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   Chapter 7 Five Hundred Yuan For Prostitution

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She opened the box and saw a white dress embroidered with lace. It was simple and elegant, refreshing and not fancy.

At a glance, Sylvia fell in love with that dress.

To Sylvia! '

It was a small card with powerful and unique writing which just like his style.

Sylvia thought to herself. Her clothes had been crumpled into rags last night. This dress really helped her a lot.

Sylvia thanked him in her heart and went into the bathroom to take a shower and change clothes.

She had thought that this was a stylish suite, but she didn't expect that there were also a few expensive men's toiletries. These should be owned by Ryan.

She didn't expect him to be such a neat freak!

Then what about her?

Anyway, even if he was a neat freak, so what? Except for the last step, she had already had a blind date with him.

After the shower, Sylvia worn the dress and was about to leave.

Before leaving, Sylvia left five hundred yuan on the bedside table. She wrote thank you with lipstick circled by a heart.

'Wow, I'm so curious about the expression on his face when he sees the money.'

Like a fox, Sylvia walked away briskly.

After her leaving, Ryan returned to the room. He went to the big bed at the first sight, but found no one there. Then he turned to the bathroom, and finally saw the money on the bedside table and the flirtatious card.

What did she think of him?

As the CEO of the ZT Group, he was only worth five hundred yuan to sleep with her for a morning?

Is it for prostitution?

Well, the level of his interest in the little fox was already at the special level. He didn't believe in fighting if he didn't find the little fox who would run away after making trouble.

"Thomas, help me investigate Sylvia. She is related to the Qiao group. I hope to see all the information at three o'clock."

"Yes, sir."

With a smile on his lips, he put the money into his wallet and took away the clothes left in the suite.

They would meet soon.

The blazing sun outside made Sylvia uncomfortable. She hurriedly hailed a taxi because she promised to have dinner with her mother yesterday. She didn't know if her mother was waiting for her anxiously.

They hadn't seen each other for more than three years in previous life, but now they only had one month in this world.

She was twenty years old and was about to be a sophomore. During the summer vacation, she found several part-time jobs.

After she turned eighteen, the Qiao family didn't pay for her tuition and all living expenses. She relied on herself to go to college.

She didn't want her mother who had congenital heart disease to worry about her, so she gritted her teeth and insisted. Fortunately, the return from her hard work was always good. She had saved sixty thousand yuan, and with the saved money from her childhood, she had already saved a hundred thousand yuan.

At that time, she would be able to cure her mother and no longer be threatened by the Qiao family.

When did the Qiao family really pay the medical fees for her mother?

Her mother gave up all her property!

She hated the Qiao family. She hated everything related to the Qiao family, including her family name and her blood.

The furniture in the room was piled up with dust. It was obvious that no one had been at home for a period of time.

Her mother liked cleaning very much. Apart from doing manual work, she also cleaned the house.

There were two bedrooms, one living room and one bathroom in this eighty square meter room, but her mother was not there. Where had she been?

"Is Sylvia back?"

The voice of her neighbor Aunt Cao came from the door. She had a good relationship with her mother. They usually went shopping together, bought vegetables and danced in the square.

"Aunt Cao, I come back." She came out in a hurry. Aunt Cao was carrying a small supermarket truck in her hand. She must have just come back from the supermarket.

"Sylvia, your mother went to your grandfather's house a week ago. She called me this morning and said that if you came back, you could

go to your grandfather's house directly."

"My mother went to my grandfather's?" Sylvia frowned and felt a little worried.

"Yes, your mother told me that your grandfather was hospitalized."

"Sylvia, your grandfather..." Alas, it's better not to talk to him."

"Well, Rex will come back tonight. I'm going to cook. Come to my house when you have time."

After saying a few words, she noticed that Sylvia didn't look well, so she stopped talking and hurried back to her house.

If the Qiao family was the place where the sin came and the place where she hated the most, then the Lin family was a group of vampires, who wouldn't stop until they sucked up the last blood.

In her previous life, she had been put into prison. She had no idea about her grandfather's family, so she had no way to deal with it now. She didn't know what had happened there.

Her mother had always been filial. This time, she couldn't imagine what kind of injustice her mother would suffer for a week.

Thinking of this, she hated herself. Why didn't she care more about her mother? Why couldn't she be stronger?

She drove to Xicheng District, which was located in dragon city. The Lin family lived there.

Noise, chaos and trouble, all the sins were born here.

Sylvia walked through the alleys one by one and came to the door of the self-built house of the Lin family.

There were also silk gourd, winter gourd and pumpkin vines hanging on the bamboo fence. They were planted by her grandfather.

"Isn't this Sylvia? Do you have time to come to our countryside?"

Before her hand touched the bamboo fence, someone came over behind her. Without turning around, she could tell from the voice that it was her cousin, Oliver.

"Oliver, where is my mother?" Sylvia took a deep breath and turned to face Oliver.

"Hey, so are you here for your mother? You haven't been weaned yet? " Oliver glanced at her with mockery. He just hated her lofty posture and always looked down upon others.

"I heard that grandpa is ill. Where is my mother taking care of him?" She had been used to his weird tone since she was a child.

"Why can't your mother take care of Grandpa? Your mother wasn't raised up by him? " He didn't like Sylvia, and his words were full of provocation.

"Where is Grandpa? I'm going to see him." Sylvia knew that she couldn't talk more with him, or he would find a topic to hurt her all the time.

Oliver didn't say anything, but a snicker appeared at the corners of his mouth. He didn't expect that she was like a bamboo pole when she was a child. Although she had a good face, she didn't have attractive posture.

Now he saw that she was a sparrow turning into a Phoenix. She had a good looking now, much more beautiful than Selena.

"You want me to tell you? You have pay something." Oliver stretched out his hand, shaking his legs.

He asked for money again, which was one of the reasons why she hated the Lin family.

"I only have two hundred and fifty yuan. I gave you two hundred yuan and fifty left. I want to see my grandfather." Holding the money she brought out from home, Sylvia handed it to him unwillingly.

"Only two hundred?" He pinched the money in disgust, but Sylvia didn't let go.

"Emm? Don't you want to know where your mother and grandpa are? " His face darkened.

"I'll give it to you as you tell me." Said Sylvia, gritting her teeth.

"The Sixth People's Hospital of Xicheng District. Go and find her!" Oliver drew out the money and pushed Sylvia by the way, but he didn't come in.

She couldn't see him, but she stared at the gate of Lin family.

One day, she would make them pay for what they owed her.

In the Sixth People's Hospital of Xicheng District, an old man was standing there quietly.

Sylvia went to the in-patient department to inquire grandpa's ward.

In the Department of tumor on the tenth floor.

Because in the daytime, there was not as quiet as at night, with people coming and going.

Sylvia soon found the ward. When the door was opened, she heard Oliver's mother and grandpa talking inside.

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