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   Chapter 5 Fighting With Ryan

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Sylvia asked Ryan to put her down. She was like a fighter to take revenge. She stepped on the enemy's corpse and blood, and walked towards the abyss step by step.

She stood in front of Selena, took a deep breath and asked loudly, "Selena, can you tell me how shameless I am?"

In terms of imposing manner, Sylvia was absolutely restraining Selena. Selena had never seen her like this, so she couldn't find any retort for a moment. She was stunned and afraid and hid behind Ethan. With her pitiful tears on her face, she gently bit her teeth.

Just like Cathy's black heart white lotus, Joey was tightly tied to her side and wasted more than ten years with her mother.

In front of them, she had suffered such losses for countless times. If she suffered any more losses today, she would have to kill herself!

"Sylvia, are you reasonable?" Ethan pushed Sylvia away and held Selena in his arms lovingly.

"This is your sister, Sylvia. Is this how you treat your sister?"

"Sylvia, I really misjudged you. In the past, someone told me that you had betrayed our friendship, and I didn't believe it at that time. Now I believe that you are a person who can sell your soul for a purpose."


In the face of his accusation, Sylvia smiled in a low voice and her eyes fell on Selena who was burying her head in his arms and seeking protection.

Selena was really good at playing cards. Looking at the distressed look on Ethan's face, she guessed that he might have been tied bitterly by Selena. She didn't expect that it would come so early!

She was so blind previous that she didn't notice it at all.

It was not anyone's fault. She could only blame herself for being fooled around by them.

"Sylvia, don't bully Selena again. She is innocent. It's you who have always hurt her with all kinds of purposes. For the sake of sisterhood, she never complain. She can only hide in the dark and cry."

"Sylvia, you are so disgusting. You not only betrayed me, but also blamed her for the mistake. Now you even hurt her. How can you become so strange and terrible?"

He pointed at Sylvia angrily, accusing her one after another.

Against the ruthlessness and cruelty, she was a vicious woman in the new era, while Selena was innocent and pitiful, pure and gentle, considerate and kind-hearted. She was especially bullied by this vicious woman.

Her imagination and past were far from reality, which was more clear and ironic. She was still too naive.

"Do you think I'm disgusting or betraying you? Or do you want me to admit it in front of you and then be accused by you with fabricated charges? "

Did he think this old trick would work every time?

"I'm sorry to disappoint you. I'm that kind of person. But I still have to say that don't impose something that has not been verified on me, such as hurting people. If I don't say it clearly, I will go to jail. I don't have the courage to do that."

A coward has his temper, let alone her, who has always been bullied? Do they really think she don't know how to resist all her life?

When speaking of the word jail, her lips and tongue were completely circled, which seemed to have some meaning.

"Sylvia, don't quibble. The police will be here soon." Ethan thought that Sylvia was so hateful now.

She used to be annoying, but it was not to this extent. Now she was more like to free herself, as unreasonable as a shrew in the slum.

"Ethan, don't be angry. Sylvia might have been wronged. Let's make a decision after the police arrive." Selena gently pulled and comforted him in a soft voice.

Anger was burning in his heart. With the explanation of Selena, he could restrain himself and soon returned to the elegant young master of the Li family.

Son of a bitch was the most suitable for these two people in front of her.

Sylvia smiled, "Even if the police co

me, I won't have any responsibility, because I..."

Her ambiguous eyes were fixed on the man who had already come to her side. The scene that had just made people daydream quickly appeared in everyone's mind.

What could a man and a woman do in the same room?

The answer was obvious.

"Selena, the police are coming. Aren't you afraid?" At first, Sylvia thought that Ryan wouldn't let her rely on and would expose her, but she didn't expect that this man would keep silent and let her do whatever she wanted.

Since he was generous, she would not waste this opportunity.


"What am I afraid of?"

Selena, who was hiding behind Ethan, dared not to look into her eyes.

Sylvia sneered. She still wanted to put the blame on her. How reckless she was.

"Since you are not afraid, we will clarify it to the police." The police were about to arrive.

Sure enough, another sound of footsteps came, and soon several people in uniform appeared in front of him.

"We are policemen of the downtown area. Who called the police just now?" The leader was a middle-aged man with a serious look and a deep voice.

"Hello, I'm the manager of the hotel. I called the police half an hour ago." The hotel manager explained the whole story to the police. After the police heard it, they looked at Sylvia and Selena.

"Sylvia, this gentleman just said that according to the information provided by the manager, you should be in the next room at the scene of the crime but you are here now. Can you explain it?" The policeman asked based on the clues.

"Sir, I'm sorry. I haven't been to the next room at all. I've been in this room with Ryan all the time." Sylvia apologized to him in her heart and replied calmly to the police.

There was no excuse or escape from the decent smile, and the police observed carefully.

"By the way, sir, I can give you a useful clue." After leaving his arms, Jean picked up the phone on the ground and played a record.

This was recorded by her on the phone, and now it happened to be the evidence of her absence.

She lost her phone in her previous life and didn't have the opportunity to use it at all. It also added a sophistry for her crime.

The policeman looked at Selena with an intriguing look and asked, "Selena, can you explain it? Is the recording true?"

"I..." Selena was scared. She didn't expect that Sylvia would hold back.

"Sir, I'm innocent. I didn't do it at all. How could I hurt the director? I have to bear criminal responsibility."

"Sylvia, why are you slandering me? Even if you don't like me, you can't do this to me. I'm your sister!" Selena cried and questioned Sylvia.

"I am slinging mud at you?" Her eyes were full of sarcasm while Selena dodged in panic.

"Ryan, tell the police and gentlemen whether I'm with you or murder in the next room?"

Like a seductive goblin, Sylvia gently touched his chest with her boneless fingers.

Being flirted by this little tramp, Ryan almost wanted to continue the thing on the spot.

Since the little fox asked for help, he would definitely help.

"Hey, guys, don't you think it's a little bit too much to mobilize so many people?"

"My little fox has never left me. How could she hurt other people?"

"As for who the murderer is, please look for him carefully. I'm sorry that we can't help you."

"Manager Liu, I hope the hotel can give me a satisfactory answer for what happened today. Otherwise, the hotels under Li Group..."

The hotel manager broke out in a cold sweat and apologized to him repeatedly.

He was also innocent about this matter. It was all because of Ethan and Selena.

He didn't dare to show it on his face, but he was complaining about the two in his heart.

"Sir, I'll take you to the next crime scene to have a look." The hotel manager hurried to close the door of their room.

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