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   Chapter 9 Killing Them Without Negotiation

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Sylvia called a taxi and went home to cook and change her clothes.

When arrived at the community, Sylvia bought some vegetables, meat and a box of milk at the gate.

"Sylvia, didn't you and your mother come back yesterday?"

When she went upstairs, she met Aunt Cao again. She looked at her with a strange expression.

"She didn't come back. My mother was having an operation in hospital. I stayed with her the whole night." Sylvia shook her head.

"Your mother had an operation? Is the operation successful?" Aunt Cao asked anxiously.

"The operation was a success. My mother might wake up at eight o'clock. I have to go home to cook some porridge and go to the hospital later."

"Aunt Cao, let's talk about it when we have time." It was almost six o'clock. She couldn't delay any longer.

"Sylvia, I'll visit your mother in a few days."


"Sylvia, after you go home, those people are all on your father's side..."

Aunt Cao couldn't continue, so she had to leave with her head bowed.

Before she finished her words, Sylvia understood what she meant.

Her face changed. She ran to the door but the door opened before she could open it.

It varied from what it was when she left yesterday. Although the furniture was dusty, it was very neat. Today's furniture was in disorder, and many of them were smashed. The clothes in the wardrobe and the things in the drawers were all thrown to the ground, and there were many footprints on it.

"Joey, Cathy and Selena you are all basters. What on earth have we blocked you? Why do you treat us like this?"

"This is our home. Can't we even have the last home?"

Hot tears fell down one by one. Sylvia bit the inner wall of her lips, and the rust smell of blood pervaded in her mouth.

Since you are heartless, don't blame me for being unkind. I was forced by you.

She made porridge numbly, cleaned up the only intact furniture in the house, and put some light clothes into the washing machine.

When the dishes were ready, it was already half past seven. She put the porridge into an insulation barrel, and closed the door and left with her clothes.

She looked lifeless all the way, and even the driver didn't dare to say anything.

"Why are there so noisy in the hospital? Isn't it the place for the heart patient in the in-patient department? "

"Yes, is there a medical incident?"

"I didn't hear that. Let's go and have a look?"

"What's wrong, dude?"

"I just came here, but I heard that someone was looking for his daughter here. He said that his eldest daughter hurt someone, but made his younger daughter apologize..."

The reason for the farce soon spread.

Sylvia was lucky enough to hear a few words, and her face darkened as if she had been splashed with ink.

It must be Joey and Cathy. How dare they to make trouble in the hospital.

With the bags in her hands, she pushed away the people in front of her and quickly ran towards the ward.

Her mother was about to wake up. She hoped that she wouldn't be irritated by the bitches.

"Joey, look! Is that Sylvia?"

Cathy pulled Joey up and pointed at Sylvia who was running towards them.

"It's her. She is really good at hiding. Does she think that everything will be fine after she sets Selena up?" Joey looked at his eldest daughter with resentment, who made him lose face.

"Joey, you must save Selena. She is such a good person. How could she hurt others? It must be her. She has always hated us, so she framed Selena this time, trying to ruin her future. " Cathy sobbed and told her miserable life and Sylvia's cold-blood.

"Who asked you to come here?"

"Get out! You don't deserve to come here!"

Ignoring her slander, Sylvia drove Joey and Cathy crazy with a kitchen knife in her hand.

"Oh my God! She is crazy! She is going to kill s


"Joey, help me. Ask someone to stop that crazy woman. Don't let her come over."

Cathy screamed and dodged knife. For several times, her hair and clothes were cut, and she didn't look like a noble woman at all.

"If I can kill you, I will definitely kill you."

"You are not welcome here. Get out of here. You can't use my mother to force me to the police station to take back to Selena."

"Selena hurt someone. She is your precious treasure. Don't you need to take legal responsibility? I'm the daughter of your ex-wife. Do I have to sacrifice myself for her? "

"Joey, you are not my father. If you were my father, you wouldn't let me take the blame."

"Cathy, you are a mistress. You stole your sister's man and did so many bad things. You will get retribution sooner or later."

"My mother just had an operation. I don't want to fall out with you. If you still have the face, you'd better leave now. If you don't have the face..."

The bloodthirsty cruelty was clearly extinguished on her face. She was already crazy.

"Sylvia, you bastard. I'm your father. Is this how you treat me?" Joey was so angry that he began to scold Selena after he finally hid in the safe zone.

"If you were not my father, I would kill you."

"But don't worry. I won't do that. My mother still needs me." Sylvia sneered coldly.

"Good, very good. This is Nancy's good daughter. She can even scold her own father. Why didn't I strangle you to death when you born?"

"What are you doing there? Watch the show?"

"Go and catch her and send her to the police station immediately. If she can even kill her father and stepmother, how can she frame her sister and put her in jail?"

"I know you hate us. Since the relationship can't be repaired, then never repair it. The law will judge what you have done."

"Yes, yes. Why are you still standing there? Arrest her and send her to the police station. Selena is still waiting there."

At the thought of her obedient daughter, Cathy's heart ached and her eyes turned red. She looked at Sylvia viciously and carefully concealed her excitement.

Finally, they could get rid of Nancy and her daughter.

As long as they were alive, she would be stabbed in the back.

She was not reconciled. Why should she condescend to others? She was already Mrs. Qiao. Her daughter was widely recognized as the eldest daughter of the Qiao family, and her son was the heir. She was much noble than Nancy.

With such good quality, she always wanted the two stains to disappear.

This time, I won't miss it.

"Let me see who dares to touch me. If you touch me, I will cut off your claws."

"Take her away. This is a public place. She doesn't dare to hurt people." Joey ordered sternly.

Sylvia's weakness was his ex-wife. As long as she was still alive, she would not commit suicide.

"Joey, you can have a try and see if I will kill you or not."

"Joey, you want your own daughter to take the blame for your step-daughter. Are you still a father? Your daughter wanted to be the heroine of the movie. She accepted the grey rule and went to the director at midnight. Later, she hurt the director seriously. She wanted to be the heroine and didn't want to go to jail. She wanted me to take the blame. Your intentions are really evil. "

"She is a bitch and wants to be chaste at the same time. This is what the popular showgirl Selena has done. Everyone, listen carefully!"

"Do you think I should resist? Should I pick up a weapon to protect me and my mother?"

"This morning, our home were smashed into the house, and there was nothing left. Yesterday morning, my mother was so angry that her heart attack relapsed. If I hadn't arrived at the last time, my mother and I would have..."

Sylvia choked with sobs. Her hatred for them was so deep in her heart.

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