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   Chapter 17 I Hope She Is Not Joey's Daughter

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"Mr. Joey, please listen to us..."

After looking around for a long time, he finally pushed out a person to resist the anger of Joey.

The man wiped the saliva on his face and hated his peers to the extreme.

They didn't want to mess with each other, but they pushed him to the front to undertake the anger from Joey?

They were afraid of bearing the anger of Joey. Did they think that everything would be fine if they pushed him out?

What the hell was going on?

"What are you talking about? I just heard you say that you are all good for nothing even someone pay you for your job. What the hell are you doing? " Joey sneered irritably and aggressively.

Damn it. It was so annoying to deal with those gossip journalists.

That journalist felt a bit aggrieved. He worked for a famous media press, but people always called him a paparazzo.

Every time he heard it, he felt tired and flustered.

But he still loved his job. And the reason was that his family didn't force him to change his job, but let him work according to his hobbies.

Because in his father's opinion, as long as he didn't do anything illegal, there was no distinction between even kinds of jobs by his own efforts.

His mother was very kind to him. As long as he asked for help, she would give him all kinds of favors.

But this man named Joey, who stood right in front of him, might be the most disgusting man he had ever seen.

He said he loved his family and took good care of them.

What the hell?

But actually everything he did was to disguise his dirty tricks.

He was so stupid to maliciously aggrieve his own daughter and dote on the child brought his mistress.

In less than a minute, that journalists had been cursing for what Joey had done in his mind fiercely.

"Mr. Joey, it's our fault. We apologize to you." The journalist admitted his mistake generously and had a fair attitude.

"You know you are wrong? Now you tell me you know you are wrong? "

"What's the point of apologizing to me? Will your apology make cover the lost of my company, and so do my share prices? Can you bail Sylvia out with your apology? "

"You can't, so your apology means zero to me." Joey ruthlessly shattered the last hope of that journalist.

"I..." The journalist bit his lips and looked pale.

The other people who had been watching the journalist saw that he was about to give in. They looked at each other and felt that they were going to take action.

"Mr. Joey, it was our fault this time. We didn't investigate Sylvia's interpersonal relationship in advance, so we made a mistake. Please believe us..."

Then a talkative journalist took all the responsibilities and trampled on Sylvia's repute.

Joey would be very happy to see that Sylvia was belittled by them.

"Okay, I'll give you one more chance. If you still can't make it, you'll all be ready to be fire and never step into this industry again."

Joey threatened the journalist one after another.

Joey was satisfied, but the reporters were very worried.

They had done a job for nothing, and they didn't even get a penny. What's more, they had gotten into trouble. What a shitty job!

"Dear journalists, please don't be angry. My husband is just a little irritable. He is worried about Selena, so he acts like this."

"Here is three hundred thousand for your compensation. Please take it first."

Cathy was dressed in the latest summer style clothes, with a woven bag filled with money in her hand. She trotted towards the reporters, whispered softly and handed the w

oven bag to them.

"Guys. We made a scene just to persuade Sylvia to go to the police station to testify for Selena. We really don't want Sylvia to take the blame. It's a misunderstanding."

Tears welled up in Cathy's eyes. She told those journalists how hard it was to be a stepmother. She wanted to treat her step daughter equally, but she didn't expect it to be like this.

As for how many of those journalists believed Cathy's words, it depended on them.

However, no one would be against the money. After receiving the money from Cathy, those gossip journalists shared the same hatred with Cathy and left the Qiao family.

"Damn it! I will never do such a job again!"


"This family treats their own daughter like this. It can be seen that they are not of good character. They will definitely be cursed in the future."

"I will expose their evil means sooner or later!"

"Thanks for your help this time," When Nancy saw Ryan, she held his hand and thanked him.

"Aunt, it's okay." Although Ryan said it was not a big deal, a sense of happiness began to appear in his heart. He had the foresight to leave the two bodyguards here, which worked at the critical moment. It really gave him a sense of success!

"I know, but I still want to say thank you to you sincerely." Nancy was clear in her heart. If it weren't for the presence of Ryan, the scene would have been out of control again. If there was no one guarding her, those rude reporters would rush over to interview her, and then she would become the best weapon to hurt Sylvia.

She had never thought that Joey's intention would be so sinister and ruthless to her and her daughter. Sylvia was Joey's biological daughter, but he chose to sacrifice her just because of Selena?

Nancy was an elder and couldn't vent her anger on the younger generation, so she never complained.

But now, she had seen her daughter being treated unfairly again and again. If it weren't for the help of Ryan, would she take the blame for Selena now?

"Auntie, don't mention it. You must be tired after standing for so long. Come and have a seat." Ryan helped Nancy sit down beside the bed and thoughtfully poured a glass of water for her to moisten her throat.

The bodyguard Edison and Lilian and Thomas who peeked at the ward were shocked.

He was definitely not the 'Ryan' they knew!

It was so unusual!

The man named Ryan they knew had never treated unfamiliar people so gently. Even if they were acquaintances. Ryan would only show his tenderness to his family members.

They had made up their mind that they would never be a drag on Ryan!

"Mom, I really don't want Ryan to be my real father. What I said is very disadvantageous to you, as if I am doubting you. But I really hope that there could be someone else to be my real dad instead of Joey. I can't believe that a father would be so cruel to his own daughter."

Sylvia's words shocked everyone in and out of the ward. They didn't know why Sylvia had such a crazy idea?

No matter how ruthless Joey was, Sylvia couldn't cut off their blood relationship.

Tears welled up in Nancy's eyes. "Sylvia, I know you're wronged. I hope you're not Joey's daughter either and don't have to suffer such injustice anymore, but..."

Tears streamed down Nancy's face. She felt sorry for her incompetence.

"Mom, don't cry. It's all my fault. You just had an operation. It's not good for your heart and recovery if you are too emotional."

The situation suddenly went out of control, and even Ryan was at a loss.

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