expected that Sylvia would slap him so quickly.

The slap made Sylvia extremely angry. She used up all her strength, hoping to directly slap Selena to death.

She wanted to let Selena taste what she had suffered ten times or even a hundred times.

What a slap!

A wicked smile appeared on Sylvia's face.

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