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   Chapter 18 He Is Like Poison, Addictive

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The night market in the center of the city was the largest in L City. Every night fell, it would become a sea of lights, crowded, and all kinds of fragrance overflowed, full of life interest.

Sylvia's first stop to sell things was here. She wanted to try her luck tonight to sell the goods in her hands.

Sylvia was a little nervous, but she was more worried about the unknown challenge.

There were many people coming to the night market to sell things, including fixed stalls and mobile stalls. Sylvia came a little late, so she was a mobile stall and occupied a very corner.

She paid the bill, cleaned the floor and began to spread the sold goods.

She didn't dare to buy anything big then sell them, so she bought some accessories. She wanted to see how the sale would be tonight.

After she put everything in order, she also deliberately lit up the small colorful lights that she had prepared. The lights flashed and looked very beautiful.

Then she was about to start soliciting business. At the beginning, Sylvia didn't want to lose face at all, but she didn't call for help.

After hesitating for ten minutes, she finally opened her throat. Later, someone came to buy it. After a deal, it was naturally a lot.

There were a lot of people in the night market here, and the patterns of the accessories she chose were beautiful. It seemed that there were many people coming to buy. When she noticed that there were few people, the accessories were almost sold out, and she was not going to stay any longer. So she closed and went home.

With the success of the first day, Sylvia was more confident about her plan. She happily walked towards the bus station with a few accessories.

However, when she passed a small garden, she heard a burst of footsteps behind her. At the beginning, she didn't pay much attention to it. But when she stopped, the footsteps also stopped. She was fast. She knew that she was probably followed by someone.

She quickened her pace quietly and was always on guard against the sudden change around her.

When she was about to catch the bus station, she almost ran.

Whoosh, who on earth was he? Want money or sex?

Should she look back?

The bus hadn't arrived yet, and there were still two or three people on the bus stop. But because of the distance, they stood far away, and even lowered their heads, indifferent to the things around them.

After hesitating for a while, Sylvia decided to look behind to see if the stalker was still there.

It didn't matter if she didn't look back. When she looked back and saw that someone was smiling leisurely, she wished she could strangle him.

"You followed me?" Sylvia asked, gritting her teeth.

"I didn't follow you. We were just on the same way!" Someone, namely Ryan, explained innocently in the blink of an eye.

"We are on the same way?" Only ghosts would believe such a far fetched explanation.

"Yes, no one will believe me, but I believe you will." Hearing the second half of Sylvia's words, Ryan nodded sincerely.

"Ryan, I don't believe you!"

"Why don't you come back home in the middle of the night? Why do you follow me? Is it fun?" 'This man is so mean.

"Sylvia, I really don't want to follow you. I just think that it is not safe for a girl to come out of the hospital, so I protect you all the way. Who know you would come here to sell jewelry? I'm so proud of you."

When Ryan talked about Sylvia, his expression was really doting

"I don't need your protection. I just come out to sell something. What danger can I meet?" Sylvia didn't appreciate his kindness and gave Ryan a meaningful look.

"As for you, there are a lot of

bodyguards outside at ordinary time. Why haven't you seen them today? Or did you sneak out, Mr. Ryan?" Sylvia criticized Ryan harshly as he did to Sylvia.

"I..." His intention was seen through at a glance. It was the first time that Ryan had tried it. The experience was really good.

"So that is you have been following me from the hospital until now?" Looking at Ryan, Sylvia didn't know what to say.

"Well, I can explain." Ryan touched his nose and felt embarrassed.

"There's no need to explain. You do follow me. Mr. Ryan, what do you mean? Is it fun to follow me?" She thought that she had been followed by a bad guy and had been worried all the way. In the end, she never thought that it would be Ryan. She really wanted to see what was in Ryan's mind. Was it shit?

Sylvia was so angry with Ryan's behavior that her hands holding the jewelry were trembling.

"Isn't it fun to fight with you, Mr. Ryan? Follow me and frighten me. Can you feel a sense of accomplishment?"

"Ryan. Let me tell you, your behavior confused me and disgusted me."

Sylvia almost yelled out. After that, several people on the platform looked at her in astonishment, not knowing what had happened.

"I'm sorry to bother you. My girlfriend is still mad at me. I just scared her." Ryan apologized for Sylvia. Those men didn't care about it and then looked down at their mobile phones, waiting for the car by the way.

Sylvia looked at Ryan and found that she had lost her temper. Ryan was a stubborn man. A dead pig was not afraid of hot water. She really didn't know what his intention was. He just wanted to protect her?

Was this reason convincing?

Anyway, her mood was so messy that she couldn't think normally.

Coincidentally, the car she had been waiting for came. As soon as the car stopped, she walked straight to the car without looking at Ryan.

"Why are you following me again?" Without looking back, Sylvia knew that Ryan had followed her into the car.

"Stop be angry. I'll drive you home." Sitting next to Sylvia, Ryan said softly.

Stop it?

"Ryan. No, I'm not. You know what I mean, or everyone in the carriage will know. At that time, no one will be ashamed. Don't force me." Sylvia warned Ryan coldly.

"I won't leave even if all the people in the car know you are shouting. You should know how dangerous you are now. I never make jokes, especially for the people I want to take seriously."

When his eyes were reflected by a street lamp, the fire inside Ryan's eyes almost burned Sylvia's eyes, which made her see more clearly that there was no joking in his eyes, but seriousness and firmness.

Sylvia got flustered and her heart beat out of order.

She wanted to escape from this situation. She didn't want all her senses to be led by others.

Ryan was a drug addict. She didn't want to get infected with him. She just wanted to stay away from him.

The light in Ryan's eyes gradually dimmed and finally disappeared. "Don't you give me a chance?"

Sylvia avoided eye contact with him and didn't dare to look at him.

"We are not from the same world. Please don't treat me like this anymore. I want to have an ordinary life. Thank you."

"An ordinary life?"

"Yes..." Bitterness spread in Ryan's mouth. For the first time, he felt that a woman was good and wanted to pursue her, but he didn't expect that she would still dislike him in the end. Was he wrong in the beginning?

"Okay, I won't disturb you anymore."

"Thank you, Ryan." Sylvia apologized in a low voice, but she felt depressed in her chest, as if she was holding a breath. She felt very uncomfortable and wanted to pull her clothes to ease herself.

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