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   Chapter 6 Selena Was Taken Away

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"No, we can't let Sylvia go. She is highly suspicious. She was at the scene when the case was committed, and the director can testify." Selena was anxious. She ran out from behind Ethan and pushed the door that was nearly close.

It was all because of Sylvia. If she didn't admit it, she would be ruined.

She was the most popular actress in the entertainment circle and had a promising future. If the things today was spread out, she would be regarded as a suspect and be doubted about her moral quality. Then the TV series she wanted to get and entered the film circle would have no hope.

It was true that Sylvia had changed the thing a lot. She must blaming.

And why did it have anything to do with Ryan? When did she have relationship with him?

There were too many questions beyond her expectation, which made her realize that Sylvia might not be under her control.

"Selena, don't worry. The police will know whether she is lying or not after they find out the truth." He felt so sorry for her. How could the one he tried to protect be wronged?

Ethan looked at Sylvia with resentment. She was so thoughtless that she didn't admit what she had done.

"What is the truth? Some people know it clearly and I will never admit what I haven't done. I advise someone to turn herself in." Do you think I'm a pushover?

Damn it! Asshole.

"Sylvia, why do you hate me so much? I just want to find out the truth. Is that wrong? "

"Yes, I admit that I have an inescapable responsibility for the director's injury, but I really didn't hurt him. I have evidence of my absence."

"Sir, let's go to check the surveillance video. It had the record whether I entered the hotel or not."

"We have checked the surveillance video. It happened to be out of control before the incident, so it didn't take any pictures of you entering the hotel."

This was the most difficult part of the case.

"Enough! Is this the market?"

"Pestering an irrelevant person for personal reasons rather than looking for the suspect. I didn't expect that the police of L City could be led by a young man. It really disappoints me."

"The director and the actors will meet in the hotel room at midnight. What would happen? Is it going to go on with such an obvious flaw?"

Holding the disobedient little fox in his arms, Ryan sneered and looked at the people outside like ants

The policemen were too embarrassed to stay here any longer.

"Selena, we suppose that you have the major suspect of this case. Please come with us."

One on the left and the other on the right, Selena was taken away by the police.

"No, it's not me. It's Sylvia. You have caught the wrong person."

"Ethan, just believe me. It's really not me."

"Ethan, I'm afraid Boo... Hoo... "

"Selena, don't worry. I've contacted your parents and lawyers. They'll be there soon."

Sylvia was so frank that Selena didn't have the chance to testify against her. But she felt aggrieved and knew that this was just a victory in front of her, and there was still a difficult battle to fight next.

She breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed her tense nerves.

"Ryan, thank you very much." If it weren't for the fact that Ryan trusted and helped her unconditionally without asking the reason, the result would not be like this. She would be taken away by the police. By that time, if Selena and the others play tricks, she would be unable to defend herself, and her fate could be imagined.

And she had already known that Selena and her mother hated her so much.

Now, the pace to reverse the situation had been taken, and the direction was also different. This could be said to be a very good step.

"Just say thank you?" Then, Ryan put his hand on her waist and held her in his arms.

"Or what?" Sylvia raised her eyebrows and said in a polite and distant tone, which was not as enchanting as she was when she faced an outsi

der just now.

"What a changeable fox! Are you going to abandon me after using me?"

"……" Sylvia was very embarrassed for a moment. She was really like what Ryan had said.

She felt embarrassed and touched her nose, not knowing what to do.

"Well, how about I invite you to have a dinner another day? What do you think?"

Since Ryan had helped her a lot and she was not an ungrateful person. She felt that inviting a meal should be the best gift.

"No, I can get it myself."

Is this cunning fox trying to draw a clear line between them?

Other women would throw themselves at him like flies when they saw him?

"Ryan, let's negotiate and make sure that the gift is within my ability, okay?" Sylvia was afraid that he would ask for too much, so she said her condition immediately.

"It must be within your ability." With a meaningful smile, Ryan came to hug her unexpectedly.

Without any preparation, Sylvia screamed in horror and quickly wrapped her arms around his neck.

Then she was thrown onto the bed.

"Ry...Ryan, what are you doing?" Sylvia swallowed the saliva that secreted too fast. Oh my God, was it what she thought?

"What do you think?" With an evil smile, he walked towards the bed.

Seeing that Ryan was walking towards her, Sylvia was frightened and stepped back.

She had used him, and he did help her, but she had really never thought of using her as a gift.

"Ryan, we need to discuss. Don't rush, okay?" Sylvia begged sincerely.

"No." Ryan refused decisively. He had already climbed onto the bed.

She had no choice but to lean her back against the bedside table.

She wanted to weep but had no tears. Was she really going to lose her virgin again today?

"I'll count to one, two, three. If you don't come over, you'll be responsible for the consequences!" With his arms crossed over his chest, Ryan ordered.

"No..." Sylvia shook her head firmly and swore she got there that she would die.

After looking at Sylvia for a while, Ryan said, "Then I'll go there myself."

What was this?

Ryan struggled to get out of the bed. She couldn't be caught by Sylvia.

It was obvious that in the end, Sylvia was imprisoned in the arms of Ryan.

"Close your eyes and sleep. If you keep acting like this, don't blame me for being rude." Leaning his head against her collarbone, he threatened her in a low voice.

Sylvia turned her head with difficulty. Was that the gift?

However, this gift still made her tremble with fear

"Sylvia, I warn you that if you show such an expression again, I don't mind something indescribable happening and help you exercise your muscles and bones."

She closed her eyes to sleep and would never provoke a lazy leopard.

Sylvia thought it was impossible for her to fall asleep, but in the end, she began to snore.

She was so comfortable that she wriggled in his arms like a caterpillar, which made him suffer.

Originally, Ryan was sleepy, but he was worn out by torturous woman.

He gritted his teeth and wished he could take her.

His desire was only contained deeply.

There was a long time ahead. When she woke up, he would decide how to deal with her.

She didn't wake up until noon.

Sylvia looked out of the window. The sun was shining and the scenery was great. The breeze gently blew through the curtain with the fragrance of flowers. The white gauze curtain was fluttering, which was very beautiful.

It was rare for her to enjoy the scenery so calmly.

However, it was also a moment of relaxation, and soon her mind was surrounded by a mess.

She rubbed her aching eyebrows and sighed. Now that things had come to this, she had to find a way to deal with it. No matter how difficult it was, she would resist to the end.

Her firmly sight focused at the elegant gift box on the head of the bed. It must be left by Ryan.

Somehow, Sylvia wanted to see what was inside.

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