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   Chapter 8 Hospitalized With A Heart Attack

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"Father, Nancy's heart has a relapse, and she might die. We don't have money, it doesn't have business with us. Anyway, her ex-husband, now Cathy' husband, Joey, will definitely help pay the medical fees for the sake of Sylvia. Don't worry."

"Yes, father. We don't need to worry about that. You are sick now."

"Although the doctor hasn't confirmed whether it's a tumor or not, he has said that only when you are relieved and feel comfortable can you recover."

Besides, Nancy was brought back by mother. Mother has passed away, and we have helped her for so many years. We have done our best. Don't worry. "

Then came the voice of Oliver's father, who was persuading grandfather. As for her mother, if she didn't hear it wrong, she was hospitalized because of a heart attack.

How could they do this?

Her anger had reached the extreme. She must ask them clearly today if their conscience was eaten by dogs.

"Where is my mother now?" Asked Sylvia in a hoarse voice, resentfully.

He was her grandfather, Moore.

"Sylvia?" When Moore saw her, a flash of joy flashed through his eyes, but soon was replaced by guilt.

"Tell me, where is my mother? Did she have a heart attack again? " Sylvia roared, sadness and pain bursting out in her heart.

"Sylvia, are you insane? This is the hospital. What are you shouting for?" Oliver's mother was a mean and fat middle-aged woman. She didn't like Sylvia and her mother. They were born with temperament that didn't fit in with them.

"Where is my mother? Lucy, where is my mother?" Sylvia had lost all her politeness, full of worry and indifference from these people.

"Dad, listen to her. Nancy's daughter is really impolite. Is this how she treats the elders?" Lucy's shouted loudly, and the ward immediately became noisy.

"Are you not going to tell me?" Sylvia asked again, and then ran out of the ward and quickly walked towards the nursing station.

"Zoe, go and stop her, and let her go after scolding the elder? I will teach her a good lesson. "

"Enough! Aren't you ashamed enough? Don't go after her. Come back. "

"Dad, how could you do that?"

"How am I?"

The noise was still going on behind her, and Sylvia had been asking the nurse about the situation.

"Are you Nancy's daughter, Sylvia? I heard it from her."

"She had a heart attack this morning and was in a coma. She was sent to the First People's Hospital by an ambulance. There was no family there, and I don't know what's going on. You'd better go there hurry up!"

The nurse asked by Sylvia happened to be familiar with her mother, so she got the news soon.

Her heart clenched at the words.

It had been a whole morning. Could her mother still ...?

Sylvia didn't dare to think further and ran towards the elevator. She had to hurry to the hospital and hoped that God could bless her mother's safety.

She kept praying, and tears kept falling from her eyes.

"Alas, I hope God bless Nancy."

"Allen, have you got in touch with the patient's family?"

"Doctor Xi, not yet."

"Lillian, what's the heartbeat rate on the ECG?"


In the cardiology department of the First People's Hospital.

In an emergency ward, seven or eight medical staff were surrounding a weak woman who was in a coma and constantly checking the patient.

Finally, Sylvia arrived at there and ran to the cardiology department as fast as she could.

"Nurse, where is my mother?"

"Where is the heart patient sent by the ambulance this morning?"

"Nurse, please tell me where my mother is? Is she... "

"No, my mother will be fine. She will be fine."

"Excuse me, are you the family of Nancy? I'm Allen, a nurse in the operating room."

"You know where my mother is? Tell me where she is."

Sylva grabbed the nurse his hand like grasping a life-saving straw and pressed him anxiously.

"Miss, don't worry. Your mother is in a coma now, but we have to perform the operation as

soon as possible. We can't contact you all the time. If you come late again..."

He couldn't continue. He was used to death, but he would still be sad.

"Do the surgery for my mother as soon as possible. I'll sign it. Where is the operation risk agreement? Give it to me now. "

Her eyes were bloodshot and her face was distorted.

Allen didn't dare to delay anymore. He gave the agreement to Sylvia and informed doctor Xi to prepare for the operation.

"Miss, calm down first. Your mother has been sent to the operating room. The doctor will do everything to cure her."

"Now, you need to pay eighty thousand yuan in the in-patient department, or the operation may be cut off at any time if the cost is not paid."

Their hospital had made an exception for the sake of their families. If it were any other hospital, they would care about the patient's death.

Seeing the light of the operating room on, Sylvia slowly calmed down.

"Thank you, thank you so much. I'll pay the money now."

With a faint smile on her face, [乔萱] turned around and was about to go downstairs.

"Watch out!" She was so anxious and furious that she fell to the ground by accident. Fortunately, Allen didn't leave and pulled her in time.

"Thank you. I'm fine." Her face was pale and the sweat on her forehead kept rolling down. It was obvious that she was not in good condition.

"Well, if you don't worry, I will help you to go there. What do you think?" Allen knew that as a medical staff, he couldn't say such words casually, but he didn't have the heart to help.

"Allen, can you help me? I need to go through the admission procedure for my mother. " Sylvia was grateful to him for offering her help at such a critical moment. He was much better than those so-called family members.

"Okay, let me help you."

With the help of him, Sylvia quickly completed the hospitalization procedures and paid one hundred thousand yuan for the medical fees. She didn't want to stop the treatment when she was not in the hospital one day.

After everything was done, she thanked Allen and waited outside the operating room.

At nine o'clock in the evening, Allen brought her a bowl of preserved egg congee, a bread and a bottle of nutritious water.

Even strangers can do this, why can't relatives?

The light of the operating room was turned off, and her eyes became red again. She bit her lips and waited for the person inside.

Finally, they came out.

"The operation is very successful. The patient may wake up at eight or nine o'clock tomorrow morning. Pay attention to the condition. If there is anything wrong, ring the bell to call the doctor."

"I'm doctor Xi, the patient's attending doctor."

"Thank you, sir."

Hearing his words, Sylvia felt a little relieved.

Her mother was saved, and God didn't make things difficult for them. It was really great that they had a kind person to help them.

Now that her mother was out of danger, she had to figure out why her mother suddenly had a heart attack and was in a coma.

Did the Lin family make her so angry?

If it was them, she would never let them go.

She didn't sleep until dawn.

Sylvia gently touched her body temperature and checked the ECG before she was completely relieved.

Her mother hadn't woken up yet, so she must eat something when she woke up. She took advantage of the time to go home and cook something before she woke up.

"Nurse, could you please help me to pay attention to the patient in room 503? If she wakes up, please tell her that I will come back at half past eight."

"It's okay. Go back now. We will call you when the patient wakes up."

The nurses and doctors on this floor were more patient than on other floors. After exhorting for a while, she hurried home.

At five o'clock in summer, it was already very bright outside. The shopping cart for breakfast also arrived at the gate of the hospital one after another.

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