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   Chapter 44 You Are Really Cruel

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"Oh, that's good..." A faint smile played at the corners of Dora's mouth.

She remembered that Douglas stood in the encirclement of the men in black with blood all over his body, and that he wouldn't give her away even if he risked his life. She probably didn't know how to repay this friendship and this debt.

At that time, although Douglas's body was blood red, the firmness in his eyes was for Dora. Even if he died at the last moment of the battle and fought to the last trace of strength, until he died, otherwise no one could touch Dora.

"Tell me, what are you thinking now?" George pinched her cheek with his cold fingers and asked in a hoarse voice.

Seeing that Dora was thinking about something and that she was worried about Douglas, George told himself that he didn't need to care about it. After all, Douglas was hurt so badly in order to protect her.

But George couldn't tell how he felt, so his action betrayed him.

"What can I think about? I just want to know who wants to kill me." Dora frowned and looked at this man with displeasure. Why did he change his attitude every second.

"Don't think too much now. Take good care of yourself. I'll handle the rest." He let go of her face, stood up, tucked her in and was about to walk out of the room.

"Hey, George, have you found out that culprit? If you find out, just tell me, okay? Besides, I want to see Mr. Rodney... " Dora stood up in a hurry and stopped the man who was about to go out.

George nodded slightly in agreement with her previous request. When he heard the last one, he turned his head in surprise, looked at Dora and asked, "why did you want to meet Rodney?"

"What? Not allowed me to see him? He saved me. I have to thank him. Besides, I have something to ask him. " Pursing her lips, Dora nervously observed the expression on George's face, fearing that he would reject her request as soon as he got angry.

However, this person, after thinking for a long time, finally nodded in agreement.

Finally, he left slowly without saying a word.

Dora drew back to her bed, looked at the ceiling and sighed helplessly. She looked around and found that this was the villa of the Jin family, so she still went back to this place.

When she came back again, she was in a different mood. She always felt that this room, or even this villa did not belong to her

For George, Dora had an extravagant hope. She hoped to get a caring word from him, a warm embrace, and then patted her on the shoulder and said, "don't be afraid. I'm here

With a mocking smile, she thought to herself, 'what's wrong with you, Dora? Why are you always so stupid?'?

She couldn't resist any temptation, and resist any tenderness given from others.

However, Dora knew that she did have a crush on George not because he was gentle and kind to her, but because she had an indescribable feeling for him.

In the study, George sat on the sofa, with a photo frame in his hand. His thumb gently rubbed against the smiling girl in the picture.

A cold smile appeared on his face. He looked up and drained all the wine in the cup.


Now that Cherry was no longer here, Dora, who looked exactly the same as her, came and they were married.

How could Astrid endure it and wait for death?

Although she did planned something evil against Dora.

However, George said that it was Astrid who had erased the whereabouts of Cherry at that time. The hatred in her eyes was so obvious that it made her suffocate for no reason.

It was not her, Astrid promised that she did not erase the trace of Cherry. When she arrived, there was no trace of Cherry. She just arrived a step ahead of George, to the place where she found Cherry.

It turned out that George had been suspecting her so much in the past three years.

"When I arrived, she was gone. I didn't lie..." Astrid hurriedly held George's hand, trying to explain.

But the gloomy look in George's eyes made her suddenly stunned. That kind of eyes were too terrifying.

"What about tonight? Do you want to kill Dora? Or do you want someone else to rape her first and then kill her? " George shook off her hand and looked at her with an evil look.

Astrid's heart ached so much that she couldn't laugh. Only the tears that she didn't want to shed fell out of her eyes one by one.

"George, she is not Cherry. Dora just looks like her. Why do you care about her so much? It's just a girl named Dora. Is she worth your concern? "

"She is my wife now. It's necessary and responsibility for me to protect her." George sneered, with a serious expression in his eyes.

"Wife? Ha ha It turns out that it wasn't Cherry, Selena, Mary or me who would become your wife in the end. But I'm so sorry for Dora. She was foolishly kept in the dark and didn't know that she had been a substitute for Cherry. Every day, she was foolishly immersed in the tenderness you gave her. George, you are so cruel... " Astrid wanted to laugh.

At this time, George had already released her. He stood up and walked to the window, looking up at the bright moon outside.

He actually saw a smile of Cherry. That girl who was silly and cute still smiled at him.

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